100 thoughts on “$315 In-N-Out Animal Style Burger and Fries | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

  1. Even 2-week dry aged beef is BLECH! 120 DAYS? That is FOUR months old meat – urp. Fancy people are gross. They would eat excrement if they were told it was 'special', and they'd be all "YUMMY – give me more!"

  2. I think the problem was that it didn't look like you trimmed the beef. You have to cut the rot off the outside. I only know because I watched another food show that did that. Cheers it will be better next time.

  3. I believe Josh is my father I am 21 years old so for this to be possible he had to of had me at 6 which I believe is completely possible

  4. Christine is great and I don’t wanna take anything away from her at all, but my favorite is Emily and Josh on these videos.

  5. 12:16
    I got to go to church tomorrow so I can't say it but I'll COME back to this video and say it in like 2-3 days

  6. When you prep dry aged beef, you are supposed to cut the outer layers of the beef off because that's what is holding the funk due to mold… doesn't look like that was done. But Josh, you live and you learn. I how you drive into it.

  7. On this week's episode of Josh's tindr dates, he meets a bird with long legs, and also takes along a short girlfriend.

  8. i bought a bottle of dom in 1999 for 106 bucks with the intention of drinking it on new years its been sitting unopened in a wine cooler never opened..

  9. $13 for an ostrich egg seems like a pretty good deal since I’m pretty sure that’s less than the price of 2 dozen chicken eggs

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