[Music] hey y’all and welcome to my channel my name is Amy Darlie and today’s video is going to be a speed clean with me but I’m also going to share with you a chicken pot pie recipe that uses canned biscuits it was so delicious it was the first time we’ve made it so I wanted to share that with y’all and then I’m also going to be sharing a few Valentine’s Day treats that I’m doing for the kids classes but they could be used for your kiddos classrooms or even just a little treat for your kids and then the last thing that I’ll be sharing is my new vacuum and this is not sponsored at all it was just a vacuum that out was highly recommended to me and so I wanted to share it with you guys and let you know my full review on it all right so I’m about to run up to the school at volunteer on Wednesdays in my kitchen it’s a mess I haven’t had a chance to clean it this morning so I’ll have to do that when I get back but I’m about to throw some chicken in the crock-pot because tonight we’re going to be making a chicken pot pie and I’m also going to be meal prepping another meal so I’m going to throw that in there crock-pot so that way I can have some shredded chicken ready when I’m getting ready to cook [Music] all right so since this will kind of create its own juices I’m just going to pour a little bit of chicken stock in here not the time just a little bit to kind of get on the bottom and then I’m gonna cook it on high for four hours and then by the time I get back home from volunteering at a school this should be done and I can just shred it up now I wasn’t lying look we cooked bacon and eggs this morning for the kids I have some stuff that I’m gonna be making later today which I will share we’ve got stuff in the sink but I literally have to run out the door it is 8:40 and I need to get to the school because I’m supposed to be there to volunteer in the classroom by 9:00 so this will just have to wait okay so it is literally 3:00 o’clock we just got home from school I actually had to go run an errand a couple of errands after I got done volunteering so I didn’t even come back home at all I went and did that and then went got the kids from school now we’re home and I’m finally getting a chance to clean this kitchen [Music] I’ll be watching you from a distance as I turn out all the lights all I want from you listen remember the good times if you think I will be out is a real your finger I know nothing ever turn out as you wanted to [Applause] every time I loose my eyes is coming [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] now I ended up cooking it a little bit longer obviously because I didn’t come home but it turned out just fine so I’m gonna shred the chicken I have these little chicken well I guess they’re called meat shredders I don’t know I got them off of Amazon and they just work really well when you’re shredding meat especially in the crock-pot or you know like if you’re doing barbecue or whatever it is so I’m just going to use those really quick shred up my chicken in here and then I turned it on warm so it wouldn’t be cooking anymore and then when I’m ready to make this recipe I’ll just pull the chicken out and make it [Music] my eyes so I’m actually the room mom in kayson’s classroom and I also am helping out in Gracie Joon’s room for Valentine’s Day this year as well and so what I wanted to do was go ahead and show you guys the Valentine’s Day snacks that I’m gonna make for their classrooms and for kayson’s classroom I want to make a little Valentine’s Day trail mix sort of thing and I actually found this recipe from the Baker mama on Instagram I’ll leave her information in the description box but I love her account she always shares like really good recipes and easy charcuterie boards things like that so that’s what I’m starting with here and I pulled out two pans but I ended up only needing to use one so just in case you make this you really only need one pan alright so these are for something that I’ll do in just a few minutes but we have the cupids mix so it has just the M&Ms and then Cupid messages so these have little messages on them and then some melting chocolate we’re supposed to use flips that are already like pretzels with chocolate on them but I couldn’t find the ones that we needed so I just got regular pretzels and I’m gonna dip them and fall in chocolate then we got the chocolate checks the regular checks and then very very Cheerios and then we also have these little pretzels they’re just the X’s and O’s I’ve gotten these at Target and then you can put peanuts we’ll probably put them in ours for at home our little mix that will make for at home but for the school one I’m not gonna put peanuts because you just never know I don’t think any of the their kids have peanut allergies in their classes but just to be on the safe side I try to leave peanuts out if I can [Music] I’ve been feeling too small watch the clock big enough though but I know better you spend for the show I’m gonna be myself stopping me now you’re gonna skip my brakes I just wanna feel the burn [Music] it’s just why I don’t wanna Maps all right so we have our little DIY flips definitely would be easier to buy the prepackaged ones but this is probably cheaper in the long run [Music] this beautiful stars I wanna take gunships and Mars hoping can break me [Music] that’s beautiful stars our driving faster car they my troubles too fast smoke from the cigarette that’s looking fine this is my son I’m gonna lay myself don’t want stuffing I’m gonna skip your breaks I’m gonna make mistake colleges more fear the thighs it’s just what I do when Mouse of the child we don’t feel the die man that’s down stars I wanna drive a faster car right try to me don’t feel died [Music] in this town all right this is what it looks like we’re gonna let it dry and then hopefully it all turns out okay for the next day so as you can see I had a lot of ingredients left over but that’s because I’m only doing a little trial run here of the snack I’ll actually make the rest of it next week or actually by the time that you guys see this video it’ll be the week of Valentine’s Day so I’ll end up making that probably Wednesday or Thursday [Music] I [Music] beautiful stars I wanna travel faster car nothing to break nothing to break all right this next one I’m just going to be using this some ribbon I got pink and purple these are just paper straws and then clean wrap and you saw my last video I already had all these paper straws but they have them at Walmart basically any grocery store here we go so for this one it’s a way easier because I don’t have to cook anything but I’m just going to take these little hearts they come to to a pack I’m going to take a paper straw cut it in half stick it into my heart and then wrap it with my cling wrap and put a little ribbon around it and these are so so easy they take no time at all to make and I’m actually going to make these for Gracie June’s class and then the trail-mix sort of thing is going to be for kayson’s class and I’ll show you how I’m gonna actually do the trail mix for them though in just a second but these turned out really really cute and they were so quick and easy to make did you pack the flashlight the packet and the man it’s a real adventure the trail now here for the trail mix I wanted to show you this little bowl that I got for like a dollar or something at Walmart in case you wanted to just do this for your kids at home you could take it break it apart and then put it in this little bowl and serve it you can even do it for a party or something like that but I’m gonna actually take these and put them in ice cream cones for the classroom which I’ll show you in just a few minutes but this is something that you could definitely do for a movie night or something else just to have fun with your kids I don’t need to go over old and useless word what do you think you’re doing oh she’s eating some of the little pieces left on there a little crazy girl dad [Music] so like I said for their class I’m going to just serve this with little ice cream cones in a treat bag and all I did was take the cone and put it to the one corner of the bottom of the treat bag and then started putting the trail-mix inside I’ll tie it off with a ribbon and then you’re gonna have a little flap that hangs over so I just took a little piece of clear tape and taped it down [Music] it’s 5:30 a.m. let’s be the kids who left get in trouble again that starts got nothing on you that one’s brand-new still it’s got nothing on her tonight it’s [Music] and this is what these turn out like this little cone is a little broken but I would honestly stack them up a little higher it’s like it’s not focusing good but I like how this one’s stacked a little bit higher it gives you more in there and then it also looks more like an actual ice-cream cone so I thought these were super cute and then if you want to be super simple and not do the cones you could always just put some of this mix into a bottom of a little treat bag and then put a little tag on it I’ve seen the ones on Pinterest that say Cupid’s crunch so that would be super cute too and I’ll link the tags that I found in case you want to use that alright so those are my few little Valentine’s Day treats and these were obviously the easiest of them all and would take no time these would be a lot more simple if they were just in a treat bag and not the cone but other than that I really feel like these were pretty simple and would be so fun for a class party or just a Valentine’s Day treat for your family and of course you could always just leave it like this too and just eat it straight out of here because it’s delicious and now we’re gonna move on to making our chicken pot pie recipe and this recipe was so good I’ll have a link down in the description box so that way you can have all your measurements and everything in there but it was so simple to make the only thing I want to say is that in the recipe it says it takes 25 minutes to cook in the oven and it actually ended up taking us about 45 minutes so just in case it takes you longer than what the recipe says it definitely took me a lot longer you [Music] everything that we could have been [Music] that you’re sorry we turn the page and make up I’m going trucks got you wanted daddy was enough maybe changing [Music] everything we [Music] [Music] would hopeless case we could be [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] a sweet [Music] all right so now that I have our casserole in the oven I’m going to clean up as much as I can in the kitchen before dinner is served and actually I’d plan on filming the cleaning after dinner as well but there wasn’t a ton to clean up still so actually since it was so much later than we thought because it took us 45 minutes instead of 25 to cook it we were eating later and I needed to go get Gracie Joon in the bathtub case I need to take a shower so I went and dealt with them while chance actually cleaning the kitchen for me [Music] move down and raise your ooh [Music] [Music] I try to fight you all but it’s so useless you circle always ending with a kiss [Music] so here is the chicken potpie straight out of the oven it was so delicious the kids tried it and I’m gonna be honest they they didn’t really like it but they did try it and they ended up eating corn dogs for dinner so you win some you lose some but me and chance do powered it and ate it for two nights now it is the next day and like I said earlier chance clean the kitchen but I still needed to wipe down the wood countertops and so I’m going to do that really quick and then I’m going to show you guys my new vacuum [Music] all right so this box has literally been at my door sitting at my door for like a week and it’s my new shark vacuum it is not sponsored I bought this with my own money but I’m gonna use it today and let you guys know exactly what I think of it all right so y’all are watching me unbox my new shark vacuum that like I said I paid for with my own money so this is an honest review and I’m gonna tell you guys I love this thing so the vacuum that I went with was the shark up light and it’s one of their newer vacuums that they’ve come out with it was a hundred and ninety-nine dollars on their website I’m not sure but I think it’s cheaper on their website than to order through other companies I didn’t see it on several other websites but they do have it on the shark website it was $199 and it does have a cord and I actually shared on Instagram that I was going to be talking about this vacuum in this video and so I already had people asking me how it compares to the Dyson and so I’m gonna give you guys a little comparison as I go through but basically the Dyson that I have is the Dyson v7 and it is a cordless vacuum so it runs on battery it’s not one of the newer vacuums so I’m not sure how the newer Dyson’s compare but I will say that this shark up light vacuum and maybe it’s because it runs on the power cord or I don’t know but it is way more powerful than the Dyson v7 that I have now I do want to get a new battery for my Dyson because I love the fact that it’s cordless but it definitely doesn’t pick up near as much as the shark vacuum does [Music] okay y’all just watched me I literally just cleaned that rug that is the only thing I got – look at all that oh my goodness I don’t know whether to be excited or disgusted I don’t even want to see what that rug looks like hmm this is very interesting guys alright I need to do the would force to alright so as you can see this definitely picks up way more than my Dyson and I just could not believe how amazing this vacuum was I definitely feel like it is worth the money I will be using this probably at least once a week downstairs once a week upstairs and then for the everyday vacuuming I’ll probably still use my Dyson I also have a tine Co off of Amazon which somebody asked me if I recommend it and I don’t really recommend that one it’s not nearly as powerful as the Dyson v7 so now that I’ve used this I’m like what is my tongue co actually picking up because there is so much dirt and dust that I got out of this vacuuming session that I was just like oh my goodness I can’t believe that I haven’t been using this vacuum my whole life so my honest review is I think this vacuum is amazing and I highly highly recommend it [Music] [Music] by one don’t you just get tired chasing Fame and beat pretty all the time doesn’t sound like fun you get the better let me show you what it looks like so much better [Music] to [Music] don’t be silly baby pants a night away I’ll keep my shoulders up if I want let you something friend maybe there is more to life than being pretty funny let’s just face it all right so that’s all I’ve done so far I haven’t even made it to my bedroom yet [Music] [Music] alright one more thing I want to show you guys because I just checked this is what sold me on this vacuum this is afterwards right and look there is no hair wrapped around the bottom like none I just checked because I was like oh I gotta see if there’s any hair y’all this is crazy to me it’s like magic but I’m so excited about this vacuum I have not vacuumed with it upstairs yet oh there’s a football I haven’t vacuumed with it upstairs yet but I think I’m gonna have to bring like multiple trash bags with me up there probably for dumping all the dust that’s probably up there now that I’ve seen how well this vacuum works it’s just crazy to me alright y’all so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it got some cleaning motivation as well as some new recipes and Valentine’s Day treats to try out and then also seeing my new vacuum and how it works so I hope you loved it if you did please make sure to give it a thumbs up if you’re new I would love to have you subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye [Music]


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  24. This or that questions
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