₹ 30 Kanji + ₹ 50 Pazhankanji + Fish Fry + Beef Curry + Banana juice | Thrissur Food in Kodungallur

Today we are in Theeradesha Pazhankanji Kada, Kodungalloor. We get all these for Rs.50. When we entered the kitchen, we saw fish kept ready for frying. Everything else is done. After seeing fish frying, we will have kanji (rice porridge) After that, we will have some more tastes from Kondungalloor. Today we are in Theeradesha Pazhankanji Kada, Kodungalloor. When we come here, we have to start from Pazhankanji. This is Pazhankanji, papadam, chick peas curry. We have crushed chilies too. Coconut chuntey, dry fish chutney. Chili, pickle, onions. Here we have curd, cassava and dry fish. This is fish curry. All these things are for Rs.50. Not this much quantity but. We will get a little bit of all these items for Rs.50. We can have pazhankanji for breakfast. If you want any special, fish fry is there. We saw the frying of this fish. One more fish was kept for frying. I didn’t know the name of that fish. They also don’t know. As this fish has thick flesh, they marinated it with masala before only. It was kept in the fridge so that masala will blend well. Or else the flesh won’t be tasty. The other fish was fried immediately after marinating. Three of us are there. So we bought 3 special fish. One is Kera fish, and the other we don’t know the name. 2 kera fish and one nameless fish. Before the special items, let us try Pazhankanji. In pazhankanji, we have put curd, chili, onions and cassava. I am mixing this with curd, cassava and all. Let me see it salt is there. Enough of salt and curd. It is very cold. I am taking coconut chutney to mix with pazhankanji. I am mixing a little coconut chuntey with pazhankanji. Coconut chutney, cassava, curd and pazhankanji. Very hot chutney with bird’s eye chili. I bit one chili piece. So it became double hot. Let me try this dry fish. One bite of fish and pazhankanji. There is actually no need of special. This is enough. Nishad, what do you feel? Nishad is there with us. He is trying hot kanji. There is dry shrimp chutney. It is made with dry fish and coconut. I took a bit of it. Not mixing it with kanji. Only a light taste of dry fish. It tastes more of coconut. This chick peas is made as dry. Not as curry. I will take this and add to kanji and mix well. We will get pieces to bite in the kanji. We can add crushed red chilies also, if we wish. After this, we are tasting kanji again. Can there be a better breakfast? Fish curry is also there. Fish curry with fish pieces. We have to be careful about chilies/ So I am taking only the pieces. No, not chilies. I meant thorns are there. Sorry. Fish curry is not too hot. But it is tasty. Let me add the gravy to kanji. I am not mixing the gravy with the entire kanji. Then the kanji will taste only of fish curry. Only on one side. When we add fish curry, we get the mixed taste of fish curry and curd. But it gives more satisfaction when I eat kanji with dry fish chutney. Whatever we ate till now was part of Pazhankanji for Rs.50. Now let us try the specials. I took a spoon from them. It is made from coconut shell. Hashmi and Nishad will also eat this. So I took a small piece. It is soft flesh. It tastes like river fish. We don’t know what fish this is. But it tastes like river fish. Very soft flesh. Good. It is lightly fried. Very soft and juicy flesh. Though it is river fish, it doesn’t have much thorns. Normally fish like rohu and katla have lots of thorns. This has less thorns. That was good. Now let me try this kera fish. Kera has thick flesh. If it is cut into thin slices and fried, it is very good. This piece that I took is thick. The other one is thin. It is thick flesh. As masala was coated on this yesterday only, it is good. Otherwise, it wouldn’t mix with the flesh. If you are travelling on this road in the morning, this is a good breakfast. This is in a place called Arattuvazhi. Theeradesha Pazhankanji kada. It is run by some ladies. They cook also. Is this owned by Kudumbashree? Is it a Kudumbashree unit? Yes. How is it? Tasty? I had Pazankanji. It is superb. After this, we are going to another place in Kodungalloor. That is coming. Now we will finish kanji and move from here. How is pazhankanji? I am tasting it for the first time. I have tasted hot kanji. That too as breakfast. A new experience. We are in Rajettan’s shop in Kodungalloor. This is Rajettan. He is busy. This shop is in Beach Road. He is busy packing for giving parcels. The specialties here are ghee rice, beef and chicken. I am trying ghee rice and chicken. Nishad will try beef. Hashmi? Chicken. Rajettan’s shop is a small shop. It is inside the village. They mostly give parcels. Only very few people come to sit here and eat. It is a modest ambiance. I am trying chicken and ghee rice. Nishad will try ghee rice and beef curry. Hashmi is also having ghee rice with chicken. It will come late or it will become cold. We have got ghee rice, chicken, salad and pickle. I have taken a little gravy of chicken curry. I am mixing the gravy with ghee rice. We can see pepper also in this. So I am mixing chicken curry gravy with ghee rice. Let me try this first. Then I will take chicken pieces. It is very hot. Very hot curry. I am getting the rich taste of coriander powder. And very spicy and hot. Now I will take lemon pieces from the pickle. We can have salad with this if we wish. I am not doing that. I am eating this separately. This is good. See, this is a piece of lemon from pickle. I am keeping this piece in the rice and wrapping it with rice. Now I will try a handful of it. We get the sourness of lemons. When it mixes with the taste of ghee rice and chicken, it is good. After this, we will try some juice. Is there any juice centre nearby? Okay, banana juice. From here, we are going to have juice. So after this banana juice, we will conclude this video. For this, we had to drive a little. This is near Nishad’s house. Nishad is the one who introduced all shops today. A big salute to him. This is the juice of palayankodan banana. This has the juice of banana with groundnuts. So let us end this video with these village tastes. Always be happy and be with us. For now, goodbye.

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