🔴 Healthy Morning Breakfast Mukbang Challenge | Okra Has Many Health Benefits

the morning everyone welcome Hey
positive my banger welcome to tasty mukbang eats let me pull you out up let me see how everything look good
morning good morning good morning welcome welcome welcome okay good
morning positive mark banger good morning and welcome to taste mukbang
tasty McLain tasty tasty McLain tasty this morning I
am here with oh I’m here with okra and corn and some vegetable juice and I got
some distilled water on date we’re gonna say how grace and start digging in
father God we thank you for this food that we are about to receive your
blessings your kindness your mercy all the provisions you made upon our life
Lord Jesus we thank you for waking us up this morning we thank you precious
heavenly father for being a light at the end of the tunnel Lord Jesus and helping
us to be a light in dark places father God we ask you precious Heavenly Father
for this food to edify our bodies to help us precious Heavenly Father to get
the Narayan know nourish nourishment and nutrition that we need today Lord Jesus
with precious Heavenly Father for this
healthy mukbang and we asked you to use this video and all about other healthy
mukbang videos to encourage others to take charge of what they put in their
temples we thank you Lord Jesus for everything you’ve done everything you’re
going to do and we praise your holy name in the name of your son Jesus amen ha ha
let me see who in the house we got miss Cathy in the house miss Gloria in the
house Trisha in the house positive mark bhangra say hey everybody so today y’all
we’re eating okra and we’re also going to be talking about the benefits of okra
so I guess I’ll take the opportunity in every McClain to talk about the benefits
of like the food that I’m eating for that day to bring to the spotlight so
you guys can get more information on what healthier foods to bring to your
diet and what’s the benefits of those foods so you can know like if you have
certain certain things that you need to certain things in your life that you
need to target like certain medical issues or illnesses or disease that you
need to target that you can use food to heal your body and you can use food to
give you the nursery nutrients nutrients that you need to help you counteract
whatever sickness or disease that you have such as high blood pressure
diabetes cancer and a multitude of other diseases that you can counteract ur
counteract and fight with just changing your diet so I did a seven-day okra
challenge and I think I did also a 30-day OCO challenge at one time to eat
okra every single day you guys doing that time my stomach
holy shrunk like my stomach literally got so small
and just to let you know Oakley eat okra has a lot of benefits and it is high in
fiber and it is it cancer fighting food also it will make you go to the bathroom
so if you find yourself constipated or you want to do a cleanse where you want
to clean all of the excess food out of your good do okra once a week or if you
could do it every day for a week for one of your one of your meals it could be
your lunch or whatever and you do okra every single day one bag of oakley you
guys your stomach is gonna streak you’re gonna go to the bathroom you’re gonna
clean out your system and you’re gonna do it the natural way okra is a natural
laxative and so don’t eat okra unless you want to go to the bathroom I did put
a little salt a little pepper and a little slap your mama seasoning on this
and I eat it just like this I don’t know if you guys like okra or not but if you
get the whole okra it’s gonna be less slimy and the slime actually has very
good benefits to it too so but we’re gonna read later some of them help benefits of okra cuz
we’re not just eating food just to eat it but if you know the benefits of food
it would make it better and easier for you to eat it because you know what it’s
doing for you even if you don’t like it do you like taking vine do you like
taking vitamins do you like taking medicine do you like being in the pain
that you are in mmm that was hot whoo that was hot yeah it’s a lot of things
that you are going to have to endure when you have a sickness or illness that
you not gonna like and some of those things you’re gonna have to live with
for the rest of your life if you don’t get your eating habits in tech but
eating something healthy something good for you there’s gonna eliminate the
illness sickness or disease I’d rather eat okra all day every day then I have
to take medicine for the rest of my life that are gonna give me so many other
side effects I want to eat this corn eventually that juice down up in there
is so hot yeah I usually I usually um drink my juice
I might not drink all of it but I usually do drink it it’s so good for you let me see what y’all see him Phoenix say grand rising lovely Nikolas
say hi Trisha say I ate some apple cinnamon what happened to Phoenix come
in grand rising what what’s wrong with that you know Nikolas say main Tricia
said I ate some apple cinnamon oatmeal with flax seeds yes y’all tell me what
y’all ate this morning what did you eat this morning for breakfast are you
trying to do the healthy mukbang along with me they healthy morning breakfast
Muttley put your nutrients in your body early in the morning that way you can
get the bursts of energy that you need so you can have enough
energy to deal with them kids today to deal with your co-workers or whoever you
need to deal with anybody else what a child eat this morning yeah I don’t know
I don’t know what I’m gonna have for dinner tonight y’all got any ideas what I could have
for dinner tonight or y’all okay yeah we’ll look quiet
today I know something I don’t like okra but
dolly excuse me hi miss Lisa okra is great I’m
at work okay miss uh positive McDaniel who else that worked this morning how
are you doing today miss Lisa I’m having okra this morning we’re gonna read I’m not gonna eat that one yeah now I really know this is quote become it only got two in the bag so I need to
give me some more um positive mukbang go say hey Lisa miss
Lisa say I am good in you to wrestlers say does anyone know what tasty is
drinking this is vegetable vegetable juice for T’s to say maybe tomato juice
Teresa say okay it was vegetable juice a hundred percent
veggie juice mm-hmm what did y’all eat this morning or what are you gonna eat
it is 9:58 a.m. not at 8:00 a.m. okay I’m finished I’m gonna probably
drink this juice I’m probably gonna drink that juice in a minute Lisa say I
didn’t eat anything yet I am really not a breakfast person tasty you need to eat
a little bitty something a little bit for cheese’s a bacon in eggs you can eat
cheese biscuit a little something you got some pumpkin seeds you don’t
have to be much miss Lisa you can be good apple orange a banana a ball eat we’re gonna eat our pumpkin seeds karissa says she ate some oatmeal Alisa say I’m going to eat a fruit I got
a lot of healthy stuff to eat just not yet positive mukbangs say tasting and
everyone had a wonderful day I will chat with you a little later enjoy your day
and work today let me just read some of the benefits of
okra for you guys this morning and then I’m gonna in this month aim okay there are seven nutritious and
health benefits to Oakland aqua is a flower plant known for its edible seed
pods it’s cultivated in warm and tropical
climates such as those in Africa and Asia sometimes referred to as ladyfinger
Oakland comes in two colors red and green have y’all ever seen okra in red
before hmm I haven’t seen okra and Rhea both varieties tastes the same and the
red one turns green we cooked really biologically classified as a fruit okra
is generally utilized like a veggie in cooked vegetable in cooking it’s
frequently used in southern African cuisine and popular addition to gumbo
yes it can have a slimy texture which some people find unappealing though it’s
not one of the most common foods okra is packed with nutrition here are seven
nutrition and health benefits of okra number one rich in nutrients okra
boosters and impressive okra boosters and impressive nutrient profile one cup
a hundred grams of raw okra contains 33 calories 7 carbs two proteins
zero fat three grams of fiber 14% of the daily allowance of magnesium
15% phosphates 14% vitamin a 14% no 20 26 % vitamin C and 26 percent vitamin K
and 40 14 percent of vitamin B okra is the excellent source of vitamin C K and
vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient contributes to your overall immune
function while vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin that knows that’s known
for its role in blood in blood clotting additionally Oakland is low in calories
and carbs and contains some protein and fiber many fruits and vegetables lack
protein which makes okra somewhat unique eating enough protein is associated with
benefits for weight loss management blood sugar control bone structure and
muscle mass summary okra is rich in many nutrients and particularly high in
vitamin C K this fruit is unique as it provides protein a nutrient that many
other fruits and vegetables lack number two
okra contains beneficial antioxidants Oakland packs many antioxidants that
benefit your health antioxidants are common or compounds in food that fend
off day damage from home for manipular moleculars called free
radicals the main antioxidant in oak or poly poly pol PhD in oh is including
flavonoids and is o qu ER c ee m TI n as well as vitamin A and vitamin C research
shows that eating a diet high in poly I think general sentence pH pol Phe en oh
is may improve heart health by lowering your risk of blood clotting and a dr. T
of dangers that poly word may also benefit brain health due to their unique
ability to enter your brain and protect against inflammation these defense
mechanisms may help protect your brain from symptoms of aging and improve
cognitive and learning and memory summary okra is rich in antioxidants
that may reduce the risk of serious diseases prevent information and
contribute to overall health most notably it contains poly Phe en o
is that most that may contribute to horn and brain hills number three
okra mail or heart disease risk high cholesterol leaves high cholesterol
levels are associated with a greater risk
heart disease oka contains a thick gel like substance called mutant me me Lucas
mu CIL a GE which can bind to cholesterol during digestion causes it
to be excreted with stew rather than absorb into the body one eight-week
study randomly divided mice into three groups and fed them a high-fat diet
containing 1% and 2% ochre fiber Oakland powder or a high-fiber diet with Oakland
powder with our local powder the mice on the okra diet eliminated more
cholesterol in their stool then and had lower total blood cholesterol levels
then the control group another possible heart benefit of okra is the poly
phenols one-year study in a hundred and one percent showed a hundred one
thousand and one hundred people showed that those who ate a diet rich in nepali
ph en el is had lured inflammatory markers associated with heart disease
summary animal research suggests that okra may bind to cholesterol in your gut
and lower blood cholesterol levels it also is rich in the poly phenols
which fight horn for inflamed and inflammation and protect your heart
number four Oakland may have anti-cancer properties
ouka contains a type of protein called latina
let’s l ec TI in which may inhabit the growth of cancer cells one test to study
in breast cancer cells found that the le CIA in oakland may prevent cancer cell
growth by up to 63 percent that’s a lot y’all sixty three percent another test
study in in mouse cells discovered that oakland extract caused cancer cells dead
keep in mind that these studies are performed in test tubes with
concentrated and extract components of oakland more human research is needed
before any conclusion can be shown summary open contains a protein called
le SI TI n which is being studied for the role in cancer prevention and
treatment more human research is needed number five okra male or blood sugar maintaining
healthy blood sugar levels is very important for your overall health
consistently high blood pressure consistently high blood sugar can lead
to pre-diabetes and types to diabetes research in mice
indicate that eating okra and okra extract may help decrease blood sugar
levels in one study rats given liquid sugar and powdered okra experienced
fewer low blood sugar spikes than animals in the control group research
suggests that okra decreased sugar absorption in the disease in a digestive
tract leading to a more suitable blood sugar response that said Oakland may it
says that said okra may interfere with metaphoric
a common diabetes medication therefore eating okra is not recommended for those
who are taking drugs who are taking that drug metl fo rmin eating Oakland has
been linked to blood sugar control yet some research suggests that it may
interfere with common diabetes medication but if you eat okra and you
kale you don’t get rid of the diabetes so you won’t need the medication okay beneficial for pregnant women for
fola te vitamin b9 is an important nutrient for pregnant women it helps
lower the risk of a of a neural tube defect which affects the brain and spine
of a developing fetus it is recommended that all women of childbearing age
consume 400 MC grams of phosphate every day a review that included 12,000
healthy adult women found that most that most consume just 245 MC grams of fall
spray per day on average another study that followed 609 pregnant women over
five years discovered that 23% of participants had indicated phosphate concentration in their blood okra is a
good source of phosphorus for folates with one cup 100 grams providing 15% of
a woman’s daily needs for this nutrient summary okra okra eating okra may help
prevent women may help prevent pregnant women meet their daily eating okra may
help pregnant women meet their daily folate needs folate is an important is
important for preventing neural tube defects number 7 easy to add to your
diet though okra may not be a staple in your kitchen it’s quick and easy to cook
when purchasing okra look for a smooth and tender green pods
without brown spots or drying ends store them in the fridge for up to four days
before cooking usually okra is used in soups and stews like gumbo
it contains mu C ala GE a thick substance that becomes gumming when he
did to avoid sticky slimy okra follow these simple cooking techniques cook
okra at a high heat avoid crowding your pan or skillet as this will reduce the
heat and calls sliminess picking Oakland may reduce pickling okra may reduce the
sine factor cook it in a asset like tomato sauce reduces the gumminess
simply slice andros okra in the oven I’ve never had roasted okra before i
grill it until it is slightly toward summery okra can become slimy when
cooked to prevent this follow the simple cooking methods the bottom line okra is
a nutritious food that may with many health benefits it is rich in magnesium
folate fiber antioxidants vitamin C vitamin K and vitamin A Oklahoma benefit
pregnant women health heart health and blood sugar control you may even have
anti-cancer properties cooking can be simple add it to your grocery
list to try a new ingredient with powerful health effects said okra benefits benefits of Oakland
for diabetes Soroka can benefit diabetics as well let
me see what y’all saying crystal says good morning Jesse said I’m having a
piece of whole wheat toast fried did you say fried something duck fried something
grits eggs and two eggs with orange juice Lisa say I love slimy okra
Christmas say good morning Lisa same I eat I am eating some slice Vienna
pickles now I love pickles and you love pickle juice it’s a kosher pickle Lisa say I put
cayenne pepper on the pickles Lisa say very interesting
I love healthy talks chastity say Lisa I will try that one day mama swag say I
love okra and Anna say good morning Lisa say you won’t regret it
I’ll be back got a call and Miss Lisa say never had roasted okra either but I
know it’s good for Teresa say has anyone has some good health has some good
benefits Lisa say I used to be type 2 diabetes
not anymore my readings is almost 98 to 100 now miss girl you say welcome
everyone please thumbs up the lie okay yeah I’m gonna drink my Oakland juice
and then it’s still warm idiot slimy you got all the seasonings in it it’s
like medicine you know it’s good for you so just do it just do it I’m showing you
how how to just do it just do it but to do it ain’t nothing to it but to do it
can somebody say they’re with me ain’t nothing to it but to do it ain’t no but
do it go tasty tasty tasty go go tasty go to see go to it but to do it yay that
concludes our healthy morning mukbang and our word healthy morning benefits of
okra talk so you guys I don’t know what I’m gonna be eating tomorrow but I do
have several bags of okra and like I said before I did it like seven days or
30 days of okra just and over to my diet every day again my stomach did shrink
and I was going to the bathroom very often which is a good thing because
you’re actually supposed to go to the bathroom every time you eat and several
times throughout the day so going to the bathroom often is the normal way it
should be going to the bathroom once every two or three days it’s not normal
that’s why people’s people get sick because they have all of that waste
inside of them that’s why their gut is so big and it just causes your good
health promotes your health of your body and if your good health is not healthy
it’s not free-flowing then it’s gonna cause you to get sick so if you eat
foods that are gonna clean you’re good out and give you nutrition at the same
time then you’re just gonna be so much healthier all the way around and you’re
gonna start losing weight you’re going to feel so much better your stomach is
gonna shrink and get smaller because you’re flushing out a lot of that food
that is just sitting there that once you start eating healthy and start eating
things like okra or which this the thing that mentioned about okra being like a
laxative but oak okra does have properties of a natural laxative so if
you are having problems with constipation and you don’t want to take
unnatural things you can start eating okra and it would definitely help you
with being more free-flowing in your everyday life ain’t plus give you a ton
of other benefits on top of that what more can your ex well what more can you
ask for miss Lisa say I had my veggie drink already it gives me so much energy
I exercise to your healthy talks thanks tasty and Teresa said okay chastity
chance to say you welcome miss Lisa say I stopped to come in from time to time
well thank you Miss Lisa for being here and exercising and working out with us
this morning I appreciate you guys so much don’t forget to thumbs up the video go back and watch the video from last
night I did a I ate grits and shrimp last night so if y’all haven’t checked
out that video yet or if you in align but you haven’t left comments
on the video then go back and leave comments on some of the videos from this
week that will help me out a lot um you don’t have to watch the video all the
way through if you were in the live but just go ahead and leave some comments
and you ain’t got nothing else to do just leave that video running today it
will help me out so I appreciate you guys I love you guys I will talk to you
later I have no idea what I’m going to eat
tonight but y’all once you start eating healthy you’re gonna notice your double
chin if you got a double chin like me you’re gonna notice your double chin
start to disappear go away cuz you’re just getting so much healthier and
you’re probably gonna notice the difference in your hair in your hair
your skin and your nails once you start eating different and even more healthier
foods probably gonna notice the difference in your health all the way
around let me see a family affair say hello and Miss Lisa say have a great day
tasty and chat too mr. say I fell asleep last night for cheese to say later
everyone again thank you so much for joining me I appreciate you guys and
love you so much bye now thanks for watching tasty my baby y’all
bye now I can’t get this thing to close what’s

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  1. I don't do okra don't like it at all it's slimy and taste weird to me but i'm glad you like it and from what you were telling us it has a lot of benefits which is awesome,well see you later on tonight if you go live and i'm still up i'm in pain right now so i just to my pain meds hopefully it don't knock me out sometimes it does.

  2. The slimy okra is a no for me Ms. Tasty!!! I will play it in the background just for you though. Keep the mukbangs coming!

  3. I love me some okra…now I must go into my freezer and get the okra out that I put up from my Mom's garden from the summer that just passed!

  4. As a child I didn't like okra but loved corn. As adult I am the opposite although I do enjoy a serving or two of organic corn annually. You are gonna make me buy a couple of pounds of okra tomorrow.

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