🔴 Healthy Morning Mukbang Challenge | Budget Friendly Meals

🔴 Healthy Morning Mukbang Challenge | Budget Friendly Meals

welcome welcome to 2d taste the morning
everybody we have in technical bang today on the menu we had some technical
tees I was long being on the wrong channel so we have some fresh kale a
banana or orange we have some sweet sweet onion some sweet peppers carrots
and some tomatoes I already had started eating cuz I was logged in on the wrong
channel you guys so I’m on the right channel now we also have some just
filled water you guys know I’m doing the 30-day gallon of water distilled
challenge but I drink this filled water all day every day I true I don’t really
drink faucet water anymore thumbs up the live you’re eating watermelon and cantaloupe
okay yeah let me see now I already then start eating on the other channel so let’s just dig in the goal of this
challenge is to just eat something fresh and healthy in the morning I just want
to encourage you guys to put a little certain in your body in the morning
whether it be an apple or orange some carrots a banana tomato killings very
nutritious you got different vegetables and fruits here that are gonna all give
you different nutritional values five if you start eating if you start eating smaller
meals throughout the day that you will get full faster you will get full faster and you’ll be consuming less less food
and I think breakfast is the easiest meal for you to make a healthy meal get
those nutrients and vitamins in your body
early in the morning and that should give you a big boost of energy throughout the day and you don’t have to
eat a whole lot make you like a kale sound sandwich by
the way good morning everybody happy Monday hey miss Lisa vlogs this type of eating would tackle high
blood pressure I began juicing and eating like this and
was taken off of BP meds in October yes I already know child and that’s why I
believe that we can fight cancer with food and diabetes high blood pressure
and a host of other medical ailments you can fight with food and you guys when
you eat your fruits and vegetables try to eat them plain without anything say
for instance the banana and kale try just like this you’d be surprised you
don’t need anything you have to reprogram your mind and do
it one step at a time I think breakfast it’s the easiest meal
for you to start with so start trying to implement healthy eating and your life because you don’t have to eat a lot you
could eat just a little bit breakfast in five minutes instead of stopping at McDonald’s Burger
King or wherever you usually go get breakfast from it’s so easy to just eat
like this and it’s okay to make smoothies but if you can get in the
habit of eating your veggies raw you get additional benefits from eating raw the
chewing for your teeth helps you see that’s not hard a two leaves a kale
hey positive luck banger quick kale is such an acquired taste
not really you guys you have to try it I think you guys have mental blocks when
it comes to certain foods it is bitter to me no even with a banana
either with a banana mmm I’m just gonna take this tomato I had a knife in here
and then I went put it up mmm you did with a banana
it’s a mate Oh an apple you could do it kill is one of the most beneficial
vegetables that you could eat so you really need to get used to kale and
implement it in your diet mm-hmm Wow I don’t add any salt or pepper to my
vegetables I could just eat it just like this YUM mm-hmm wow this tastes so good
I want you to learn a new appreciation for the things that God created for us mmm this is so delicious this is gonna
be all I eat this morning we’re gonna eat me a few pumpkin seed Wow that was
so good I’m gonna eat me a few pumpkin seeds I usually just put Simon upon my hands
pumpkin seeds have a lot of benefits and vitamins and we got a lot of different benefits
and I body this morning all of the foods that we’ve eaten this morning are gonna
work for our body and help us stay regular so you haven’t issues with
constipation or anything like that eating more fruits and vegetables is
gonna help you loosen up your bowels get the stuff regulated and flowing we got
out to steal water so because it’s a hydrate it and we’ve given our body
everything we need this morning so right just get the juices flowing baby so hey
man please don’t mention any other names in
my life please are you eating a healthy salad where my
mind’s jaz-o my mind me sleeping this time of morning thank you
positive muck banger anybody come in here mentioning anybody else in my life
you’re gonna get blocked please partake in the conversation that we’re having
this morning we don’t care about anything else is going on uh so you guys this morning do y’all
have like any questions or any conversation you want to have about
healthy eating and trying to get yourself back on track I’m probably
gonna pull up a few videos on the benefits of a few things that we ate
this morning I want y’all to hear the benefits please don’t keep an Emmy
please don’t keep typing the same thing YouTube is considering that to be spam are you supposed to do meat this week or
no um I was gonna do seven days of no me but I think I’m just gonna kind of wing
it I think I’m just gonna kind of wing it I know there be no meat for breakfast
there’ll be no meat for breakfast but I’m just gonna kind of wing it cuz you
wanna have a balance and you know maybe I’ll do the seven-day healthy breakfast
cuz I want to get people on board with me to start eating like me along with me
so maybe I’ll just start off with the breakfast trying to get people to eat
healthy breakfast with me and get them used to trying different fruits and
vegetables raw and maybe better help them cuz if I just jump all the way in
then people are gonna be like oh it’s too much of a struggle for me but I’m
just gonna show you guys how I do it how I enjoy my fruits and vegetables I am
really a fruits and vegetables lover like this is my preferred meal it’s
fruits and vegetables and I’m sure I’m gonna have some meals that are probably
gonna have meeting in this week but for the most part the breakfast is are not
gonna have any meat in them I just want you guys to get up early in the morning
wake up put something in your body that’s gonna give you some fuel for the
day and they help your mind you know we’re feeding when we eat you guys what
you guys need to realize when we’re when we eat we’re feeding our minds we’re
feeding our souls we’re feeding our bones we’re feeding our teeth we’re
feeding blood sales and if you’re not eating
anything nutritious then you’re not giving your mind your blood cells you’re
not giving them anything to continue to produce healthiness and that’s why
you’re finding yourself sick because you’re not feeding your when you eat
you’re not just feeding your mouth you’re feeding your body and when you
don’t feed your body anything nutritious then your body doesn’t have anything to
function and operate on properly so you are what you eat I miss Lisa say I’m
gonna do it tasty and she said okay a little meat just start as slow and
steady as you can do what you can let’s do the breakfast team you know
implementing breakfast in our lives let me see what y’all seen so while I’m
sitting here talking to y’all and every morning if you want to I’m yeah my alarm
goes off at 6:00 every morning but that don’t mean that’s what time I get up
because sometimes I don’t go to bed until about that time I didn’t get up at
6:00 this morning even though my lawn was 6 but I do want to come live in the
morning when I’m scheduling a regular video it comes out at 6:00 in the
morning but let me know do y’all like when I put
the videos out or do you like when I come live which one you you would prefer
cuz if I put the videos out then they will come out at 6:00 in the morning but
if I go live in the morning then it’s gonna be different times so let me know
yeah I prefer the lives in the morning for me to eat the food line or to just
film a video for you and make it come out at 6:00 in the morning tasty you should like you suck
sound like my grandson when he sleeps snoring ah that wasn’t me snoring you
guys something to say uh is that a grapefruit no that’s an orange it doesn’t matter as long as we see you
anything you put out but I will definitely watch but do I want them yeah
I want me to come live but y’all want a video in the morning which do you prefer I’m in as well I’ll start today Thank
You positive must banger either way is fine I like the interaction more though
I’m with Lisa’s in lol live live life okay Sabrina say I am here since
yesterday love you channel thank you so you guys
I’m gonna pull up a couple of videos let’s watch or listen to some videos on
the benefits of teal you guys kale I’m tellin y’all y’all got to implement heel
into your diet you have to like you are missing out on so many essential
vitamins and minerals by not eating heel I thought they were gonna talk okay too much magnesium copper sometimes
comes in purple you can have a smooth early appearance it’s part of the
cabbage family and it’s related to broccoli Brussels sprouts taste the
benefits of kale high in antioxidants lowers cholesterol helped eyesight has
four and a half times the amount of vitamin C than its spinach a single cup
of raw kale actually contains more vitamin C than orange there are many
ways to eat kale you can saute it or add it in salads you can bake it with some
salt for some kale chips and you can definitely add it in a smoothie so it’s
very versatile click the card here or the link in the description for the
playlist of all the other fruits vegetables and vitamins that we’re going
to be covering here on the fitness radar don’t forget to subscribe then hit the
bell next to it to receive updates for when we post new videos until next time
stay focused stay fit please hit that like button and show your support and also some cooking and preparation
techniques this one is gonna change your mind I promise you don’t have to try can
you guys kill people work all these different types to choose from
and the reason being is because they were selectively bred for certain
qualities whether it be for taste texture or you know being able to
withstand certain environments so the Italians developed this one this one is
called bliss in Tokyo also sometimes called Tuscan kale often referred to as
Dino or dinosaur kale so this kale could withstand the superhot temperatures that
they have in Italy and it’s also really good at keeping its structure in suits
making this perfect for minestrone soup which it’s actually one of the classic
and traditional ingredients in Italian minestrone soup so there’s two stories
about how a dino kale got its name and I couldn’t really find the right answer
but it’s either for its dinosaur skin the link bumps on the they have
different kinds of kale you guys so maybe Yanni could you try a middle piece
of each kale I don’t use lettuce anymore I use kale and myself as I mentioned
lots of different righties lots of colors lots of different flavors and
textures however yeah I don’t I don’t eat lettuce anymore unless it comes in a
premade salad I make my own sound roads near his house in the hopes that
the bees would come along and cross pollinate them with some other plants
and weeds in the area this guy loved B so much he was quoted saying I love
working with bees they will do amazing things you have never good enough so the
bees went to work and with the help of Tim the farmer they actually did create
some new varieties of kale some colorful varieties some red kale that he’d never
seen before and he got them into grocery stores and
that’s when kale really started to take off once there was some more variety and
colors to choose from so I think that checks history and let’s move into a plant that can bind to minerals like
iron and calcium and inhibit their absorption so the fact that these are
low in oxalates and high nutrients is definitely a bonus when it comes to food so it has vitamins for the eyes Wow coma anti-cancer compounds help our body deal
with oxidative stress helping the ward off conditions like cancer and other
diseases popular broccoli cult so for thing and that is definitely in kale but
kale has tons of other ones in it has over 40 other glucosinolates that will
help our body to ward off cancer and other oxidative stresses however the
more of these anti-cancer compounds are in it so the list until kale has up to
10 times more than some of the more like lighter broadleaf varieties I’ll put a
picture up the dark has a killed the better it’s not so much of an issue
nowadays so what a Trojan is is a compound that blocks up taking so we
know that it doesn’t stimulate a hormone to actually start growing that thyroid
bigger so that it has more surface area to uptake more minerals hopefully iodine
however as you can imagine if you have some iodine in your diet this is not a
problem at all so unless you’re eating absolutely massive amounts of kale and
other cruciferous vegetables and not taking in any iodine it should not be an
issue so I need to concentrate on all of us need different things I need to
concentrate on cook kale and then the recipe that I
have for you guys so as you know there’s so many different ways that you can cook
with kale of course you can eat it raw but that can be very hard to chew and it
can be hard on the digestive Jackson’s kale has such thick cell walls let’s see
which foods give you more iron because I need more no iodine is any more natural sources of iodine let’s check
this up she’s not speaking English okay let me
check this out anybody know foods that give iodine in
the periodic table the thyroid gland located in your neck uses iodine to
produce a variety of hormones thyroid hormones control your metabolism and
other body functions iodine deficiency can affect mental and physical abilities
in both a developing fetus as well as children and adults the u.s. RDA for
iodine varies with age and for women who are lactating or pregnant the amount
ranges from 90 micrograms for children one to eight years to 290 micrograms for
breastfeeding teens and women a multivitamin supplement usually includes
iodine and this one for adults provides 100% of the u.s. RDA some iodine
supplement sold online can provide dangerously high levels exceeding eight
thousand percent of the u.s. RDA there are serious health risks
with taking too much iodine as a result safe upper limits for iodine have been
established too much iodine can also interfere with some prescription
medications most Americans can be assured of getting enough iodine in
their diet by using iodized salt the best sources of iodine are seafood and
fish seaweed dietary products breads and cereals fruits and vegetables and
iodized salt while many prepared foods are high in salt and sodium they can be
low in iodine some foods containing gut regions may interfere with how your body
uses iodine these foods are primarily soy and soy products and cruciferous
vegetables unless you have iodine deficiency you should not avoid soy and
cruciferous vegetables next are 21 common foods that are good sources of
iodine bananas cheese tuna eggs pasta ice cream cottage cheese
I love cottage cheese shrimps baked custard banana bread milk pasta peas shrimp bread
iodized salt yogurt custards seaweed seaweed I probably need to go to the
dollar store today you guys and check out some different vitamins
good morning gamer three Lisa say cottage cheese is yummy I love me some
cottage cheese game of three say baked potatoes yogurt plain yogurt hard-boiled
eggs I’m telling them to you shrimp seaweed
who was in here last night in on the nest of my life my journey I think we
were talking about pink salts who was talking about the pink salt last night so the darker the kale the better yes
but they say all kill is good for you but the darker the kale the more
vitamins and minerals is going to have Leeson say she don’t care for lettuce
iceberg lettuce you guys has no nutritional value in it people think oh
I’m eating lettuce and it’s healthy for me but iceberg lettuce have no
nutritional value it’s just like pretty much drinking a glass of water with no
nutritional value Spencer say is pink hydrogenated salt is the best
ditch that Ida and salt so who was talking about the pink salt last night
cuz they had a lot of information about the pink salt let me look at it
I mean look a pink pink salt it’s expensive gets harvested by
drilling the rock face pink soul could only be found in very
few places from the Murray River in Australia to marys in Peru but the
supply is far from limited the majority of pink salt mines in the world are in
Pakistan at the base of the Himalayas and the care was sold by an in Pakistan
produces 350,000 tonnes per year is different a lot of people say it has
healing properties small hint of something having a promise
can get blown out of proportion especially when it comes to the media
especially in terms of beautiful looking items and I think pink salt of course is
a lot more appealing people but when you compare it to your regular white salt it is a luxury salt and global soul
consumption is forecast to be worth 14 point 1 billion by 2020 so this it
tastes any better for the price because I know it’s tastes nicer as much I
couldn’t really tell too much for difference between them to be honest
photos of cooking with them putting them in this dish I probably wouldn’t be able
to tell the difference between them it just kind of tastes like there’s one
other big thing that’s led to Pink’s old popularity Instagram pictures of
something so some people are saying it sounds like they’re saying that is not
really that much of a big deal I’m speaking it on watermelons sometimes not
expensive at all positive are things you say yes
Sam’s has a big grinder bottle of pink salt for about five to six dollars we
buy it from the grocery store it’s cheap at Marshall’s and home goods
oh they have the pink salt and more commercials
I forgot who it was don’t forget them poems you need them
oh yeah I like some poems – someone was saying pink salt is good in your water me and someone else I use pink salt okay you guys well I just want to come
to you with a quick mukbang I’m probably gonna be live later on Vanessa my life
my journey I want to make the tasty sauce today some I’m gonna talk to you
guys later thank you so much for tuning in and
joining me for my breakfast this morning I love you guys I appreciate every
single one of you don’t forget to thumbs up the video leave lots of comments down
below don’t forget to press the subscribe button turn on a notification
bill and here always when you turn on a notification bill and be sure to come
back for another video so you can see but tasty much bang
tasty mukbang tasty tasty tasty mukbang eats y’all when you see what y’all see
just now they are comparing it to the regular cost of iodine salt which makes
it expensive I love you guys and I will talk to you guys later enjoy your day bye now thanks for

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  1. yes, here's a list of foods high in iodine: pink Himalayan salt, sea salt, strawberries, spinach, cranberries, seaweed {kelp, nori, kombu} broccoli, fennel, watercress, coconut oil, kidney beans, potatoes, oats, soybeans, almonds, lentils, figs, Quinoa, lentils, eggs, navy beans, turkey breast, fish {sardine, salmon, cod, tuna} oysters, baked potatoes, yogurt, turkey, shrimp, organic corn, green peas, dried prunes, bananas, pineapple, raw organic cheese, raw milk, lobster, sea vegetables, scallops.

    Those are a few high in iodine. <3

  2. otc (over the counter) vitamins are mainly just fillers. pink Himalayan salt and or sea salt, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, leafy greens, potatoes, raw cheese and milk are essential to get adequate vitamins and minerals.

  3. pink Himalayan and/or sea salt is essential and has all beneficial minerals we need, regular iodized table salt isn't good for us. we need to eat foods/salt (pink or sea salt) rich in iodine to get adequate benefits from it. pink salt is very healing.

  4. don't buy the salt that comes in the plastic grinders (the plastic particles from grinding it, gets in the food). I buy the already ground pink Himalayan salt. i buy mine off amazon. I also buy the 5lb bags of sea salt.

  5. I love these kinds of videos. I believe the body can heal itself if we eat right. Do you have any specific videos on foods to eat for heart health? Great video Tasty👍

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