This is the three easy way to lose weight First, Drink 1 glass of water before eating So that before you eat, you already feel full to avoid eating more 2nd avoid junkfoods Don’t stuck junkfoods at home Junkfoods will make you fat because it has a low nutritional value but it has a huge amout of CALORIES, fats, sugar and salt 3rd (sigh) Love a wrong person Credit: Song by aegis “halik” you know that kind that will break your heart thinking he/she loves you too but you were wrong and despite it, you still love him but he left you and didnt even gave you any reason but honey, it’ll only hurt in the beginning 😉 because tomorrow you’d be one hell of a bitch xD (on a positive note) try to move on and join a gym Be consistent Gym is lifeeeee! Stalk him Dont do too much treadmil (cardio) Cross train try bicycle learn how to squat Cardio Plus, weights try it all evem though you dont know how you’ll soon learn along the way weights weights! Izz important brahhh! then go home take a rest Gym again Rest gym Resttt! Gym REST! its that easy! Do it all over again and again forget him Listen to this songs Dance to these songs, motivate yourself Look for Fitspirations on instagram Plan your weekly meals and make sure they are healthy Be in a caloric deficit Drink green tea its okay to cheat as long as its just a meal, not cheat Day! don’t forget step 1 and step 2

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