ПП паштет | Healthy food: Pate

Hi, everyone! Today we are cooking healthy pate
It takes little time to cook pate!
The pate is delicious. Also it comply with rules of healthy food.
Ingredients: chicken liver – 500g, carrot – 1piece, onion – 2 pieces, salt and pepper.
We use minimum ingredients and get maximum of taste!
Сut the carrot into small pieces.
Сut the onions In the same way.
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Then I’m cutting the chicken liver. I do it to cook liver quicker.
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Now I put salt at the pan with water.
Then I put carrot, onion and liver
We’re waiting for the water is boiling.
Don’t forget to stir.
When the water is boiling, we reduce fire
Then skim.
Don’t forget to stir all the time.
This pate perfectly changes the shop’s one.
Because it taste the same!
It is the еxcellent replacement!
It consists of less calories.
Everyone can cook it!
Also you know what you put in, what ingredients consist of.
So, cook the pate!
It takes 20-25 minutes to cook.
Also we can check that it’s done, if the carrot is soft.
I drain the water, but I leave 1/3 of water.
Then I blunder all.
because of we leave 1/3 of water, we have the pasty pate.
Also add salt and pepper.
And blunder it again.
Now, I’m serving the dish.
I use: rice crispbread, greenery.
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