5 Food Hacks You Should Be Doing | You’re Doing It Wrong

5 Food Hacks You Should Be Doing | You’re Doing It Wrong

– I just cut the paper. – This looks great, this is great.
(laughs) – (FBE) You didn’t
put it on the right way. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ So today, we’re gonna be showing you
five foods that can be used in ways that you
might not be expecting. – What does that mean? – Well, I know like mayonnaise,
you can use to get rid of lice. So probably things like that. – The first thing that comes to mind
is those viral videos of the Ramen noodles,
the Top Ramen noodles, and they’re like
repairing sinks and stuff, which I think is utterly ridiculous. – The only thing I can think of
that’s random is like an old wives’ tale,
where my grandmother was like you can take a potato
and rub it on a wart, and it’ll take it off. – (FBE) For each of these,
we’re gonna give you the food and see how creative
you can get with it, but then we’ll be showing you
a video of how some people were able to cleverly find
new ways to use these foods. – Okay, oh, do it?
Oh my, uh oh! – Okay, I think I’m creative,
so you know, we’ll see. We’ll see how creative I get. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Your first food
is a watermelon. – A watermelon?
Feel like this would be like a sad game of basketball. Like, everybody would suck, but it would be really fun
if you were drunk. – You could probably use it
as a bong, so that works. – What else could you do
with a watermelon? Like, I feel like it could be used
as maybe like a rolling pin? You know, if you’re trying to like
roll out some dough. – I have seen people turn
watermelon rinds into punch bowls. – (FBE) You might just be
on to something, you ready to find out
what we’re doing today? – Sure. ♪ (upbeat piano music) ♪ – (Dave) Today, I’m gonna show you
a really cool way to use a watermelon. Start by chopping the top off…
– Do you have to use the accent? Or is that optional?
– (Dave) …remove the lid, and hollow it out. You could just use a spoon, but I’m gonna start by using… – I just want a pineapple
spiralizing tool. – I wish it was that fast. (laughs) – (Dave) I’m gonna fit this tap to it. – Oh!
– What? (laughs) – I’m like ooh! The midwestern housewife mom
is like this looks fun! – Don’t think I won’t be
using this idea. – This is too much work. – You also have to know
exactly the size of the spout, and the drill of the hole
you’re gonna be doing. – (Dave) Next, take the tap
and a washer. – Oh, that’s a lot of work. – Oh, he’s really
thinking this through. – Mm-mm,
’cause that’s gonna get loose and it’s gonna be a drippy mess. – Wow, that’s so cool!
– (Dave) Pretty cool, huh? – That’s fantastic.
Take the inside, mash that up,
throw some vodka in there. Dump that out. By the end of that thing,
people be wearing it as a hat. – I mean, I guess that’s kind of
a cool party thing to have, but that’s a lot of work. – (FBE) So this process
does take a while, so we did pre-cut this watermelon, but now that you have seen
how to make the cooler, you can give it a try. – This is fantastic. There’s like a little picture
of a watermelon with the tap. – Alright, can I drink it? Yeah, it tastes like watermelon. – Oh, it’s like a La Croix.
(laughs) It’s just, like watermelon
just went by and winked at it. – I would be that bitch
to want some ice. – What a great, like on a hot,
crazy hot day, like just to pack it with some ice,
even just plain water is totally delicious.
– It’s too much, it’s still too much work. – I’m gonna be the it girl
at my parties. This is gonna be great. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Here is your next food,
it is a near empty jar of Nutella. – Oh, okay.
What would you use this for? – Why is it empty? – Clean it out, right? And just put lotion in here,
or Vaseline! (laughs) – You know, it can hold,
maybe some makeup brushes, some eye shadow brushes.
– Filling it with candy, that would get it,
some of the bits of it, or like Rice Chex? – Some type of liquid
is gonna go in there, milk or coffee or something,
shake it up, pour it in, and you’re good to go. – I’m not totally sure
what some inventive person did with an empty Nutella jar, but I bet it was
something really smart. – (man) Take your empty… – It’s the milk! – I am nailing this thing! – Ah, like Nutella chocolate milk.
So smart! – It has to be empty though, right?
Yeah. I feel like it would taste like milk. – Oh my God,
it’s not tightened very well. – I’m losing my mind
over the counter. – Would not happen in my house,
for that very reason. – Whoa, that is like super chocolate. – I would feel like
you’d have to shake for an hour and a half,
’cause it’s very, very sticky. – Did you see the mess he created?
Did that not bother anyone else? Just go and get some Nesquik
for God’s sakes. – I’m ready to give it a try! Alright, let’s see here. – So we just pour the milk in
without making a mess. – (FBE) Make sure it’s
like really tight. – Oh, oh yes, oh yes.
That I will make sure of. – Yeah, I figure this would be
like a little labor intensive, so I can like pre-burn off
the Nutella, which is not a bad idea. – (FBE) You gotta do it for like
a full 30 seconds, yeah! – I don’t wanna do it the funny way,
’cause I don’t want that in the edit. (laughs) – Like this would be fun for kids.
Right? Like, here kids,
go shake this around for a minute. – It’s super delicious
Nutella chocolate milk! I’m trying it now. Come on! Do this immediately. – Holy [bleep]!
That’s actually really good, wow! – Mmm, I’m gonna finish it,
because it’s really good. – Mm-hmm.
– No. Absolutely not. My Nutella will be going
to the recycling bin. To the trash. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So next up, we have… Cake!
– Cake! – So there’s another use
for a cake? – (FBE) You won’t be using this
exactly for something else, but there is a way to prepare it
that you might not be aware of. – Oh, cut it? Oh is this one of those like thunk,
like one of those types of things? Yeah, a cake cutter thing? – There’s another way, I know! I’ve seen it and I can’t
remember what it is. – It’s kind of a small one,
so maybe like one of those section thingys for like
an apple sectioner. – I’m guessing that it’s gonna be
something triflin’ though. – Is it like a wire? – (FBE) Once again, you’re like
90% of the way there. – Ah, is it a laser (laughs)
that I have to cut it myself. – Oh, okay, lemme guess, lemme guess.
Floss? Oh my God, did I get it right?
(gasps) (screams) I did! – (man) Non-flavored dental floss. – Dental floss, God damn it!
– (man) A piece of cake. – I was right! They just do it with floss.
– (man) Cover the length, and wrap around your fingers. – Like you’re flossing your teeth. – That’s insane. – (man) And whammo!
– Whammo! (laughs) – Whoa! – (man) That was easy.
– Yeah, that was easy. – What did he serve that with?
A God damn butter knife. Shoot, how am I gonna cut this cake? Dental floss, I know,
I’ll be right back! Let me put this knife down. – I actually kinda like this trick,
and I think it’s important to note that the person in the video said
the unflavored dental floss, ’cause we don’t want mint
desecrating the cake. – (FBE) Well now,
you can give it a try! – Alright! Thank you.
– It’s very nerve-wracking. Ah! – Mm, it’s a little messy. – It’s like my teeth. (Ashby laughs) – It’s not that easy to do. – Nice, I’m just slicing away.
Oh my God. Right?
That is a highly impressive maneuver. – Look how perfect that is!
Wow! – Did it work, yes.
But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. – (laughs) Oh my God.
That’s really good. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Here’s your next food!
Cookies and ice cream! – Oh my God, fantastic! – You know, I’m scared
about ice cream nowadays. You know, people are opening
these things and licking them, and putting them back
on store shelves. – I’m guessing it’s like gonna scoop
with the cookie into the ice cream? – Oh okay, let’s just get it.
I’m just gonna… – (FBE) Uh, uh, uh, uh!
– Oh no, no. Just kidding. – (FBE) You don’t need to open it. – I don’t need to open it? – If I really don’t have to open this,
and I can put this cookie into the ice cream without opening it.
(swishes) It’s magic! – Could you possibly like cut it,
so you have like a slice of ice cream? – Yeah, you cut it
in the middle, right? And then you put it in the middle,
right, and then you peel it off. And then it’s a cookie sandwich!
Yes! ♪ (playful music) ♪ – There it is, yes! – Oh you cut the God damn stuff. – See that’s how you have to
cut your ice cream now, that people are licking from them. – It’s so weird to do that. – Oh my God,
I just wanna eat it already. – (laughs) That’s so smart! – Whoa, that’s a big piece of ice cream! – That’s a pretty good one. – I’m very pleased, because I do think that this
is a good idea. But strictly only if you’re doing
ice cream sandwiches, because what are you gonna do
with the rest of that ice cream? – Once you cut that thing open, that’s gonna be hard
to store that ice cream. – Ooh! Yes! – Oh this is tough. You need some upper body strength
to do this one. – I don’t agree with this one so far.
It’s getting everywhere! I think I’m messing up the ice cream. – I feel like Martha Stewart
is like turning over… Like, this is the most gauche thing
I’ve ever seen. I think it’s frickin’ brilliant. – I just cut the paper.
– Alright! (laughs) This looks great, this is great. (laughs) – (FBE) You didn’t put it on
the right way! – Ah! Perfect! – Sandwich made by yours truly.
It’s beautiful, right? – Boy look at how easy that was, kids.
Like. (laughs) – (laughs) It’s solid. This is a lot harder
than I thought it would be. – That’s good stuff.
Mmm, that’s really good. – Maybe it’s worth it. – That is so good.
That is so smart. I’m gonna tell my kids about this one.
They’ll dig it. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So for our last hack,
we’re bringing back something that we did with the YouTubers,
but we felt it was so practical, we had to include it
in this video too. So here we have
a frozen stick of butter and some toast. – Do you just put them on there
and just microwave it? – Use the floss, you cut it.
(laughs) – I would actually just pick it up and just go like that. Mine is not the right way,
it’s just another way. – I’m so excited to see
what the better way is, ’cause now I have
cut toast out of my life for so long. I’m ready for toast to come back in. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Grate, like cheese grate, oh okay. – Wait, what? – I never thought of to do this. – That’s really smart. – That’s a lot easier
instead of melting it. – I’m gonna, no. I’m gonna go with no on that one. You’re just trying
to soften the butter? This is different, it’s not cheese! – I’m a believer.
I feel like this would work. – It seems kind of intuitive,
’cause you can grate cheese, but like frozen butter,
and I literally keep my butter frozen. All the time, ’cause I don’t use it
that often. Now, toast is gonna be rescued for me.
– Let’s do it! – Great! (laughs) Grate! ♪ (“Seinfeld theme”) ♪ – Oh my God,
it’s coming off so easily! – (laughs) I’m sorry, this is fun! – It’s so cute, too! Like not only does it work amazing, I just put 20 pounds
of butter on my toast! – Will it spread, that’s the question. Let’s see, oh it totally does! This is so cool. – I kinda like this. – (FBE) See, isn’t that easy? – Yeah, doesn’t that look great?
(laughs) No! – Well done, good idea. – It creates dishes, but,
this isn’t bad. – This is my favorite one. – This is a nope. Butter plus grater equals nope. – I like them all.
It’s cool to have them jump off the screen
and for me to try firsthand. I did enjoy that process a lot. – I feel like that’s one of the
greatest things about the internet. It’s like if there’s
an easier way to do it, for a lazy person,
it’s out there. Like, you can find it. But the butter thing,
the butter thing is so smart. Like, I don’t have
to give up toast anymore! – Thanks for watching us
try food hacks on the REACT Channel. – Subscribe for new shows
almost every day. – What other foods can you
do fun things with? Let us know in the comments. – Bye y’all! – Hey guys, Ethan here
from the REACT Channel. Hey if you like our content,
then you just might like our tweets. So why don’t you give us a follow
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