100 thoughts on “5 Ways a Vegan Diet Can Help Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Bloody hell that must have been an epic amount of work to make this video….but thanks for making it I can pass the information on 😊🌶🌶👍

  2. My mom has Parkinson's but refuses to eat any of my vegan food. I'm gonna use this video to try to convince her; I just want her to feel better ):

  3. Fantastic video, i can honestly say. I did have a hand tremor…doc's had know idea why. Went vegan 6 months ago…..way… way better!

  4. Thanks for putting together such an informative, uplifting compilation of studies. With all that is wrong in the world, it's good to find a bright spot.

  5. I’m doing my research paper on plant based diets this year. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to cover all the benefits within my word limit!

  6. Awesome info as always thank you…my grandma died of this and ate a diet of canned fruit & frozen waffles& sausage everyday :(((

  7. Thank youu very very much,i needed this video.my dad has parkinsons disease and its been almost a month hes been vegan, i hope he gets better

  8. Umm Mic, use more apealing titles like There is hope for parkinson, or a surprising way to cure parkinson.. you will reach out more people and help more, just a tip, youre more experienced and succesful as an youtuber than me, so idk.
    great video, as always

  9. My Dad, uncle and 2 aunts all died of parkinson's. My Sister has MS we seem to have a lot of autoimmune disorders. Thank you for the video

  10. Well, okay. My family has a history of heart disease, diabetes, parkinson's, arthritis, obesity and a plethora of other diet related issues. This info on parkinson's was just the info I was looking for. It helps validate the reasons I went vegan 6 months ago. I am now the healthiest I've ever been and will be for the next 60 years. Thanks Mic.

  11. So FYI God invented plants for us to wipe our butts with. Get that crap out of your mouth and eat fat and meat it's tasty and verry good for you. 🤓🤓🤓

  12. I really appreciate the advice regarding coffee which studies have show to help while other have shown that it does not help. I will continue drinking coffee and not drinking coffee

  13. Incredible stuff Mike! Thanks for posting. I wish I could get more of my friends and especially family to watch your videos… oh well, I'll keep trying 🙂

  14. Awesome video, very detailed approach to your findings, could you make a video on diseases like Psoriatic and Rheumatoid arthritis and similar inflammatory conditions?

  15. Hi Mike! Thanks for this video! Can you make one about Alzheimer's disease? My grandpa has it and my family doesn't think a vegan diet can help at all. I hope you'll make it! Love your videos!!!

  16. Nice video.

    Could you please make a video about vaccination? I would be very interested in your thoughts on this subject as there are basically no vegan options for this.

    Thank a lot!

  17. Just saw this article. I would love you to do a video on the topic! https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/01/09/well/heart-risk-doctors-lipoprotein.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur&referer=https://t.co/qZEwHmTHZs?amp=1

  18. Hey pussy. I ate veal and bacon for breakfast with eggs from caged chickens. I am wearing a leather jacket, leather shoes, a leather belt, and a leather backpack. I also own a lot of fur jackets. I’m going trophy hunting spring break also. I hope to have a tiger to put above my mantle. Vegans are stupid.

  19. For some disease, animal protein and dairy isn't the cause, unless these food were taken in large amounts for years. The keyword is Overconsumption. So I will stick to my current diet : less meat, less dairy and more plants on plates.

  20. Hello Mic. I'm a 17-year pescatarian that made a commitment to go vegan this year. My last hurrah was a week vacation in New Orleans filled with pizza and catfish Po' Boys. I've been vegan since getting back to SF on January 9th. The difference in how I feel and function is remarkable. Thank you for the continued motivation and inspiration.

  21. your videos are great Mic., so scientific and informative. i love facts, I watch every video of yours. thank you for being here on youtube

  22. Have you ever done a video on taurine? Parkinsons is associated with lower taurine plasma levels and taurine is supposed to have a neurological benefits, growing brains cells. The body can produce taurine but there are no dietary sources of taurine on the vegan diet (that I know of). It would be interesting to know about taurine supplementation or carnitine supplementation etc on vegan diet considering that vegans usually have a lower blood level of this amino acid compared to people on a carnitarian diet

  23. Hi Mic! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I was wondering why you recommand to stop eating salt while there are alternatives like Himalayan salt which is not bad for you, it even has a lot of minerals. I trust your opinions and I hope you will adress this issue.

  24. Hi Mi, I have recently been inspired to become vegan because of you a couple months ago 🙂
    my entire family are animal eaters, but my mother has heart disease. I commonly repeat to her health benefits of veganism that I hear from vegan health documentaries and videos, and at one point I mentioned benefits of veganism for heart disease and she became very interested.
    Do you have any videos of yours that you've made that specifically target heart disease? If yes I'd love to be given the link, but if not it'd be nice to see a new video on it 🙂
    Thanks Mic!

  25. You are infinitely better than Unnatural Vegan in every way. You fully research all your topics and explain it well; she just talks for twenty minutes in her video about why all other vegans are wrong and she’s the only “rational” one.

  26. Hey Mic 🙂 Could you make a video on the health benefits of seeds, such as chia seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, etc ? Most people don't know much about them, how to use them and why they should eat them more + people that are allergic to gluten can eat them instead of nuts in many recipes. I love your videos, they're very helpful, interesting and different from other vegan channels. Thanks !!

  27. whats the point of being a vegan if you are just going to die anyways? id rather enjoy life to the fullest instead of wasting it away by depriving myself of the many enjoyments of life.

  28. 3 years vegan , sex drive is absolutely shit and depressed out of my mind. Been extremely resistant to try and add some meat and see if I feel a difference , but I'm at the point of no return and have to try something even though I feel very guilty .

  29. MIC!! Thought about doing a video on if caffeine hinders calcium absorbtion? I eat whole(ish) plant based but also have close to a couple litres diet sodas and energy drinks — so a hell of a lot of caffeine. Not sure whether this is true or not? I already go crazy on stuff like black turtle beans to try up my calcium, would be sh*tty to know that was useless :3

    Also a study on 'can energy drinks be healthy' (with all the B vitamins) would be cool 😌

  30. I believe mic did a video on how non organic food affect on health/ weight gain.. does anybody know what the title of that was because I can’t seem to find it

  31. I've been vegan only for two years. I used to be vegetarian before and each year trough my whole life I used to develop neumonia and bronkitis very easily each year I could spent weeks at bed. And I also had a facility to catch flu, fevers and colds. But since I've adopted this amazing lifestyle I didn't have any !! And also the energy has increased a lot but I didn't went vegan for the health. So while I'm doing the right thing for heart and other complicated living beings but I also get to treat my body! Congratulations for the amazing videos you share and help more people become vegan ! Thank you! !

  32. Wow, so interesting!! Had to watch it two times, because you give so much info in such a short time (sorry, I'm Dutch) but it is extremely fascinating and convincing stuff!! No punnishment in watching it again! Keep up the good work!

  33. I have absolutely no connection with Parkinson's (Thank God), not personally neither it is running in our family. I have, however, watched the whole video nevertheless, as I do with all Mic's exceptionally well researched and presented vids, as a devoted subscriber and a staunch vegan. LOL! Even though I could've said to myself: Parkinson's? Pha, not my concern! and decide to skip that one, I didn't and instead I have learned and gained so much information yet again and got that uplifting feeling, that if vegan, whole food plant based diet can help so dramatically in alleviating complex and serious diseases such as Parkinson's, imagine what it does to you when consumed daily for years! Prevention and proper maintenance of your precious organs is just priceless.

  34. Very off topic, but I've recently become Vegan and my family was giving it a try, and all was well until my mom's blood sugar went up (she has type 1 diabetes). I really want Veganism to be feasible for her but I can't seem to find much addressing this topic. Here's a video idea. lol

  35. Hey I recently watched a pod cast debating a vegan diet (https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1963164657337908&id=100009331797887) and I was hoping you could listen to it and maybe give some feed back.

  36. Mic,

    I've watched many of your videos, which have all helped me on my vegan journey. I am wondering what your opinion on coffee is? I haven't watched a video where you discuss coffee and looked through your videos to see if you have one but alas there was none. I am very interested in your opinion on the topic.
    I've found that after turning vegan, coffee makes me feel sick and tired and even realised it gave me body odor. This wasn't the case before veganism. Anyways… Do you drink coffee, if not, why not?


  37. I have pseudotumor cerebri or intracranial hypertension…whichever you want to call it. It’s made my life miserable for years. I had to drop out of nursing school and I’ve been sleeping most of the last 5 years away. Went vegan as a last ditch effort. Symptoms were mostly regressed after 30 days. Recently moved back to a normal western diet because my neighbor called CPS and tried to have my 9 year old taken due to us being vegan. Luckily we sorted it all out and the CPS supervisor I eventually talked to was also vegan. After a month my symptoms are worse than ever. Luckily I can now safely transition back. I think veganism must be very helpful for many neuro diseases like mine, PD, MS ect. I know many people with neurological issues who went whole food vegan and saw improvement.

  38. You should do a video about epilepsy and a vegan diet and if they correlate. I was diagnosed with epilepsy back in 2013 and eventually chose to slowly weam myself off of my medication .I've been vegan for almost 5 months now and haven't had a seizure in almost a year. Love your videos and hope you consider!

  39. vegan diet has never helped parkinsons in anyway shape or form a ketogenic diet is used to treat this, sorry this is false

  40. I suppose it's nothing but dairy and meat products that causes Parkinson's disease and only a vegan lifestyle is the cure right???

  41. Thanks for the great content. I discovered you a few weeks ago and have subbed and have been binge watching your videos. I am a Vegetarian gone Vegan, so I am trying to catch up on the pros and if there are any, cons of the Vegan diet. I came across a terrifying article about irreversible brain shrinkage, particularly in older Vegans. I know fats are good for brain health, and we can certainly get plenty of fat, but maybe not the right Omega 3s. I didn't see if you addressed this "brain shrinkage" concept. I would love to see your thoughts on this, if you have read up on it at all.

  42. Hey mic could you do a video on how dairy causes eczema i have has severe eczema and when I went vegan it helped a lot! I wish my friends understand when I say dairy is bad for you. They say my bones are going to break?! Can you believe that!?

  43. Dude. Thank you so much for the work.
    I've just finished russian subtitles, to show this vid to my mother.
    Hope it'll convince her to try vegan diet insted of having deep brain stimulation surgery.
    I hope it will help other people too.

  44. I went vegan to reverse my autoimmune disease and it worked. Unfortunately I made the mistake of thinking i could go back to my unhealthy ways when I got pregnant. I ended up with a severe flare up and here I am going back to veganism for life because it's worth my health.

  45. Thanks for this vid <3 My dad has Parkinson´s, as well as his dad had and also my grandma from mother´s side had it, so I am pretty afraid of getting it. Today, thanks to your vid, I convinced my dad to try going vegan. I am amazed by all the good effect mentioned in this video, I hope, he could get better as well…

  46. Mic, if there’s any new research info that enhances your present PD video, please upload ASAP. Very much appreciated. Judging by the comments, you’re on to something BIG!

  47. How about a video about veganism and psoriasis. I am actually working on healing mine by being an oil-free, whole food vegan! It has taken one month and the change is huge already!!!

  48. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease nearly 4 years ago, at age 51. I had a stooped posture, tremors, muscle stiffness, sleeplessness, and slow movement. I was placed on Sinemet for 7 months and then Sifrol and rotigotine were introduced which replaced the Sinemet but I had to stop due to side effects. I was in denial for a while as there is no history of PD in my family. I also used amantadine, and physical therapy to strengthen muscles all failed. I decided to adopt a more natural approach and started on Parkinson's Herbal formula from Organic Herbal Clinic, the Parkinson's natural formula immensely helped my condition, i had a total recovery from PD with this natural herbal formula treatment. Organic Herbal Clinic official web site www . organicherbalclinic . com. I feel alive again!!

  49. I seriously could not wait around to try the weight loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I was so ecstatic. I suggest you to Google this plan also. My friend has lost 10 lbs by now due to this weight loss plan. .

  50. I feel like I'm at the end of my rope with this type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease. I've been trying to do an all raw fresh-fruit diet which is very hard to do but I do love fruit and it just seems like I'm just not really getting enough food with only eating fruit have I tried doing some raw fresh vegetables as well, has been really hard having both type 2 diabetes and PD. I don't feel like the carbidopa levodopaI have been given by my neurologist to take helps at all just gives me bad side effects my muscles stay tight all the time except for just a few minutes now and again when I actually feel normal and I think it's actually the fruit helping me. Would you happen to have any insight about what's going on what is going on with my crazy body, I feel like I'll never be normal again there seems to be really no hope

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