30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!! How to Lose Weight Easily Without Trying

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And since you guys liked the last lazy hack video I did, I decided to come back with another one
So today I’m sharing with you guys 30 different lazy hacks. They are life changing!
To lose weight, eat healthier, or to maintain your weight. We’re going to get rid of this *Slaps belly fat*
So these hacks are quite unbelievable.
Some involve you with doing nothing at all.
And you get to burn calories.
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Drinking three tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
reduces fluctuations in your daily blood sugar levels by 10%.
And these sugar spikes are what leads to fat gain.
I personally don’t drink pure lemon juice ’cause it’s so sour,
but if you fill a container in the ratio of two liters water, juice of one lemon, one cucumber and ten mint leaves,
you’ll get the right amount of lemon in just two cups.
This healthy water mix will not only help with weight loss,
but it will detox your body and clear your skin as well.
Or if you’re super lazy, just mix the amount of lemon juice into your daily drinking water.
*Sips from cup*
Did you know that drinking two cups of cold water on an empty stomach can boost your metabolism by up to 30%?
This is actually crazy if you think about it because
I burn about a thousand calories a day naturally;
burning an extra 30% is like 300 calories, which is like another small meal.
Drinking water before each meal also fills your stomach up so you don’t overeat.
Studies have shown that if you do this before every meal for 12 weeks,
you’ll lose 4.5 pounds or 2 kilos more than if you just eat normally
I’ve been doing this next hack without realizing for the longest time.
Basically, instead of a normal plate, eat from a smaller plate than you would usually.
There’s actually proof that eating from a smaller plate
tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating more than you actually are.
So when you finish your meal, you’ll psychologically feel fuller and not continue to overeat.
This applies to eating from smaller bowls as well, which I’ve been doing all my life
because Chinese bowls are actually quite small.
Another study found that eating food off a plate with contrasting colors
will help people reduce the amount that they’re eating.
The mind doesn’t realize how much you’re eating
if the food and plate are too similar in color.
So if you had a meal with mostly red food, choose a green plate to eat off;
And if you have a meal with mostly yellow food, then choose a blue plate.
Basically, you’d stop sooner.
Now this hack really speaks to me and all you lazycorns out there.
It’s actually: to sleep.
Studies have shown that lack of sleep is bad for your body’s metabolism
and that getting seven to eight hours a day of sleep
boosts your metabolism and lowers stress hormone levels, which also causes weight gain.
So now you can sleep in and not even have to feel bad for it.
I’ll definitely be using this to my full advantage,
cause sleep is my most favorite thing in the world.
Not all fats are bad.
There’s evidence that eating mono-unsaturated fats in the morning
helps your blood sugar levels… well… stay leveled.
One suggestion by Tim Ferris is to have four Brazil nuts and one tablespoon of almond butter in the morning.
This will regulate your blood sugars
for the rest of the day,
and it’s pretty good.
Another super simple hack to lose weight
is actually to turn down your thermostat by a few degrees.
This is perfect for lazy people like me
who like reaping the rewards without moving a single muscle.
Science has shown that your body burns slightly more calories in the cold than in warm temperatures.
Obviously don’t turn down your temperature so much that you’re shivering,
but a few degrees probably won’t be too noticeable.
But actually shivering burns a lot of calories
but very uncomfortable and I really don’t recommend it.
Instead of PJs and stuff, wear your gym clothes around the house.
Seriously, this actually works,
because whenever I’m in my gym gear,
I just feel more active and healthy
and it actually makes me feel like exercising.
I know it’s totally psychological,
but I also tend to move around more even at home
and occasionally get motivated enough
to actually go to the gym
because, like, I’m in my gear.
If you’re going to exercise, the best time is at the beginning of the week,
like a Monday,
because you can set a psychological pattern for the rest of the week.
Oh my gosh, I only did 17 steps?
Where am I?
Why am I here?

Why do I feel the need to walk?
Why am I walking?
Another simple hack is just to wear a pedometer.
Research has shown that people who wear these
are more likely to reach their step goals than those who don’t,
even when they aren’t specifically trying to lose weight.
I personally think this is awesome
because you don’t actually need to commit to any exercise.
You just need to wear it
and then let your subconscious do the work for you.
Get in touch with your lazy side
and try eating your food even slower.
Chewing more and slowing down your eating
will give your body time to realize when it’s full,
so you don’t overeat.
Studies have shown that you can
consume up to 10% less calories just by doing this.
I’m sure you all know the feeling
when you’re starving and you eat super quickly
and then you realize you’ve eaten way too much
and regret it for the rest of the night
and puts you in a food coma and then you can’t move.
Happens to me all the time.
So eat slower!
When you eat more often and in smaller portions,
this causes less blood glucose spikes
which in return causes less fat gain.
It’s great because it gives you an excuse
to eat, like, six meals a day and not feel bad.
Just make them smaller than normal.
Exercise less.
Yes, you heard me!
If you’re someone that’s motivated enough to exercise to lose weight,
you could be doing it all wrong.
Studies have shown that exercising for hours at a low intensity
is much less effective than a short 15-minute high intensity workout.
Some high intensity activities include
jumping jacks, squats,
lunges and skipping.
If you wanna know more,
look up “high intensity interval training.”
Cutting my exercise down from 1 hour to 15 minutes
definitely sounds like a win to me.
Find a hobby that keeps you in shape
then you’ll never have to exercise again.
I love dancing,
and I don’t view it as an exercise at all
so, two birds with one stone.
Eating spicy food has been shown to increase your metabolism. You can use chilis from the supermarket or some cayenne pepper.
If you didn’t know I am a huge fan of chili and I would put chili in everything if I could, so this could be a part of my secret and I didn’t even know about it.
Drinking a cup of green tea before bed increases your metabolism
so you can burn more calories while sleeping,
and I truly give this a lazy thumbs up.
Another thing you can eat before you sleep
is a spoonful of peanut butter.
I honestly didn’t think this hack was accurate, but there is some nutritional evidence that a small amount of peanut
butter before bed actually helps keep your metabolism up during sleep.
I love peanut butter so you don’t need to tell me twice.
Wear form-fitting clothing while you eat. This hack is great to help with portion control,
because if you start eating too much you you’ll get a physical reminder that you should probably stop because of the constricting,
so the most dangerous time to eat is actually at home when you’re in your PJs and loose clothing.
Watch out guys!
Never shop on an empty stomach; you have less self control when you’re hungry,
so eat something before you go grocery shopping, even if it’s, like, a fruit or a small snack,
that way you are less likely to buy things like junk food and sweets and you also save money. Win!
And don’t even keep junk food at home. The only reason people are likely to eat junk food is when they are aimlessly wondering around and feeling peckish.
You open the cupboard and it’s there, so take away the temptation, and plus, I’m way too lazy to go find junk food if it’s not there,
so it kind of works for lazy people.
Pamper yourself. Chronic stress can be a major cause of weight gain, so it’s in your best interests to relax a little.
Try a hot bath with epsom salts, ten drops of lavender oil and half a cup of baking soda. It’s super relaxing,
draws out toxins, and lowers stress related hormones and balances your pH
When eating a meal, eat the healthiest thing first. If you can’t finish your meal and it’s too much, it’s better to have eaten your healthy calories
than the unhealthy ones.
Limit sources of temptation, especially at night.
I’m actually the biggest offender of this
because I always get food envy
when I’m scrolling down Facebook or Instagram, and then you see those food posts, and next minute I’m, like, drooling on the screen,
and I don’t even know how I got there, and if that means
you have to block food accounts or not go on social media at night
then might be a sacrifice you need to make for your waistline.
When buying a meal ask for your dressings and sauces on the side.
Dressings can often be the most unhealthy part of the meal, so this way you only eat what you need.
Simple food substitutions can help you
cut calories and fat while satisfying your cravings.
Use Cravings 911 on Good Housekeeping to find healthier alternatives to commonly craved foods.
One example is that cauliflower dipped in BBQ sauce apparently tastes like chicken nuggets,
and I tried this, and it doesn’t taste like chicken nuggets,
but it’s pretty good.
Try sneaking in some more vegetables into your meals.
Obviously you won’t need to do this if
you’re vegetarian already, but for things
like stews or stir-fries, a little bit of
extra vegetable won’t even be noticeable,
it’s super tasty and so much better for you
and generally vegetables have less
calories than the same amount of meat, so
that’s a win!
Eat when you wake up because that will
kickstart your metabolism. If you wait an
hour or two before eating then that’s
time wasted that you could be burning
calories doing absolutely nothing.
Standing up for three hours a day can burn up to 150
calories compared to sitting, and I know
this is not super lazy, but think about all
the other things you have to do to burn
150 calories. So if you’re on
the computer a lot, consider a standing
desk, and if you can’t do that find
some excuses to stand up, like, take more
drink breaks or bathroom breaks.
If you’re hungry,
ask yourself if you want an apple.
If the answer is no, you’re probably just bored,
so go do something entertaining instead.
Eat with your non-dominant hand.
This works because most of the food decisions
we make happen automatically, especially
when we’re watching something.
Research has shown that simply by eating
with your non-dominant hand you can
break up your habit enough that you
become more aware of your eating
decisions, allowing you to stop sooner.
Try watching some funny videos as well!
Scientists have found that laughing
intensely for an hour can burn as many
as a hundred calories, and in particular
helps build up your abdominal muscles.
Watching a scary movie can help you lose
weight, but the scarier it is the more
calories you burn. Studies have shown
that one view of The Shining can burn
180 calories which is the equivalent of
a 30 minute walk.
Hell yeah! I’d rather watch a movie!
How lazy were this hacks? And you actually burn calories,
like, I am mind blown!
And if you guys want to do any of these, please share it
with me with the hashtag #wengiecorns.
You know I like to stalk you, like your photos,
reply to you guys during the week.
It is one of my favorite things to do
and I miss you guys so much and I’ll see you
guys next week. Bye!
*Kisses screen*
Love you!

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