100 thoughts on “3 Foods You Should Eat Every Day | Healthy Food

  1. You get more PROTEIN in KALE alone..You do not need to EAT ANIMALS>.so This is Not HOW TO EAT RIGHT>..Leave FLESH alone, You get bad spirits in your life from eating animals…They have mother & father just like you…THINK.

  2. Really? Are you serious? Okay, I've seen a fair share of medical survays, and people who eat a healthy amount of meat (fish, beef, pork, and other common meat products) are more helthy then the vegitarians. You say they have moms and dads? They are animals. Yes, I agree that the prossesing plants for meat are brutaly killing and growing animals harshly and with many cemicals such as growth hormons, but they are animals! Your ansesters have killed thousands of animals, for the sake of living,

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  7. Haha! Yeah, being in that air conditioned studio all day made my eyes dry. Should have been drink more water myself!

  8. I know, I cheated! I was trying to explain how people don't drink enough water and how it effects digestion – should have made that more clear! Hope it was helpful anyway.

  9. Glad you think I'm cute! 🙂
    I'm not a professor, but I've graduated enough food and nutrition programs to fill a wall with diplomas ~ hope you liked the info!

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  17. Eating branches off to two subcategories: Chewing and drinking.
    She's still correct, technically. It's like saying humans are animals.

  18. hmmm i wonder how a gorilla stays so strong without eating meat. theirs never been case of protein deficiency on any diet in the world where eating enough calories.  

  19. in somalia we have the most poorest meals all the day. some people eat bred in the morning, a rice in the launch, and bred again in the dinner, with money times of tea and coffee , no water no juice no fiber foods nothing. is like hell here! although we have every kind of food we need.

  20. Lost me at "avoid toxic ingredients like chemicals." But yet you suggested drinking water daily. Water is a chemical. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

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