🔞 Little Club #1 Cocktail  – Rusty Nail Cocktail Recipe

🔞 Little Club #1 Cocktail – Rusty Nail Cocktail Recipe

welcome friends welcome back to
cocktails after dark where I am exploring cocktail recipes and how you can
change the flavor just by using different based spirits all in an effort
to find out what I like so today we’re gonna do something called the little
Club number one from Ted sasuke’s 1951 cocktail guide and it just consists of
two ingredients Drambuie and blended scotch and I know that there are already
people tippity typing telling me that that is called a rusty nail and it would
be correct today it’s called a rusty nail this drink first appeared in 1937
and it was called the BI F pretty British industries fair and that name
never really stuck and so in the intervening years it’s been called a
whole bunch of things and then around 1963 the rusty nail stuck today I’m
going to make this two ways and I’ve got three blended scotches here that I could
possibly use I don’t have too much left of the Dewar’s 25 so I’m gonna leave
that one aside and I’m going to make this with the Shiva and the the Dewar’s
15 and we’re gonna compare how the flavours how the flavors work out so
that was three quarters of an ounce of Drambuie in each one and now we’re gonna
do an ounce and a half of the whiskey each glass gets some ice and stir and I
don’t particularly like stirring in these glasses they’ve got little
indentations that you’re supposed to hold your with your fingers to make it
easier to hang on to but it makes it really difficult to stir it in the glass
even with the round end it’s almost impossible okay let’s give them a go
first the Dewar’s 15 definitely definitely getting you know scotch on
the nose and I’m not sure what the Drambuie is bringing to the nose of this
drink well very nice very nice so he chases
the Drambuie on its own a little bit later because I’m not terribly familiar
with it as I look here but I have a feeling what it’s bringing to this is
kind of that syrupy mouthfeel because it it probably has a lot of sugar in it
we’ll get to that in a moment now let’s try the the Shiva s’ still getting the
scotch whisky on the nose not getting much from the Drambuie although the
Drambuie is mostly scotch so I’m not surprised by that getting a different
sort of scotch profile though than I got with the Dewar’s because they are very
different tasting scotch whiskies okay okay
the Shiva is sweeter definitely sweeter a less complex drink something that
would be very easy to sit down at the bar and plow through a couple of those
very pleasant to drink in the Ennis and the sweetness and the flavor profile the
Dewar’s is much more challenging the Dewar’s is something that still I would
love to drink but you would sit down and I think I would sip this a little more
slowly and the way that the flavor develops over time and the way that as
the ice cube sort of melts and dilutes it it will change over time as well but
right off the bat it is a much more complex cocktail yeah less sweet more
complex and the large clear ice cubes that I’m using here will melt fairly
slowly relatively slowly so you won’t get a whole lot of dilution over the
course of drinking this cocktail now let’s just try the Drambuie on its own
let’s see what this is all about just on its own and see what it’s bringing to
the party I’m not gonna have too much just just a taste that’s wild
that is wild aged Scotch whisky spices Heather and honey so that’s the
sweetness the Heather I don’t know about that I gotta tell you I haven’t eaten a lot
of Heather in my lifetime I don’t think I have any way that would be very nice
on its own just on the rocks I’m sure so there is no right or wrong here no
matter what you call this the little Club number one the knuckle head the
mig-21 the rusty nail the bi F this is a great cocktail and simply by switching
out the whiskey that you use you can completely sort of change the flavor
profile and give you something that is either really easy to drink or sort of a
little bit more challenging and thoughtful so let me know in the
comments down below whether you like a rescue nail what you
call it where you live and what blended Scotch whisky you use in it thanks for
stopping by see you again soon you

54 thoughts on “🔞 Little Club #1 Cocktail – Rusty Nail Cocktail Recipe

  1. Thanks For Watching Everyone! What's you favourite Scotch for a Rusty Nail?
    If you like this video, check out our Cocktails After Dark Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgOb3zseg1hQzsXsb5CTv0rgLjRnq-6XT

  2. He poured the usual

    Rusty snail, hold the grunion, shaken, not stirred

    With a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich on the side Heavy on the mako

    I slipped him a fin, on porpoise

  3. I believe it's "heather honey", as in honey from bees foraging on heather, not heather and honey. Still, good video, one of my favorite drinks.

  4. I was at a job related symposium that included a dinner with an open bar. So there I was mingling with other attendees. Waiter approaches a gaggle I'm in and takes our drink orders. "White wine", "Wine spritzer", "White wine", "Beer on tap", "White wine". Me? "I would like a Rusty Nail". Five pairs of eyeballs pop out at me and one jaw drops slightly open. And I'm thinking I should have asked for a Bronx Cocktail instead.

  5. I believe the honey in Drambuie is made from heather blossoms. I will try this with Glenfiddich (no, not the rarer, long-aged bottlings.)

  6. Scotch can be a terrific base cocktail spirit, but its complexity makes it challenging to create good Scotch-based drinks. The Rusty Nail is an excellent example of a simple, classic Scotch-based cocktail that really works. I'm less of a fan of the other most common Scotch-based cocktail, the Rob Roy (basically a Manhattan made with Scotch).

  7. I stumbled upon Drambuie years ago at a friend's place. I asked him what it was and he said it was an "old man's drink". Not being old yet but being intrigued, I tried it and was hooked. The best way I've had it was in an enormous brandy shifter warmed with hot water. Glorious! Now to try with a 18 Glenlivet.

  8. I make my Rusty Nails with Double Black, the light smokiness does wonders to the cocktail. Sometimes I make it an "Old Fashioned Rusty Nail" by adding a few drops of Angostura (edit: and a twist of lime peel). I could drink it for hours and hours – great stuff!

  9. I once ordered a rusty nail at bar in Italy, but the poor bar-lady didn’t know what it was. In my rudimentary Italian I explained it was half whiskey half Drambuie. She proceeded to fill the glas HALF WAY with whiskey and then filled it to THE TOP with Drambuie. And charged me €6. Had me sorted with one drink that lasted the entire night.

  10. 25-year blended scotch??? When'd you get so classy? 😀

    EDIT: I think Dewar's, especially the age-stated bottlings, is criminally underrated. I can't imagine how good that 25 is.

  11. Glen have you ever tried Laird of Fintry? Canadian Scotch style single malt whisky from Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery? I won the lottery to buy a bottle in 2018 and picked up a mickey of the 56% cask strength version as well. Nice dark fruity whisky to my tastes. Also bought their corn whisky BRBN but personally I wouldn't recommend that.

  12. I always thought that you taste test by swishing the drink and then spitting it out? At least that's how I've seen it done at wine tasting events.

  13. I don't really drink very often but I used to really enjoy Canadian Club Sherry .. I would just drink it on ice or straight but I bet it'd be good mixed

  14. If you like the complexity, maybe you should give the 15 years Drambuie version a try?
    I am not a big whisky guy, but had a couple of Rusty Nail cocktails throughout the years. But never thought of remembering the whisky they used 🙁

  15. Drambuie is what Ms. Hoover drank while grading some test assignments for Lisa's class on The Simpsons…that is how I became aware of it

  16. When you stir, try to hold it very loosely and spin it by rolling it between your thumb and forefinger by dragging your finger down your thumb. Holding it loosely will let it continue spinning when it's on the other side of the glass. Think of it as keeping the stirrer facing in toward the middle

  17. I live in West Virginia and here that cocktail is called the B.I.F and it's made with aged bourbon or Scotch and the other spirt used is clear tequila

  18. Turned 21. Dad walked me across the street to the tavern, ordered me a drink. "Hmm, why not try Drambuie, your Mom likes that" (if my brain was working, I should've thought, 'never saw a bottle of Drambuie in the house, Mom always kept some Manischewitz around' but I just figured that was what she had on the rare occasions they went out.) Drink came. BLECH!!!

    No idea what the old man was thinking, and I never asked Mom, but I'm sure she never drank that stuff.

    Just give me the whiskey, or an Old Fashioned, or a Gin & Tonic, or even two fingers of Manischewitz, but you're not getting me anywhere near Drambuie!

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