#17. [ENG CC] DIET VLOG 2Hours Walking  Challenge 2시간 걷기 다이어트 챌린지 #1일1식 #고도비만 #만보걷기

#17. [ENG CC] DIET VLOG 2Hours Walking Challenge 2시간 걷기 다이어트 챌린지 #1일1식 #고도비만 #만보걷기

Hi, I’m Daniel living in Adelaide, Australia. Today I’m going to Adelaide Costco located in a shopping center for my diet. it was 36 degrees and it was felt like 39 degrees.
And the UV index was very high. Despite the hot weather, it takes me a little more than an hour to walk to the shopping center, and I challenged for my diet. It’s a long way to go because of the weather. It was so hot that I wanted to run into a gas station convenience store with air conditioning. The weather was hot and no people were seen and no bikers were seen. I can’t really find a cloud. It was a narrow road, so I was scared of walking by the car. On the way there was a train track. I’ll walk again to my destination. Here is Churchill center south. But my destination is Churchill center. Churchill center south includes Bunnings, Savers and Hungry Jacks. I will walk again to the shopping center where Adelaide Costco is located. Finally, I walked for an hour and arrived at the Churchill center at Adelaide Costco Churchill centers include Costco, Coles, ALDI, Kmart, McDonald’s and KFC. Let’s go see ALDI first. ALDI is open time. I feel ALDI is cheaper than Coles and
Woolworths. There is Tim Tam and Digestive. Australia has a large amount of coffee, chocolate and strawberry milk. There seems to be a lot of potato chip snacks in Australia. There are a huge variety of ice creams. I was thirsty, I went to McDonald’s to drink Frozen Fanta. McDonald’s can use the machine without ordering directly, so anyone who can’t speak English can choose to take the order slowly. If you want to drink Frozen Fanta, just select Frozen Fanta, select the size and choose your favorite taste. You can choose two of the same flavors, or you can choose a different flavor. Click Add To Order to add. When the order is complete, press View My Order and choose whether to eat or take away of the store. Please double check the order and press Complete Order. After choosing whether it is cash or card, if it is cash, you can give cash to the employee when you receive the goods. If it is a card, you can touch the terminal. Easy to order without using McDonald’s English! $ 2 is happiness 🙂 The sun was so hot that I bought a hat 🙂 Feeling good to eat Frozen Fanta 🙂 I’m walking two hours back and forth to the shopping center today and I’m on my way home. Thank you for watching my video. Please Hit the Like and Subscribe my channel for better videos. See you with a next video ~ It’s a very personal video of my thoughts. Thank you.

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