10 Shocking Elegance Mistakes In Breakfast At Tiffany’s

10 Shocking Elegance Mistakes In Breakfast At Tiffany’s

10 shocking elegance mistakes that
happened in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Can you believe it? That movie is one of the most sophisticated
and elegant movies out there. How could Audrey Hepburn do this to us?
Find out in this video. My dear elegant ladies, welcome back
to another video. Believe it or not, there are many elegance mistakes happening
that I really think that we could learn from. If you watch until the end, you will also find out the true reason
to why I am making this video today. I want to jump straight into my
number one, the walk of shame, going home after a night out, doing the walk of shame in the morning. But I’m also talking about the walk of
shame that a lot of ladies who might find it difficult to know when to say stop. And they might end up going home like
Audrey Hepburn does here at dawn, when it’s light outside, when the postman is out delivering the
morning newspaper or people are getting dressed to go to work. Being out so late, it’s maybe not the most elegant thing we
can do to ourselves and it’s not really a nice sight. If you have a look here, doesn’t this just looks
a little bit odd to you, doesn’t all her elegance appearance just
vanished out of that door when you see that this does not look aligned with
this lady’s beautiful appearance? And then she’s there walking home early
morning and God knows where she’s been. I always say, go home when the party is at it’s best
and people don’t understand what I mean. I basically mean, leave
before the place gets empty, leave before people start to leave.
You want to be one of the first to leave, not one of the last. Number two and I am going to talk about
this iconic scene of Audrey Hepburn eating her breakfast
in front of Tiffany’s. She’s pulling out this
coffee in the paper cup. Paper cup coffee is not elegant. I’ve said it. Sophisticated people in certain parts
of the world are not drinking paper cup coffee. There are certain cultures that do like
paper cup coffee and I’m sorry to say but it’s not very elegant. Coffee should be enjoyed in the
proper porcelain cup, sitting down, not walking around, not rushing around, not thinking that you are Sex In The City chic
by having a Starbucks in your hand. That is not elegant. So Audrey
is definitely not being elegant here. And then she’s pulling out this croissant,
eating it on the street, walking, eating, drinking coffee.
What is that about? Ladies, this is not elegant and our society
is so fast-paced today that actually, I think this is pretty
normal for New York City. So also pretty normal for London.
I can tell you one thing. I have lived in many different countries
and I’ve also traveled quite a lot in my life, and you can really see
in what places this is acceptable. And you can notice that in
certain other cultures and places, this is not acceptable whatsoever.
There’s nothing sophisticated about it. So one of the things you should really
stop doing is to eat on the street and drink on the go. Now number three,
this is very random and first of all, who drinks milk these days? I hope nobody. Milk is not really chic to
drink because cow milk? Eeew! But what actually lacks class in this
scene is that she serves herself milk in a champagne coupe. This really shows
laziness. This really shows that maybe, she’s not educated. You really need to
serve the drink in the correct glass. If you’re going to drink milk, then
you pour it in a regular glass. If you’re going to drink champagne and
pour it in a champagne glass or champagne coupe. Now, number four, oversharing
personal information to a stranger. She had just met her neighbor. He had to come into her house
because he needed something. He stayed for a few minutes extra and
they started to have a conversation. And then she goes into such incredible detail
about her life and some random story that actually would make a
stranger feel pretty awkward. And having good manners is about not
making other people feel awkward. That’s why we don’t want
to be oversharing. Well, actually not only
because of that reason, we also don’t want to be
oversharing because we don’t want to put ourselves
in a difficult position. When you overshare,
you always shoot yourself in the foot. Things will backfire at some point.
Now, number five, and this came a bit like a shock
when I saw it the first time. All of a sudden, Audrey Hepburn
from being this sophisticated, confident woman goes
into becoming this man. Why would she do that and why would
she also do it in front of another man? He truly looked shocked and I just really
did not think that this serves her, doesn’t serve her appearance.
She’s wearing a beautiful hat, this gorgeous outfit.
She looks incredibly elegant. And then she does a move like that. And I see this happen so many times with
women who can look incredibly chic and they look so put together, and then they
start doing something or act somehow masculine, or do some
form of quite severe elegance mistakes that make you
feel quite shocked. And you can see a very strong
dis-alignment from what it is that they’re portraying to how they actually are. And what we want to achieve is that we
want to have a balanced alignment so that people are not thinking, Oh, I have
a positive impression on this lady. And then the next second,
you know what? I was wrong. Number six. This is where her neuroticism
comes into play because Holly Golightly, all of a sudden, climbs into this stranger’s
house while okay, it’s a neighbor. She’s being very intrusive. She is
catching him in a very awkward moment, when he’s laying in bed naked. I think he probably had just sex with
his woman who left his apartment. So she climbs in, totally puts him at surprise being
intrusive and just forces her way into his apartment, without any
form of invitation. Again, we don’t want to make people feel awkward
and we want to make people feel good in our company. Why put
somebody in the spot like this? This is not a correct behavior.
It’s not acting with manners. I also think it looks
a little bit desperate. It’s certainly not elegant to
look desperate. Now number seven, she puts her legs up
while smoking indoors. Why would you put your legs
up on the table as a lady? Ladies don’t do that. What if he can have
a peak in what’s going on down there? Really, nobody puts their legs on the
table, not even a man, not even a woman, not even a child. That’s just bad
manners and quite unhygienic. Now, number eight. Again, this is where we
can see she’s a little bit neurotic, gets into bed with a totally random
stranger because he’s still a stranger. They’ve known each other for less than
24 hours and she seems vulnerable so she needs some TLC of a man,
let’s put it that way. So she gets into bed with him and she
also asks if she can get into bed with him. What can we say? An elegant lady
will definitely not do this. Women like that do actually exist
and they are quite huntresses. They’re not shy to invite themselves
into men and the company of a man. Women like that can actually be quite
successful sometimes in the elite social scene, but I know from experience, having seen
these type of women that they oftentimes don’t get a very positive impression, like a long-lasting positive
impression with a man. A woman who maybe also makes herself
a bit like an easy target this way that she invites her into bed with a man, makes a man just write her off
as an easy lay. Not everybody, but a majority, I mean primal
instincts, primal minds, men are very primal in that sense. They need a more difficult woman so women
shouldn’t be doing a move like this. This is a big no, no, and
a big elegant no as well. Number nine, so here, she’s throwing a party in her
apartment and there’s loads of people, and she has invited her
neighbor to come over. Her neighbor thought that they were
just going to meet two of them, which is okay, fine. She didn’t give him enough explanation
on the invitation to what he was actually invited to. She doesn’t even open the door. Some random guests open the door and this
is really bad hostessing because when you are in your
own residence hosting, you always have to welcome
your guests yourself. So the host and the hostess has
to welcome their own guests. You cannot just like be doing
other things and running around, and having your guests arrive and being
a little bit lost and kind they have to figure things out by themselves. So this is really bad
manners and as you can see, she’s like still getting ready and I mean, who is still getting ready when
you have a full house of people? That’s just bad time management.
Number 10 and the last one. But this is actually going to have
two elegance mistakes in the one. First of all, why are these people drinking
champagne or alcohol in paper cups? Very unelegant You definitely want to serve your guests
with proper glasses and if you have to serve champagne in plastic, make it at least a plastic
champagne glass and so on. I’m not really pro plastic here so
it’s better if you serve in crystal. Let it break if needed but at least, you are being the most elegant
hostess that you can be. But now, this point was actually not
only about the paper cups, this was about her setting fire
to a hat with her cigarette. And it’s about being so neglectless,
about being so kind of carefree, and being so full up in your head that you actually not noticing
what’s going around you. And there are people like that and those
types can be quite frustrating to deal with. Smoking indoors is already
not very elegant and then, you don’t know what’s going on
with your cigarettes that you’re setting fire to something. That does not say
elegance to me whatsoever. A lot of elegance and etiquette mistakes
happened in this movie. Actually, the picture we have of Audrey Hepburn
in this movie, this sophisticated, elegant, incredibly chic woman is actually
not acting that way whatsoever. But I think, we really need
to understand one thing is that nobody is perfect in this world. Audrey Hepburn is not perfect.
I am not perfect. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is not perfect. We are all just humans and
humans always make mistakes, but I don’t want to strive for perfection, and I don’t think you
should do either. I think, we all should strive for improving those
things that are really holding us back, those things that are sabotaging for us. But I don’t think we
should become obsessed, perfectionist that everything has
to be exactly perfect and this way. Otherwise, we are trashy,
we are not elegant, we are bad people and so on and that’s
not what I want to teach on this channel. I would hate for spreading a message
that we all have to be these picture-perfect little ladies, all clones of each other with zero
personality because we all have to be so perfect. And that’s the thing,
when you are not being perfect, you are actually giving
yourself a little bit of charm, a little bit of personality,
a little bit of spice sometimes. So I think it would be quite good to
cut ourselves some slack and then just enjoy the ride of what this
elegant life gives us. And ladies, if you want to learn more
about being a good guest, then watch my video on guest etiquette
so that you know how to behave when you arrive to someone’s home.
Now I will see you in that video.

100 thoughts on “10 Shocking Elegance Mistakes In Breakfast At Tiffany’s

  1. This is a different approach to the movie but I understand your point however the character itself it's only pretending to be elegant. Still love the movie and her mistakes. On the sex and city point who is your favorite character Anna? I would guess Charlotte

  2. Audrey as Holly Golightly is constantly being presented in the press as the last word in elegance, but they are totally missing the point and have obviously not seen the movie or read the book. Holly is an uneducated girl from a tiny hick town who runs away to New York, tries really hard to reinvent herself as a classy, elegant woman and is constantly getting it wrong. She is also quite a bit crazy. That is the point of the story and where a lot of the charm comes from. I am quite sure that Truman Copote never intended her to become a role model when he wrote it. That’s a very scary thought.

  3. Porcelain cup=like ❤️👌🏻 we have to stop and enjoy our coffee or tea ,life is too short to drink it on a hurry ☕️

  4. I really dislike eating in the street. To each their own but no!😖 however culture has something to say here. In Europe, having food and drink to go is described as having it "the English way ". Although I think we inherited it from the States.

  5. I don’t want to put this out there, but when talking about breakfast at Tiffany’s a lot of people believe Holly is a callgirl.

  6. I have never thought this movie was classy at all!…just because she was dress classy, and very elegant doesn't mean she was elegant at all …she looks like she is trying to hard to look elegant….this movie was boring to me.

  7. These elegance mistakes were intentionally curated by the filmmakers and essential to presenting Holly’s less-than high society roots seeping through a wannabe facade. I also believe her seemingly rebellious behaviour towards etiquette is what many may have unfortunately admired, especially at a time in the early 60s in which the idealism of women in society was at the cusp of a revolution. The icon that this film is, has shaped which ways women aspire to be. These traits are still reflected in lead women roles of films today, where being rebellious is to be strong and independent, and being carefree is daring ambitious. As women, it relates to how we wouldn’t dare to behave in such a way, so seeing someone else do it is oddly encouraging us to be braver and bolder.

  8. I think all your points are 100% valid—but hopefully people get that and your message is not lost in your delivery, which is dissecting a fictional character played by a much beloved legend of elegance.

  9. Dressing pretty and elegant goes way better with behaving wisely and decently. Totally agree about leaving the parties or any occasions earlier .
    Less headache for everyone.
    Thanks Anna you made me smile today
    Much love from
    Amman Jordan 🇯🇴😇💗

  10. Hi, I like your videos, they inspire me… I write you from Belgium, I speak french… I just wanted to say that may be the mistakes were done in purpose… it is a movie after all… May be this has nothing to do with Audrey… I don't Know what her name was in the movie… It is good that you pull out the mistakes… but feel like you connect them to the real Audrey and her image …

  11. By the way I want alsoto thank you for your work and the good things you are sharing and teaching, best regards, Carmen

  12. This is a movie about LouLou May; not an instructional VLOG. Since she likes to have breakfast at Tiffany’s, it has to be take-away coffee and croissant. Because she reveals that Tiffany’s is her refuge (away from bad experiences), we understand that her social techniques are not always producing the results she wants. Her character is adorable and in the end GeorgePeppard loves her!

  13. I didn’t know drinking coffee on a paper cup is not elegant 🙈 I sometimes stop by Starbucks and take the Coffee with me while going to work. Well that’s the only thing I have done out of the ten mistakes. Thank you Anna for the tip ❤️

  14. Anna, you look so good in pastels. You are an "air" type, so pastels are your go to colors in the Dressing/Live Your Truth style program. Your lighting is very complimentary too.

  15. I think the scenes you point out are what make the movie funny. She has no idea what she’s doing, and that’s what makes the film and the story endearing, timeless and humorous. That such an elegant woman could pull off a part like this speaks volumes about her acting skills. She didn’t lower herself by making such a movie, she played the role beautifully and proved herself to be a marvellous actress, worthy of our praise. Without those ridiculous scenes, the movie wouldn’t have done Truman Capote’s story justice. Having said that, taking this movie and pulling it apart was actually a really creative idea, and while I never would have sipped milk from a champagne glass, I will think twice about carrying a paper coffee cup around town! I do love your channel, even with this slight critique. I hope I stated it kindly and with consideration because I admire you and what you do! ❤️

  16. Milk and dairy are quintessentially European, especially for cultures that make the best of food (French, Italian) so yes, drinking milk is elegant, has an innocent tinge to it and will be forever ok 🙂

  17. Anna wasn’t criticising the movie, the actress (Audrey) either the character (Holy). She’s using it to give us example of not elegant things that people do and that is actually fantastic. Thank you, Anna

  18. Lol……oh THAT walk of shame….I think we’ve all been there. I remember running home barefoot with my heels in hand trying to get home before someone saw me. HOWEVER I think this movie is a big middle finger to what was expected of women back in the day. I understand this video but I feel like it should be common sense.

  19. Hello,,,, I still drink milk; don't you 'eeewww' me. It's not elegant 😂😂😂. But, what do you have against milk? I truly enjoyed the lessons, and would like to watch the movie. I am an Audrey Hepburn fan, and probably the mistakes were deliberate. But, more videos like these. It brings to light the lessons that you are teaching. Thanks

  20. To me, this movie was a letdown. I was expecting a romantic, lady-like comedy. Instead, it was nothing like that. Audrey Hepburn's character acted trashy around men (mainly with George Peppard) and not lady-like at all. So, everyone seems to think this movie is so great, but I didn't get that.

  21. You know…I am from another country. I arrived in the United States in 1993. A few years later I watched this movie just because I heard so much about the character and how elegant she was. LOL! When I watched the movie I thought, she is no elegant at all. What are they talking about? This movie is a great example of trying to be elegant without knowledge. Now if you are not sure of What is not elegant? Just watch Sex in the City. Those girls do everything wrong. I love to watch it just for good laughs and fashion.

  22. Some mistakes mentioned would have been mistakes now but were not back then. E.i. everyone including pregnant women used to smoke indoors, or drink milk

  23. I think you missed the point of this film. Holly is not supposed to be someone to look up to, shes a mess as you pointed out. But she is loveable sorta like a silly younger sister. If you admire her, you def missed the point. I dont think that was the filmmakers intent anyway. PS i cracked up about the milk comment. No one should be drinking milk. Agreed.

  24. The cow's milk part! I totally agree. Who, in this day and time, drinks milk designed for a baby cow? Only people who buy into the American Dairy Farmer's campaign of "milk does a body good" or that offensive milk mustache. Milk is so damaging to the body, especially bones as it is highly acidic.

  25. You so need to realise that breakfast at Tiffany’s Iowa’s made in 1961( 59 years ago) and some things may have been a little different back then. Yes some of there’s may be true but others may not have been quite so true of the time. Also this is just a movie and things may be done differently to real life because of it being a movie.

  26. I've never considered that movie or the main character as elegant. She is a party girl. You lost me at the coffee cup. I guess I'm not that sophisticated. Lol I will not stop taking nice walks with a cup of coffee in the name of elegence.

  27. Hello ladies! I believe Anna understands the point of Breakfast At Tiffany's, she is just using the mistakes Audrey's character makes in the movie as examples for us to learn from and for real life application. Anna is right about the lessons though, ladies, so listen to her!! Smoking is never elegant, indoors or out, and lung cancer certainly isn't!!!! Also, it is very true what she said about the types of women that would "crawl into a man's home in the middle of the night", the type of woman that really gets a man's attention by being overtly sexual with no boundaries. They DO get the men's attention, but only for the night if you know what I mean.

  28. She puts her legs up in her own house 😅 shocking!
    I'm sorry Anna, I really love watching your videos but you should be aware of the fact that this is just a film. What is more, all those ' elegance mistakes' are shown in the film to exaggerate the ridiculousness of the character. I appreciate the message of this video, but this film and Audrey's ACTING has nothing to do with that 🙏❤️

  29. Certainly true that this is not a lady’s behavior, but the way she does the most unacceptable things… is simply adorable

  30. I think choosing a movie with actual mistakes would've been better accepted from the audience. Because everything you're pointing out were actually done on purpose, part of the movie, necessary for the character.
    I know what your goal is but still I feel this is not necessarily the most efficient way to make the point come accross well

  31. You are right, in real world that all will be style and behavior mistakes, but in this movie it makes very interesting combination of character:-)

  32. We all know that Holly was an escort and didn't know how to be elegant but Anna is using the movie and the character to point out "the mistakes" so we can learn from them

  33. Hi, those we're the 60 ' s if I am not mistaken…and the film was not about elegance . Allthough Audrey is iconic in regard of her dressing and that IS elegant ! Her behaviour is not
    a few times, but I guess that is the issue of the film director who wanted to provoc and create
    a contrast. Greetings Conny

  34. Anna, just wondering…you mention how important is to be an educated person. Can I ask in what field you hold the masters degree?

  35. I think the whole point of the incongruence is to alert the viewer that she is not who she appears to be. Dressed like a lady acts like a farm hand. 😆

  36. I can't agree with you on the milk. Milk might be ewww in your opinion, but raw milk is incredibly healthy (providing vitamin A, vitamin D, enzymes and so on) and delicious. Buying organic milk is the best for the cow and the healthiest.

  37. It's a wonderful film, but it is not elegant at all. In the film she is kind of a "company lady", a high "standard worker of love" (you know what i mean, right?). To be honest, is a rude idea with a beautiful production.

  38. Omggg fav movie i've seen 59 times or more. I was just watching it an hour ago !!! So happy to see you decided to show the mistakes about elegance we see in this movie

  39. Shows what a good performance this was. Audrey was portraying a wannabe/phony and everything she did was incorrect or unladylike, once no one (or just her neighbor) was looking.

  40. I liked this video Anna, you could definitely make this a series!!! It's entertaining and educational at the same time, such a good combination!💕
    I think that Audrey's character was like that on purpose in this movie though. I am pretty sure they wanted to point out the fact that she was a girl from the farm who was trying to get into high society. BUT, you give advice on how we should avoid those mistakes in real life…
    By the way, I love your shirt Anna😍
    Could you or any other elegant lady here tell me where is it from? I am pretty sure I can't afford it right now but I would like to know…
    PS: Coffee on the go is a MUST for university students. I unfortunately don't have the time to sit down and drink my cup of coffee properly😕

  41. So many people are missing the point of this video. Obviously audrey’s character was not meant to be perfectly elegant. I‘m pretty sure Anna realizes this…she is simply pointing out elegance mistakes to use as examples to educate her viewers 🤦‍♀️

  42. Holly is a paid escort. A Givenchy dress doesn't change that. There is no such thing as an elegant or high class woman who pursues men for economic gain. She is a sad character as she tries to escape her lower class background to be an upper class elegant woman. It is a nuanced story as is life. I do get your point about what is not elegant, but elegance is not just appearance.

  43. Using this movie to describe mistakes made in elegance is a wonderful idea! It's like the character Holly Golightly was made for this type of critique. 
    I just wish–and judging from the comments here I'm not the only one–that you had made efforts in the actual video to distinguish the character Holly Golightly from Audrey Hepburn, even taking a moment to describe who her character was (can't assume all of your viewers have seen this classic!) and what she was trying to achieve. Then the points made would be an excellent lesson on why the character Holly wasn't achieving her goals as well as she might, easily translating to your own lessons.
    I personally get what you were trying to do here, but to assume all viewers should just get the point assumes all viewers have both seen the movie and have seen your other videos. This could easily pull in some hate from Audrey and/or Breakfast at Tiffany's fans that don't know anything about you otherwise.

  44. Well this movie is about a broke girl with am expensive taste leaving is america. Yes she has no manners or etiquette but she likes to dress nice and that's ok. I know she is annoying this is not an elegant movie is just a movie with a catching title. I've only seen it once amd that was enough.

  45. First I loved your look in this video..so elegant and you look gorgeous
    Secondly I loved the idea of this video..please keep doing this and we all support you here..love from the overseas❤❤😘

  46. I feel so sad to see the amount of negative comments you get on your channel Anna. This video was extremely informative & helpful to teach elegance & proper etiquettes. Common sense clearly isn't so common. Love these tips as usual, keep up the great work 😘

  47. Even with all those mistakes, Holly is still a thousand times more elegant than the vulgar/sexy “Kardashians” type of today.

  48. Hi Anna. If you do a similar review in the future, best to refer to the character by the character's name (Holly) rather than the actor. XO

  49. Audrey was a Baroness and a gazelle inside and out – she could put if with all those things easily. But just she. Not the people who would just copy her.

  50. Audrey Hepburn makes everything elegant. She is an escort in the movie and makes being an escort elegant. It is crazy to apply your comments to such a brilliant and gracious lady.

  51. I believe topics and ideas such a class and elegance are relative. Meaning it’s about opinion, not talking about this more but just in general. What is classy to you may not be classy to others. That’s just how the world we live in today works.

  52. Don't you realize that the ENTIRE point of the movie is that she's a troubled call girl. She's dressed gorgeous but she's NOT supposed to be elegant really. She's a cal girl

  53. It's just a movie..a make believe. It's not as if Audrey Hepburn will do it in real life. Part of elegance is knowing the difference from what is make believe and real. And anyway she's so believable in that movie; the reason for its being unforgettable.
    One comment I read here is correct. Audrey's beauty in real life is a given. She doesn't have to resort to surgery or intervention to look beautiful.

  54. Ugh, everyone Anna isn’t being a movie critic. She’s using this as an example. Us girls, sometimes things go over our heads ….lol. What Anna is talking about has nothing to do with this movie!

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