किडनी रोगियों के लिए टेस्टी रेसिपी | Poha Recipe | Kidney Patient Diet | Healthy Tadka – Episode 2

You are welcomed to our channel “Stop Kidney
Dialysis” in which we provide you with solution related
to kidneys’ problem. Today we would not discuss kidneys’ problem
with you but instead the diet taken during
kidney disease. We will discuss our topic further but before
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on our channel. So, let’s move towards our topic and talk
about the diet given to kidneys’ patients. Who doesn’t like to eat good food; the taste
of the food with lots of spices and oil is
different. Due to present day lifestyle we ourselves
have made changes in our diet because of which our body is surrounded by
many diseases and one of them is kidneys’ disease. If we talk about the diet of kidney patients
then the kidney patients has to abstain from
many things due to which they often do not get good food
to eat and this thing annoys them Today, we have brought the recipe for Poha
for kidney patients that a kidney patient could eat and they
would love its consumption. In order to make poha you would require few
things like 1 bowl of poha (Flattened rice), one small
onion, 1 green chili (with no seeds), half
teaspoon turmeric, rock salt according to
the taste. half teaspoon cumin seeds, half cup capsicum
(fine chopped and with no seeds), half cup
fine chopped cabbage half cup fine chopped carrots, and one teaspoon
oil. First of all soak your poha and then remove
the water. Then heat the oil in a pan and put cumin
seeds in it. Bring the flame to low. Then add chopped onion and chili to it. Once the onion turns golden brown then add
capsicum, carrot, and cabbage to it and mix
it well. Keep the flame low so that the vegetables
does not get burnt. Then add poha to it along with turmeric and
salt and mix it well. Cook it for 2 minutes on low flame and then
turn the gas off. So, your delicious poha is ready. But kidney patient should keep this in mind
that they do not have to consume anything
without doctor’s advice. So this was an easy and healthful recipe
for poha. If you like this video then give it a thumbs
up. Also, do not forget to share it. If you are suffering from kidneys’ disease
and want some change in your diet then you can ask us this in the comment section
below. So this was it for today. Now, I say goodbye
to you. and I will be back with a new recipe for
dish. Till then, Namaskaar!

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  1. किडनी पेसेंट आटा से बनी गुजिया नमकीन खा सकते है?

  2. किडनी मरीजों के लिए उपमा कैसे बनाया जाए ?

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