3 Recipes for Your Instant Pot Egg Bites Mold – Healthy and NOT Egg Bites

3 Recipes for Your Instant Pot Egg Bites Mold – Healthy and NOT Egg Bites

– Hey guys! Welcome back, well welcome me back! Thanks for hanging in there for two weeks while we were on vacation. And if you’re new here, my name is Olena and this my healthy Instant
Pot recipes YouTube channel. We post new recipes
every Friday 9 a.m. PST. So make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon not
to miss any new recipes. I’m so excited to share today’s recipes because I bet many of you
have these egg bite molds and are dying to make something
besides egg bites in them. I’ve got so many requests. So today we will be making
three recipes in here. (upbeat music) Hi, guys! Hey, guys! Hey, guys. Just in case you don’t have
these egg bites molds yet, I’m gonna link to mine below. There are different ones,
just make sure the lid is made from silicone and there’s
also cool ones kind of like built in in a trivet, those work too. And also if you have any other ideas what we could make on these
molds, leave a comment below. Recipe number one, mini turkey meatloaves. That are just perfect for lunchboxes. So all you have to do. This is so easy. Here I have one pound of ground turkey. You can also use beef or chicken then we add one quarter cup of oats. These are quick-cooking steel-cut oats. Any oats work. Large egg. One to two tablespoons
of balsamic vinegar. I always add balsamic vinegar to meatloaf. And then simple spices. Here I have dried oregano,
basil, garlic, salt and pepper. All we have to do is
stir and spatula works. Or you can use your hands. All right and then you
take your egg bite molds and spray with cooking spray. And then divide the meat mixture evenly between 14 molds. So the openings would be
about two thirds full. Just put the lids on top. Stack them. And that’s when a trivet,
with handles comes in handy. Put it on top like this and we are ready to put it in an Instant Pot. Here I have eight quart Instant Pot Duo and here’s my favorite feature of the Duo. And we add one cup of water approximately. And then you put these guys in. And I get questioned a lot if this trivet or mold will fit into
six quart Instant Pots. The trivet with handles
is a different size for six and eight quart but the egg bite molds fit into both. Six and eight quart. And if you have three quart, they sell I believe smaller egg bite molds and a smaller trivet. And close the lid. Set valve to Sealing. We’re going to cook meatloaves for 25 minutes on high pressure. So if you have Duo you press Pressure Cook and make sure it’s
selected on high pressure because there is low and high but if you have Instant Pot Lux, it cooks only on high so all you have to press is Manual button. There is no Pressure Cook button I get that question a lot too. It’s Manual. So what it will happen now in some pots it will take about 10 minutes to come to pressure, it has to heat up and then the count down
from 25 minutes will begin. And we can do Quick Release, we don’t have to wait for
it to release naturally and actually here I have Donald so we’re gonna put him on before Instant Pot starts cooking. So what it does, hey,
hey, whoa, please, okay. There you go. So what it does when
we have released steam, it’s not shooting up and
damaging your cabinets or in my case it’s the equipment. It’s gonna go that way. It’s gonna come out of his mouth. It’s actually very cute. (chuckles) Okay, so to quick release
the Instant Pot all we have to do is turn the valve to Venting. (air whooshing) so you can serve meatloaves as it is or you can, I like to add
a small squirt of ketchup on each then brush and sprinkle some greens and maybe a little bit of
pepper and there you go. Recipe number two is kind of egg bites but we are making them with egg whites. And there’s only four ingredients. It’s really like dump-and-go
kind of breakfast recipe which my kids love and
it’s so so easy to make. So what you need is two cups of egg whites and I like to mix it right
in a large measuring cup ’cause it’s easy. Then one third cup of salsa. I have mild salsa here. You can use medium, you can use hot. Mild salsa is good for a kid version. Then half a cup cheese of
freshly grated Parmesan cheese it adds a lot of flavor
and not a lot of calories and we skipped salt completely because we have enough sodium here. For this I just buy a huge piece, not from a shaker and
grate it and there you go and half a teaspoon of baking powder. Then you take a small whisk
and I whisk right here. So then you just pour
the egg white mixture evenly between the openings and it helps to stir and kind of like help the cheese and stuff to get distributed evenly. And again that’s why I love these super large measuring cups. Okay, I already had some water from previous recipes I’m just gonna add a little bit and we’re going to cook
egg bites with egg whites for eight minutes, so on high
pressure or Manual on Lux. So when you remove egg bites
molds from Instant Pot, here’s a tip for you, tilt it over to drain all the moisture so it’s not on your counter and stuff. And another tip is I often get asked, “My egg bites popped up”
like they expanded too much. And that’s okay, they do fall
down a little bit, it’s eggs. So that’s normal. And see the bottom one? Because the top was pressing on them and it probably overfilled
them a little bit but look how they just kind of like go down a little bit so it’s fine. So with egg, you want to let egg bites to
cool down a little bit. And then kind of loosen
them up on the edges and they really just slide
out of the silicone mold and I find fork is actually
the best, better than spatulas. So then you don’t have
to touch hot egg bites. And recipe number three,
I mean, it’s the best one and so do the kids. Healthy black bean brownies! Without refined sugar, flour,
without all the nasty stuff. Kids love, love, love this. So all you need and this is so simple, you need a food processor or a blender. You need one can of black beans. I’m using organic, low sodium. They are rinsed and drained. Don’t add the gooey liquid from the can. Also Instant Pot is amazing for cooking your own black beans and I have a recipe on my website and I’m gonna link to it below that. Then, we need two eggs. And actually this recipe is a version of regular black bean brownies
I have on the blog as well. But I thought, how perfect these molds are for a little brownies. I tested them on Saturday and we had them with a
movie and it was awesome. Then, we’re going to use half
a cup of maple syrup or honey. Much better for you than white sugar. Then one third cup of
cacao or cocoa powder. Cacao powder is less
processed but you can use any. One teaspoon of baking powder. Then, quarter teaspoon of salt. One teaspoon of super expensive vanilla. I got a lot of it in Mexico.
(mariachi music) One cup almond flour. Almond flour helps it to thicken and kind of like bind everything together and then we’re just gonna
(imitates blender whirring) (loud thudding) until it’s smooth. (upbeat music) So that was like 45 seconds. Our brownie batter is ready. (energetic electronic music) And I have a tip for you if
you’re batch cooking like me. I did wash the molds between the egg white bites and meatloaves but not really that thoroughly because those are savory recipes. And I even kept the same
water in the instant pot but now that I’m doing the
dessert ones, brownies, I did wash them with soap
and I’m using clean water. So that’s why I love these
molds, they’re so easy. Well, after washing you don’t
have to really dry the molds but spray with cooking spray. Especially for brownies. But everything slides out of silicone. I love silicone baking things. All right, and batter is quite thick. (plastic squeaking) (chuckles) So ice cream scoop, would be like, or cookie scoop, the best to distribute. And when I get to the
bottom of the blender jug I just use this spatula. You use Quick Release
for all egg bite recipes and always one cup water
and always high pressure. And if you have one mold fuller like I do, put it on top because then they won’t kind of like,
be pressed with the top one and getting out of their mold. We are going to cook
brownies for 15 minutes on high pressure with Quick Release. All right, let’s see our brownies. Oh yeah, baby. So brownies, is the only recipe I highly,
highly recommend to cool down for about an hour. This will prevent them from crumbling and actually make easy to
take them out of the molds. They’ll really settle. But I’m gonna take out
two for the taste test. And then another thing about brownies, do not add chocolate chips because they will just melt under pressure and you will never see them. I’ve done that and it doesn’t work. That’s why we use half a cup maple syrup. All right, taste test. Let’s start with breakfast. (chuckles) Dive in. – Breakfast, lunch, dinner. – [Husband] Okay. – [Olena] All right, cheers. – [Both] Mm. (chuckling) – It’s so good. – This is really good. – I’m working so hard.
– I love Parmesan cheese with salsa. – Working so hard and I’m always hungry. – Mm. Okay – Come on. Good.
– This is good, okay. – Amazing. – Passed test. – All right, meatloaves. – [Olena] Oh! – [Husband] Just cooking for me, girl? – All right, cheers. I didn’t let him eat any. Mm. (hums) (husband hums) – Flavor? Spot on. Mm. Juicy. Ketchup on top. All of this is perfect and by the way if you love to meal prep or bulk-batch cook things,
check out our video with three healthy freezer meals. That’s perfect. Okay, dessert. Mm, mm-hmm. – It’s like a healthy stuff. – Fudgy. Cheers. – Fudgy.
– Fudgy. – Well, great success. – Great success. – Thank you very much. – Hot. If you have any other ideas for the molds. Go for it, leave a comment below and make sure to subscribe right there. And see you next time. Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. I’m new to your site….I love your recipes, have tried a couple of them and they were a big success! I can’t wait to try these bite sized gems 👍🏻

  2. Recipes great. May I suggest you keep politics out of your cooking videos? I personally enjoy the break of all the political stuff when I’m viewing a cooking channel. Cooking is my happy place. Thank you.

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