14 Common Insulin Resistance Treatments That Stops Your Weight Loss & May Hurt You

14 Common Insulin Resistance Treatments That Stops Your Weight Loss & May Hurt You

Fourteen insulin resistance treatments
that could make things worse
if we don’t understand the mechanisms
and what insulin resistance is and what
the treatment does then the treatment
could actually make things worse it can
make it harder to lose weight it could
make us more insulin resistant and it
could promote metabolic syndrome leading
to all the complications of
cardiovascular disease and stroke and so
forth today we’re going to explore these
topics so that you understand it and you
can decide what’s right for you coming
right up
I’m dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor and
a former Olympic decathlete and if you
want to truly master health by
understanding how the body really works
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instantly resistance is a big deal the
majority of the population is insulin
resistant and if we don’t understand it
and it progresses it can or will lead to
diabetes which is the leading cause of
blindness amputation kidney failure and
a host of other problems so the
authorities are becoming more responsive
more aware of this and they’re promoting
campaigns to get people to get tested
and so that they can get the proper
treatment but what is proper treatment
that’s what we’re going to talk about
today so just want to read something
we’ll quick which kind of represents
what the mainstream thinks insulin
resistance is and I got this off of
endocrine web.com so it says what is
insulin resistance insulin resistance is
when cells in your muscles body fat and
liver starts resisting or ignoring the
signal that the hormone insulin is
trying to send out and the purpose of
insulin is to help the sugar from the
bloodstream into the cell of course so
here’s some interesting words start
resisting or ignoring that sounds
awfully random so now we need to decide
and try to understand is the body smart
stupid is it random or is it on purpose
does it do things for some reason or for
no reason so when we say start resisting
or ignoring that sounds kind of
willy-nilly it sounds like well you know
the the cells they’re just having a bad
day they don’t feel like dealing with
insulin today okay but nothing could be
further from the truth because the body
is incredibly intelligent it is
supremely intelligent it has infinite
intelligence built-in it processes a
billion bits of information every second
to try to orchestrate and regulate and
figure out exactly how to guide every
little process to its optimum in the
body there’s nothing random about it and
that’s the first thing that we have to
understand and then it goes on to say
that glucose also known as blood sugar
is the body’s main source of fuel for
those of you who have studied a little
bit of low carb and keto you know that
of course the main source of fuel is fat
and that you can live really well you
can live better on 75 80 % fat than you
can and majority carbohydrate but if you
don’t know that if you believe that
glucose is the main source of fuel now
we we have trouble because if you can’t
live on anything else how do you get rid
of it and it continues we get glucose
from grains fruits vegetables dairy
products and drinks that break down into
carbohydrates so again if we think
that’s the main source of fuel now we
think that grains fruits dairy and sweet
drinks are a necessity just because
that’s what humans have had an abundance
for a few generations we think that
normal well again that’s a fallacy it’s
a myth it’s a misconception and it goes
on to answer how insulin resistance
develops and it says while genetics
aging and ethnicity plays a role the
driving forces behind insulin resistance
include excess body weight
too much belly fat lack of exercise
smoking and even skimping on sleep no
mention of food no mention of
carbohydrates no mention of anything
that would raise blood sugar and here’s
where the problem is that we it’s such a
total disconnect between the mechanisms
and the expression of the problem so
let’s just look real quick at the
mechanisms of how how these things work
together so first we eat something we
digest the food it ends up in the
bloodstream and we increase our blood
glucose the food turns into blood
glucose then the insulin is there to
help the glucose into the cell and now
the cell has a few different options it
can use some of that fuel or it can
store some of that fuel and it can store
a little bit as glycogen that’s a
carbohydrate form of storage and when
those stores are full because they’re
very very tiny in comparison then the
rest gets converted to fat and stored as
fat so insulin is a fat storing hormone
it’s a storage hormone in general but
the end result the main thing it stores
is fat because that’s the body’s main
currency of long-term energy storage so
the key factors in how much insulin is
made and how much storage motion how
much force is in the in the storage of
this is the amount of carbs carbs drive
more insulin carbs stimulate more
insulin and it is the frequency with
which we eat the food so if you eat a
lot of carbs and you eat them frequently
now you’re gonna have a lot of insulin
very often to tell that cell to store
because anything it can’t use in the
moment it’s going to store and then when
the cell is full when it can’t store
anymore it says I don’t want any
I’m it’s developing insulin resistance
when we think that the cell just
randomly ignores the the signal then
we’re not thinking things through we
have to understand that if the cell says
no I don’t want anymore if it starts
ignoring if it starts resisting insulin
there’s a reason and the reason is that
the cell is full we have filled it too
much so the more carbs we eat and the
more often we eat the more blood sugar
we develop the more insulin we develop
the more insulin resistance we develop
so now we need to think back a little
bit and just ask ourselves so if blood
sugar is high which is the problem
according to medicine then how do we
reduce blood sugar and there’s only four
ways once the sugar is in the blood or
in general as far as having a certain
amount of sugar in the blood there’s
only four ways to reduce that amount of
sugar one is to cram the sugar from the
bloodstream into the cell that’s what
insulin does okay the more insulin we
can always give it so much insulin that
it just jam-packed that cell so we can
cram the the sugar into the cell that’s
one way of getting it out of the
bloodstream second we can convert it
into something else and that’s what also
happens when our triglycerides go up
it’s because the sugar is getting higher
but the cells don’t want it so now the
liver converts it into something else
it turns the sugar into triglycerides
the third way is that the blood sugar
goes so high that the kidneys can’t
reabsorb it anymore so it starts
spilling out into the urine so we can
pee out the sugar and the fourth way to
not have so much sugar in the blood is
the absolute most obvious a kid could
tell you and yet millions and millions
of people miss it are you ready
don’t put so much sugar in right it
sounds too simple but if we believe that
glucose is our main fuel and we have to
have grains and sweet drinks to survive
then then we have a problem but it is
the best possibility it’s the best
option don’t put so much in so now let’s
start looking at the treatments what
what do people what do people do what
people receive for treatment the
treatment the first option is called
metformin and metformin is the
first-line treatment first choice for
type 2 diabetics who are unable to
control their sugars through diet and
exercise alone that’s where they
mentioned diet that’s the first time
diet comes in but what’s a normal diet
what what diet are they trying to use to
control their blood sugar they’re trying
to control it with 300 grams of
carbohydrate every day half or more of
which is sugar so of course it’s not
going to work because they tell them to
eat most of their food as carbohydrate
and they tell them to eat 3 meals plus
snacks so there’s no possible way to
control it by diet if you think that’s
an appropriate diet and then I read at
e-medicine what the goal for this therapy
is the pharmacotherapy for insulin
resistance and for high blood sugar the
goal is to reduce morbidity that means
sickness that means symptoms and
problems they want to reduce symptoms
and problems and they want to reduce
complications associated with high blood
sugars and they say they use large
quantities of insulin are used to
overcome insulin resistance so what do
they mean by that when they say overcome
insulin resistance are they trying to
reverse insulin resistance to make the
cell become more imbalance more
sensitive or are they trying to overcome
it by cram
the cell full of more sugar by
increasing the insulin to get it out of
the bloodstream and into the cell and
making the problem worse
so the overcome in this sense is all
focused on blood sugar it’s not actually
reversing or overcoming insulin
resistance it’s only overcoming it’s
tricking or forcing the cell to accept
the glucose even though it doesn’t want
any and again if you think the body is
random or stupid that might seem like a
brilliant thing to do if the cell is
just randomly resisting insulin then hey
let’s step in and fix it let’s just help
this stupid cell along to do what it’s
supposed to do but if we understand the
body is intelligent now this becomes the
worst possible solution because the cell
is saying hey I don’t want it and we’re
just tricking or forcing it to accept
more and then they say treatment should
be aimed at restoring normal insulin
sensitivity and secretion so we’re going
to come back just a little bit but first
let’s look at the mechanisms of all
these drugs so like we said the first
drug of choice is metformin and what
does it do it increases insulin
sensitivity so it acts on the insulin
receptor and it makes it more open it
makes it more permeable it’s it tricks
or guides or persuades that receptor to
accept more glucose – to have insulin
have a stronger effect than it would
have without that drug so I’ll call that
when it increases insulin sensitivity
I’ll call it that the cell is being
tricked into accepting glucose all right
the other thing that metformin does and
this is maybe the only thing that we can
really argue for is it reduces the
gluconeogenesis of the liver so it
hinders it prevents
it tells the liver to don’t make
anymore sugar don’t develop more blood
glucose from the stores if you have some
glycogen or some other tissues where you
could pull glucose from then hold off on
that so in that sense it is the only
thing that is trying to control glucose
blood glucose without forcing it into
the cell okay but anytime that you try
to interfere once you try to to keep the
liver from doing something then we have
to ask ourselves how healthy is it to
try to prevent the liver from doing what
it thinks is right the second thing is
pure insulin that’s just what people
inject and I’ll call that crammed so the
first mechanism is to trick the cells
into accepting it and the second
mechanism is insulin which is just to
cram more of this glucose into the cell
against its will and the third drug on
the list is called Bydureon and it’s in
a class called glp-1 and what they do is
they trick another kind of receptor into
helping the pancreas make more insulin
and that’s the third mechanism so the
first one is to trick the receptor into
letting more in the second one is to use
insulin to force the glucose into the
cell and the third one is just to make
more insulin so that feeds back into
cram and this is all there is so I
looked up a list that said top eight
breakthrough diabetes treatments you may
have missed so I looked at the eighth
treatments and I listed those and that’s
from three to ten here and they’re all
they have different names and so this is
the glp-1 that increases insulin
production then we have something called
Humalog which is just another form of
insulin that is fast-acting so now it
helps cram earlier after the meal then
we have something called
which increases insulin sensitivity we
have something called Lantus which is
another form of insulin that is
long-acting so this lasts for up to 24
hours so it just means it’s slower to
kick in but then it keeps cramming for
the full 24 hours then we have Soliqua
which is a mix of something that cramps
for a long time and a glp-1 that
increases insulin sensitivity and then
you have another one that’s a
long-acting you have another one that is
a glp-1 and you have another one that’s
a glp-1 and some of these are
subcutaneous some are long-acting some
are mixed but they’re all the same stuff
they’re all acting to cram or trick or
push the body into making more insulin
and to get more stuff out of the
bloodstream and into the cell and in
doing that we are making insulin
resistance worse because the moment that
we back off on the drugs then that cell
is finally left alone and it has way too
much fuel to burn so now it is more
insulin resistant than ever but then we
have some people who are more natural
more holistic they claim so now they’re
saying oh well you shouldn’t use
synthetic drugs you shouldn’t use any
pharmaceuticals because they’re bad but
you should use natural things because
they’re good so now they start talking
about green tea which can increase
insulin sensitivity they talk about
cinnamon which can increase insulin
sensitivity apple cider vinegar chromium
they can increase insulin sensitivity
and help lower blood sugar but now we
again have to ask what are we actually
doing sure we can help the sugar get out
of the bloodstream we can we can
introduce something into the body that
will assist in lowering blood sugar that
will have that will increase the drive
to lower blood sugar but where is that
sugar going it only has one place to go
and that’s into the cell and the cell is
already full
and if we increase insulin sensitivity
by tricking the cell again it becomes
more insulin resistance so when we look
at the official goals of pharmacal
treatment they seem very reasonable
indeed that to reduce morbidity to
reduce complications to restore normal
insulin sensitivity and secretion but is
any of that happening is any of that
happening even a little bit with these
or are we actually doing the exact
opposite ok so every one of these
treatments whether synthetic or natural
they only act to do one thing and that
is to increase the insulin or increase
the action of insulin so that we can get
the sugar out of the bloodstream and
into the cell so when we look here at
the four options to have less sugar in
the blood then all the drugs are working
at number one cram put more into the
cell the liver is still going to do
convert when it needs to and if we don’t
control it at all if we just let it go
totally crazy we’re going to pee some out so
again the only way to create balance
because that’s what they say they want
should restore normal insulin
sensitivity and secretion that’s
balanced the only way to do that is to
put less in there is no other way and
what do we need put in less the things
that stimulate insulin which are
primarily sugar and processed grains so
once we understand this picture now and
we look at the recommendations which was
they say the driving forces is obesity
and abdominal fat then we understand how
absurd the recommendation is to lose
weight and lose belly fat because it’s
not the fat
creating the insulin resistance it’s the
insulin resistance creating the weight
gain because insulin is a storage
hormone the more insulin resistance you
are it’s like your fat is in a deep
freezer there’s no way that you can
touch it as long as you put in any more
sugar on a regular basis so when they
tell you to lose weight to control your
insulin resistance first of all they
have it backwards
but then it’s like the ultimate insult
when every form of treatment serves to
increase insulin resistance to increase
the action of insulin which is to store
more fat so with this treatment there’s
virtually no way to lose any weight or
to reverse the insulin resistance and
that’s why it can be so frustrating for
people who follow the mainstream
recommendations they eat their
carbohydrates they exercise and they
take their metformin or their insulin
and they’re being told that they’re lazy
and they eat too much when everything
that being told to do is going to
increase the insulin action and store
more fat so let’s create an intelligent
goal once we understand the mechanisms
let’s create the only goal that makes
any kind of sense and it doesn’t have
anything to do with blood sugar it has
to do with withholding starches and
sugars making the body produce less
insulin until the cell wants some fuel
as long as we keep cramming the fuel
into the cell it’s not going to want
anymore because it has too much the only
way to create balance is to pull back on
the supply until the cell wants some
that’s when insulin resistance starts
reversing and how do you do that you do
it with low carb diets with ketogenic
diets with fasting intermittent fasting
and with exercise and also as little
I note everything that we’ve talked
about here has to do with type 2
diabetes type 1 diabetes is a completely
different things and insulin is
absolutely appropriate and life-saving
so that’s a completely different making
mechanism the type 1 diabetic needs
insulin because he can’t make any on his
own the type 2 diabetic insulin is the
worst kind of treatment because they
already have too much so things are
really quite simple once we look at them
and we want to eat some food we want to
store some food we want to burn some
food and when we eat low carb and we eat
keto and we fast and we learned that
it’s not necessary it’s not obligatory
it’s not the only way to survive to eat
six meals a day when we start skipping a
breakfast or we skip a meal here and
there now the body learns to regulate
hunger and now if you eat once or twice
or maybe three times a day you do it
because your body has found the balance
and it’s telling you it’s time to eat
something so by getting the body into
balance of eat store burn eat store
burned that is how we become insulin
sensitive and insulin sensitivity is the
balance that we’re talking about and
that happens when we find the balance at
a level that makes the cell want some
fuel once in a while when we have a
balance between storing and burning and
insulin pushes that balance towards
storage and the more insulin resistance
we are the more it pushes it towards
storage and we have no chance of
retrieving that energy to burn it so
does it mean that green tea or cinnamon
or apple cider vinegar or chromium are
bad things or insulin is a bad thing no
the type 1 diabetic needs insulin and
these are just components of food and if
you do the right things if you start
cutting back
on some carbs if you do the Kido if you
do the low-carb if you do the fasting
now you’re addressing the root cause
you’re turning this cycle around and now
there’s nothing wrong with helping your
body use the blood glucose as long as
you make it part of finding balance not
just as a way of cramming more if you’re
new to the channel and you like having
things explained so that you get the big
picture make sure you subscribe and hit
that notification bell and if you know
other people which would probably be the
case because this applies insulin
resistance applies to at least 85% of
the population to some degree whether
they’re officially classified or not
then do them a favor and share this
information so that they can start
moving toward a healthier life thanks
for watching

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    What do I do wrong !?
    PS i have metastasis breast cancer since 2016 , and in June I had a metastasis small brain tumor removed via Radio surgery ,
    I feel fine but am trying to reduce my insulin markers……
    Thank you 🙏

  28. Thank you Doctor. It's nice to finally understand how this works. I am making progress on Keto, and now I know why.

  29. Dr. Ekberg!!! If you were here I would KISS you! I have been diagnosed with Type 2!! Now, I eat vegies and fruit sometimes cornbread or a muffin! So my Dr. prescribed the Lantis! It raised by bs! So I said what is going on why am I taking insulin when I have TOO MUCH! SO i pray and consistantly hear fruit and vegetables! Cuz now as you state these fact's it makes so much sense that the cells have too much insulin! I totally get it! THE GOOD LORD HAS SENT YOU TO AWAKEN OUR EYES! WE CAN DECREASE THE CARB'S ! GOD BLESS YOU! JESUS LOVES YOU!!

  30. my mother had diabetes and she lost weight, followed the diet but she died because the doctor put her under Metformine for 10 years = kidney failure !

  31. WOW this is really good information explained thoroughly which is what alot of MDs do NOT explain to people ! Thank you for this information. Keep doing what you are doing ! 👏🏾👍🏾🙂

  32. I need to re-watch these videos when I'm not tired because it seems to me, as if he talks so long and uses lengthy, confusing statements in such a way, I lose interest. He was hard to follow. I wish he would get to the point without making me feel like I need to be in med school to understand. Who has the time to spend on his lengthy explanations? When he finished talking, i couldn't tell if drinking green tea was good or bad, if drinking ACV was good or bad. He just confused me. way to lenght

  33. So why does a person keep eating? 1.)Sugar acts like a drug and gives you a high. 2.)Habits of eating at certain times of the day or in certain situations. 3.) Eating sugar keeps you from being thirsty for water and fills that drive for water. 4.) The switch from using sugar to using fat for energy is slow and leaves you weak and craving food aka sugar. So you think you are hungry. 5.) Using fat reserves uses lots of water and can leave you dehydrated quickly and then dehydration causes its problems. 6.) Availability of sugary drinks is high. Sugary drinks taste good. Sugar drinks fulfill that drive for water. 7.) High carb foods that have flour/fat/sugar combos are slow to move through the gut and dump sugar into the blood for hours as it breaks down slowly. High fiber low sugar foods like vegatables move through the gut quickly and have short periods for sugar release.

  34. Wow ! My Doctor didn't even try me on a diet first ! Just gave me Metformin and another drug ! How many out there have had the same thing happen ?. Thank you for sharing Sir. All my best.

  35. Exercising hard empty the sugar inside the cells so is as good as fasting, 🙂 the best video on insulin I ever seen , thank you so much.

  36. One of the best video on IR. Wonderfully explained the root cause of insulin resistance and how to treat it. Thank you Dr. Ekberg. Thank you very much.

  37. I have insulin resistance. My symptom was really bad sweating day and night. My doctor suggested 160 g diet and I did for several months, plus exercised and running 4-5 times a week. Nothing changed. After watching your videos I followed low carbs diet. On the first week my sweating is gone and I feel so much better. Thank you!!

  38. Thank you. I'm 37yrs 197 lbs. I have p.c.o.s and doctor wanted me to be put in Metformin. I did not take it. I was on the treadmill listing to you today and I really think we are programmed to FEAR yesterday I ate an egg with a little tomato sauce. I felt actual FEAR when I was leaving for the day.. would I get hungry & faint? I was completely fine. What you explained was complex but really pointed to the simple fact at the end that if I want to keep my sugars down.. cut down the carb intake.

  39. Your videos are very informative but the average duration 20 to 30 min puts me off. People dont have much time these days. Check dr bergs videos. 5 to 10 min max average. Just saying…

  40. My husband is a super skinny diabetic, how can I help him gain weight. I watch your videos and do as you say for him and myself.. Can you advice on how to help him gain weight. Thank you for all you do.

  41. Do you really think they are going to tell the truth. Getting sick is a money making business. The more people get sick the more money doctor's and pharmacy make.

  42. i have been diagnosed with T2D a few years back and my doctor gave me a bunch of medicines. i stopped taking any after a few months since my body cant handle them – ive gotten more sluggish, sleepy at work at just felt like a walking zombie all day everyday. fast forward to today, only IF has help me with weight loss after trying different diets. although now i see my problem about carb-eating. during my eating window, i still eat a lot of carbs. thanks for pointing out Dr that i can still function without or less carbs as I have always thought otherwise. and your explanation about abdominal fat and IS hits home. I have always thought that I would never be "normal" because I was told I need to lose tons of weight esp around my belly area to solve my T2D and all these years I have struggled and almost completely gave up as I cannot get rid of it. But thanks to your correction, I might have a chance. You have given me hope. A big thanks to you.

    Btw, new subscriber here….

  43. Two meals a day 12 & 5pm Coffee with melted butter at 10am coffee time, same time if possible each day .. One portion of Carb at each meal balanced in every meal. limit to 50grams of carb a day.. drink plenty of iced water.. at least 6 glasses.. one treat a week. Diabetic Medications will STOP or reduce. Continuity will get you back on track, by reversing your T2D..

  44. Dr. Ekberg, at 45 years of age, I am beyond grateful for your videos. Apple cider vinegar w/ Mother, and green tea have both been my go-to staple; yet, despite monitoring my carbohydrate intake, and not over-eating, I continue to struggle with belly fat. Implementing keto and fasting (IF) as a lifestyle change TODAY! Thank you so much for your informative, yet simplistic approach. New subscriber.

  45. I like the way you help us to have good health. God bless you abondantly and may you live longer to help more generations.

  46. Sten, you can live on Carb only and a little bit of protein and still be in Ketosis, as long as you eat a Fast Mimicking Diet 1000 or less calories a day and under 60g of carbs. Evolutionary this was beneficial because if forest hunters could not make a kill, they could still eat tree bark, roots and fruits, or fishing tribes such as eskimos could eat algae as well. The body can feed on our body fat for many months.

  47. At the point of writing I have lost about 11 stones (150 lbs or so) since July of 2018 – But 8 of those stones since January 2019… Having been fat for around 20 years, I finally found explanations which made sense over Xmas of 2018 reference my own over production of insulin. I have found that if I don't provoke my pancreas into overdoing the insulin, the weight just falls off me. This is not about over consumption of cakes and biscuits… this is about not eating fruit, Weetabix, Shredded wheat, corn-oil; not eating 3 times a day and instead eating when properly hungry etc, etc, etc.

    My HB1AC has fallen from 6.5 in May of 2018 to 5.1 in July of this year. I no longer take any meds for the diabetes and my blood pressure is now very nearly normal. If only I knew what I have recently found out but 20 years ago.

    Too much insulin makes you fat and stops you losing weight – good luck everyone – is someone like me can do it so can you

  48. My cousin became T1 Diabetic at the age of 9 he was so skinny.. kept passing out, remember it ..My Mother now passed, her son my Brother and me all T2 Diabetics..

  49. فاشل لم نفهم منه شئ ممل كأنه يلقي محاضره في كلية الطب

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