⚖ how much Calories in your SNACK? [🇬🇧EN 🇨🇵FR 🇮🇩ID~sub/cc]

⚖ how much Calories in your SNACK? [🇬🇧EN 🇨🇵FR 🇮🇩ID~sub/cc]

Hello guys! Happy to see you again! If you’re
new, please click Subscribe. Let’s talk about SNACK, yeah! We all love snacking,
right? Let me tell you this. Long ago, before I decided to undergo
intermittent passing and keto diet, I was so naive to think that by replacing
my regular food with small portion of snack, I would lose some weight.
Oh God, it’s totally wrong. Yes. Why?
Because that time I didn’t pay attention to deficit calories. Not until I seriously decided to
lose some weight. I did surfing on internet; on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.
And the conclusion of all types of diet is deficit calories. Yes, we need to pay
attention on it. So, that’s why I invite you to join the upcoming journey. Yes, I will
show you some samples of snack packaging which are listed the ingredients contents but
in this video we will only focus on the calories amount, especially total energy
of calories. Yes! Let’s check it out guys! If you care about the number of calories
in food or drinks, you should pay attention to the Nutrition Facts
displays on the packaging of the food you buy. If not provided, such as buying
street food, you should check its calorie amount on the internet or the smartphone
application. I want to remind you to read Nutrition Facts on food packaging or
drink more carefully. There are products that listed ‘total calories per package’,
while others display ‘total calories per serving’. Especially SNACK, most products
display the number of calories as the latter. That is why you must carefully
read the calorie amount per pack. Yup! Because for SNACK, we tend to eat one
package for ourselves, right? Oops! So, if you want to enjoy snack while on a diet,
pay attention to the total calories from the calorie intake limits set for you. If
you exceed the limit, as consequence you need to be more active. For example, if I
eat one package of 60 gram cheese corn stick which contains of 300 kcal then I have
to get on my static cycling for 18 Km in 1,5 hours or
walk 4 Km in 4 hours non-stop. Yup! In order to burn the calorie I ate from
the 60 grams cheese corn stick. No way! Well, I’ve given you all I’ve got, honey.
Now, it’s up to you to decide. I won’t say snack is bad or good. The point is counting calories to achieve deficit calories, if you want to lose some weight. Well, that’s for now. Thank you for watching. Enjoy snacking!
And keep losing weight. And stay healthy!

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  1. SNACKS, we all love it. Is it forbidden to have snack on diet? In my opinion, it will depend on how much calories will you intake from it.
    If you stick to calories deficit, read throughly Nutrition Facts on snack package or container. By referring to your calories intakes allowance, reverse the calculation to find out how much you can consume from the snack.

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