– [Jamerrill] So, today
we are doing cran-carrot breakfast cookies, cherry
berry breakfast cookies, peanut butter banana breakfast cookies. Apples, it’s just they’re
better if you put the word breakfast in there, it makes
it more official, right? We’re doing apple sauce
muffins, pumpkin nut muffins, pumpkin chocolate chip
bread, pumpkin pancakes. All the pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin. We’re doing banana walnut
bread, bacon, egg, and cheese bagels, and French toast sticks. Got a bunch of Texas toast
that we can use up for those. And if you’re new here,
my name is Jamerrill. This channel is Jamerrill’s
Large Family Table. Welcome to our channel, I’m
all about equipping real-life moms ’cause we all got
a lot of real-life stuff goin’ on, amen, amen.
(uptempo folk music) I hope that you like what you see and subscribe while you’re here. I love developing and sharing all kinds of large family freezer meals, that’s definitely what
you’re getting today. Of course on a big baking day like today, it’s always the question about the oven. We’ve got a lot of things
that are gonna be in the oven and poor me, I only have
one oven. (laughing) so, I’m going to get these
various breakfast cookies going because those only take
up to 15 minutes each. Get those circling through,
while those are going, if I find myself sitting around
twiddling my thumbs, ha-ha, then I could get going
on the pumpkin pancakes. Had to make an adjustment already. The Walmart order that did
not go well the other day (laughing) keeps haunting me. I had ordered dried blueberries
and they didn’t come, they didn’t have ’em, so I
can’t do the cherry berry breakfast cookies as I planned. So now I’m gonna make ’em
into a cherry nut spice breakfast cookie, and I’ll show you how I’m tweakin’ that.
(bright country music) We got about two dozen of
these breakfast cookies. That’s what’s left of the batter. Two dozen goin’ in now.
(uptempo music) And there we go. So while those cherry nut
spice breakfast cookies are in the oven, I was jokin’ with Travis, not that him and I are
havin’ any breakfast cookies anytime soon but I said, if
we call it a breakfast cookie then it’s a cookie that you
can legally have with breakfast right, so I am makin’ a
bazillion pumpkin pancakes right now, yum-o, this smells
just like a pumpkin pie. So these pumpkin pancakes
cook up nice and thick. I’ve got both griddles growin’. Growin’, yeah, growin’ and
a goin’ so we can do six at a time, and here’s how
they’re lookin’ in the stack. (bright country music) So the dishes, dishes are
a pilin’ behind us here. (bright country music) Hey, girlfriend, you
wanna help me mix these late-night cran carrot breakfast cookies? – Yup.
(laughing) – ‘Kay, we’ll get ya the mixer. There’s a lot goin’ on in
that bowl, isn’t there? – Mm-hmm.
– We keep the little paddles down there, you
see all of mommy’s messes? Uh-huh, I’m sorry, I’m distracting ya. Look, gotta watch your bowl. So here is Ms. Amelia’s mixed up batch for the cran carrot breakfast cookies. Also just wanted to show
you my exploding kitchen. You know, stuff you don’t
put on the internet. What Zion is working on
now, he’s gonna put together these bagels, they’re gonna be
bacon, egg and cheese bagels. Here’s how Zion’s bagel stack is growing. (bright country music) Two more pans of the cran
carrot breakfast cookies goin’. Here are one of these, I
mean, they’re just massive. This is bigger than my
hand, a big breakfast cookie like this with a glass of
milk is a great breakfast on a busy and a crazy chaos morning. Now all the bacon, egg, and
cheese breakfast sandwiches are done, we got two bags
go the cran carrot breakfast cookies, I need about two more pans I need to get in bags but
now Zion’s gonna go put these out in the freezer for us. Right now, I am working on
these applesauce muffins. (baby babbling in background)
Oh, Benjamin, hold on. He sees the applesauce.
(baby yelling) (bright country music) You like my little stool
stands we have here? This helps me do this cooking in layers but it’s a whole lotta cooking. I really need like, I don’t
know, a commercial kitchen to do this, right? Maybe one day, huh? 48 applesauce muffins, just
a little bit of the batter left so I’m gonna get both
of these in the oven now. So now I’m going to mix
up the ingredients to do a whole lotta lotta of the
cinnamon French toast sticks. Zion is working on getting the ingredients all in a bowl to make
the pumpkin nut muffins. And the four dozen applesauce muffins are gonna be out of
the oven at any moment. But again, one day, with two ovens, we’ll really be cooking up a storm then. (bright country music) Meanwhile, here’s the first
two dozen applesauce muffins. There are some great freezer
French toast stick recipes out there running around online that I’ve seen where you
do the French toast sticks in the oven, however,
you know my over is full. We’ve got four dozen muffins comin’ out, we got four dozen pumpkin
walnut muffins goin’ in. So what I’m doing is, I’m gonna show ya, I’m doin’ my French toast sticks
on the griddles right now. (uptempo music) Okay.
(bright country music) Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle.
(bright country music) This is me not burning
French toast sticks. Even those poor griddles look massacred. So this is the real classy
way that I’m cuttin’ this Texas toast, this, right on
the counter, three strips. This is not hurting my counter though. I am a seasoned pro, I know
the griddle is lookin’ so sad but that is from the
cinnamon that I sprinkled. And I’m gettin’ egg on my counter, so I’m losin’ all kinds
of perfect cook points. So, I’m doin’ a quick muffin hustle. I need to get these
applesauce muffins out, get the pumpkin walnut muffins in. And I need to flip some
French toast sticks. We will bag these for the freezer. Wow, that one dove to it’s death. (bright folksy music) Last loaf, we’re gettin’ there. (bright folksy music) (loudly beeping oven) Turn the oven off, turn the oven off. (country music) So, we have five big bustin’
bags of these freezer French toast sticks, I’m gonna
sit out a bag for breakfast tomorrow and of course the
rest are goin’ in the freezer. 48 applesauce muffins all bagged up. I was able to get those
in three gallon bags. The aftermath of about
six or seven hours or so. I don’t know, (laughing) however
many hours this has been. And that includes breaks,
and family chatter, and all of that, but I
have been goin’ solid. And you can tell by the
empty diet Mountain Dew cans we have just been a goin’ and workin’ hard so now it’s time to clean up this mess. (bright folksy music) Okay, it’s not perfect but
it is, mom’s gonna go to bed, good enough, certainly better than it was. The floor has some pretty good pieces now, it needs the steam mop
but all of these items are just gonna wait until morning. And I’ll get what we
can in the dishwasher, and the rest will be hand washed. But again, good enough for tonight. At least we have found the
counters, got stuff put away. If you haven’t already,
text the word, freezer, to 44222 and I’m gonna send you out my super-duper, super-mega
as I’m calling it, Large Family Food Collection. All of my super-popular meal planners including weekly, bi-weekly,
and monthly meal planning. My recipe binder creation kit, my E-book with 10 Large Family Table
family favorite dinner recipes. My Super-Mega Freezer Meals Planning Pack. And my brand new, free,
Happy Family Holiday Meal and Household Planner set,
that thing is jam-packed. It’s over 30 pages, so again,
text the word, freezer, to 44222 and I will shoot that
whole big massive collection right back at ya. And lookin’ at our Large
Family Breakfast Freezer Meal countdown, we got six dozen
of these cran carrot breakfast cookies, and six dozen
of the cherry nut spice breakfast cookies, six
dozen of the peanut butter and banana breakfast cookies,
four dozen applesauce muffins, four dozen pumpkin and nut spice muffins. Four loaves of pumpkin
chocolate chip bread, six dozen pumpkin pie
pancakes, four loaves of banana walnut bread, we
got 48 bacon, egg, and cheese bagels, and 288 French toast sticks. So, for all of these recipes, you can always head over
to LargeFamilyTable.com and I’ll have all of those there for you.

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