अमेरिका में लोग क्या क्या खाते हैं ? | ALL AMERICAN FOODS [Eng & Spanish Subtitles]

अमेरिका में लोग क्या क्या खाते हैं ? | ALL AMERICAN FOODS [Eng & Spanish Subtitles]

Come On Friends !! Today I’m taking you to “MGM Grand Hotel” which is 2nd biggest Hotel not only in Vegas but in the world. I’m not sure, you can confirm it on Google. Let’s go to its food court and see how’s it. So, the first counter I found is of Ice-Cream, Fruit Shakes and Smoothies. Let’s first see the food and after that Ice-Cream. I’ll also tell you what I had. And information for those who are planning to come to Vegas, if you are going to stay at any hotel so, buy water bottles, some chips some fruits on the way. and carry them with you. Because food is very expensive here. It doesn’t mean that you need to stay hungry. If you are coming here it clearly means you want to spend some money. But even, if you carry some water, chips and fruits with you then it will be very useful for you. So let’s proceed, and see what do we have in MGM’s Food Court. There are many food courts like this in MGM. And restaurants too. Extremely expensive. And here one thing is very unique, “Sheep and Lion both drink water together” means On the same counter you’ll get all kind of meat. and one more thing many of you live in America or may have visited these places so you would have better idea of these dishes. that’s why I want to tell you that I make these videos for them who never visited America or for those who want to know about these foods. So, if you know all these things that’s great but I try to show them all these things through my videos. Who want to know about America and who ask me to make such videos. So I want to them that America has accepted dishes from all over the world. No-mater from what country the foods are so, here all kinds of foods are available. And since Americans don’t avoid any kind of meat, So all different kind of meats are available at same shop. This is the place where you can eat your food. It is not different from other food courts. Only thing is the names of food you will read here is kind of strange for many people. And that’s why I’ll try to describe some specific foods like TACOS & RITAS on next sunday’s Live. Once I’ll describe them for sure. What are these and how they taste like. I might tell you about them right now. And for other things like there it’s written ENCHILADAS, QUESADILLAS, BURITOS TACO, SOFT-TACO these are Mexican dishes that you see. In America Mexican food is very popular. Mexican, Japanese, Chinese,Thai, Indian.. all these food are very popular. In India we sometimes eat last night’s left overs in Breakfast. But here Breakfast is totally different from Dinner. And here you can see, Panasian’s Omelette Station. And here 1 omelette costs $ 12.98 It was out my budget to eat such expensive food. So first we checked all our options at Food Court and found which is the budget friendly food for us. Means food that cost $5 – $6 . I’ll tell you what I ate. In America generally it is very common to find beer at places where you can get food. But at many places Food Courts don’t have any beer shop. But since it is Vegas, and beer is consumed 24 hours here that’s why every food stalls here has beer. You can see the food, “Chicken Tenders & Fries” and their price. These are “Alcoholic Beverages”. [Explaining what are beverages to my viewers] … … … … … “Chicken and Waffle” for $16.98. Again these are Beverages. And water bottle is of $4.98 . Coconut Water. That’s why initially I advised you to bring some water with you to Hotel. 1 Liter Water costs here $4.98 . Price may vary in different Hotels. So if you carry you water from outside you can get 12-14 Bottles for only $6. That’s why whenever you come to hotels like this just carry you own water to save some bucks. If you are fond of drinking then carry beers from outside too. You can buy 6 beer from outside at the cost of one beer from these shops of Hotels. The beer is so expensive that rather than enjoying you’ll keep worrying about you money here. And the burgers you see right now is available all day. There are many different food available but burger is one of the food that is available round the clock. Now a days burger is very common everywhere. But here burgers have different kind of meat. These are some cheap food. These are some salads. Here salad is very common and contains chicken. But if you don’t want chicken in your salad you can ask that too. You can look around food and their names. And can compare, here food is expensive or cheap. You can ask me whatever you want to about these food in comments box. And in next Live or in one video I’ll explain all of them with your name. After this week. And what I had I had 6 Bacon Cheese Fry It was cheap and just cost around $7. You know very well what fries are. These are Kind of Potato Fries. And in Hotel beer had same price. $8.98 or 1 beer. In every shop, restaurant… of the Hotel. Outside you can get 6 beers for $8.98. So keep this in mind. In America generally Breakfast starts at 6 A.M. till 11 A.M. But some restaurants serve breakfast whole day. So, you can see these are breakfast options you have and a I told you before you can ask you questions in the comment box. Compare the price. and Las Vegas’ evening’s video I’ll try to upload next time. It is on Casinos of Las Vegas. I went there and made the video. I’ll show you I played on one of the machine there. And I’ll tell you if you go there you should play the games there or not. And even if you play how much it should be. I’ll give you tips on it. … There are some more videos I made I’ll put them 1 by 1 after editing. You can see price of various things here. Make a list of your questions. If you are watching my video for the first time. And if you like it then please Subscribe the channel and like this video. Press the Bell Icon So that you get notified of my new videos in future. I’ve mentions another of my Vegas’ Playlist in the description of this video. You can take a look on that too. There you can find some amazing videos of very famous Hotels of Las Vegas that are also known worldwide. I can’t make lengthy videos because people usually don’t like them. That’s why I try to include everything in this 10 minutes video. See you guys later on another video. Thanks for showing interest in this video. GOODBYE

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