If you give them a bao, then they become your bao bae. ♪ (I postpone everything) ♪ ♪ (Worrying about stupid things) ♪ ♪ (When is it my turn) ♪ ♪ (to start living?) ♪ ♪ (Cause I remember
growing up) ♪ ♪ (we rode our bikes all over town) ♪ ♪ (Spendin’ all our cash on) ♪ ♪ (candy bars) ♪ Good morning. My last day here in Hong Kong and been such a fun week, exploring the city.. haven’t been here in so many years.. I got to come back sooner. This morning I’m feeling a little lazy.
Kinda wanna lounge around the hotel room. So let’s go check out the local 7-Eleven. They basically have a little kitchen here cooking up breakfast. Western fried rice. I basically got everything they have available for breakfast on the menu. and they had a lot available.
Everything was- they just prepared it like an hour ago. Let’s see what else is good.
Ooh. Yungzhou Chow Faan – Love this. Beef tendon over rice. This is very Hong Kong – chicken feet, ribs, rice. Another popular dish: Singapore fried rice vermicelli. The egg sandwiches are definitely not gonna compete with Japan. Imitation lobster, tobiko salad. Interesting, tuna fish and egg mayonnaise sandwich – alright. I’m just gonna try their egg sandwiches out. Cause I miss Japan so much. My favorite brand of Taiwanese instant noodles. I haven’t tried this yet. Banana milk. So you gotta be careful with the microwave in Hong Kong. It’s not like in Japan where you just push one button. So it says “four plus four”, that means you push Four once,
and then when it’s done you push it again. So this one was Four plus Three, so I pushed Four, and I pushed Plus Three. This one is six plus three. When that’s done – Press a Three. There’s really not a place to eat at 7-Elevens in Hong Kong. They’re not really prepped that way. So I’m gonna take it back to my hotel room
with the exception of this. Gotta eat this right now. They have straws here.. lids, fork, spoon, and chopsticks and tong- oh, that’s out. This ramen is so good because inside this packet, it’s a sauce and real chunks of beef. This’s also why, if you try to take this back to the States, you might get caught. And this will be confiscated because you’re not supposed to take this. A lot people ask me where to buy this in the States, I think Ebay. Probably the only place. “Super hot pot beef flavor” ..never had this. Oh, I could smell the numminess from it already. Definitely needs a little more time. Aww, look at this. Noodles are a little wide so it’s gonna have a nice chew too, I assume. Let me see if I can find it.
Oh, here we go. Chunks of beef,
little fat on the side. I’m gonna eat it.. with some of the shumai and fish balls. Kinda just drenched in this spicy sauce on the bottom. That is not a bad fish ball, especially the spicy, nummy sauce
that comes with it – good stuff. I know this’s not a Hong Kong instant noodle, but the sting never fails me. A little shumai – I’m gonna dip it in that spicy, nummy sauce as well. Definitely doesn’t taste like a siumaai yoi fun in a dim sum place – a little gluey, wrappers non-existent – but at least I can taste a shrimp. I’m not asking for much. Ohh, love these noodles so much. I think- choosing between fish balls and their shumai, definitely get the shumai. But whatever you get, get that sauce. I still think I like the beef version.
With this instant, you know better. I just missed it so much.. Alright, store’s getting busy.
I gotta get outta here. Taking up a lot of space.. Let’s go have the rest of breakfast 🙂 but gotta say:
the staff at that 7-Eleven – Nicest people..
maybe I’ve met at Hong Kong- just the sweetest, sweetest people. They even ask if I’m coming back tomorrow for more. But anyway, they helped me with the microwave, they helped me with the instant noodles.. such great people so
big shout out to them. Ohhh, This is actually really, really nice because that’s the view outside my hotel window. This is the harbor – Beautiful. Looking out at that beautiful scenery, Munching on some 7-Eleven. This is the dream right here. If this was in Japan, it’d be even more perfect. UHh, I don’t even know where to start.. Ugh, that’s a really milky milk tea. Let’s eat. This is the Singapore-style fried rice noodles. And this is a really popular dish
not just in Singapore, but also for Cantonese people. the [?] noodles are pretty fluffy,
a little bit of peas, just a tiny bit of pork, and you know so-called eggs,
so really not much sauce here, or topping here. It’s mainly just in the noodles.
I already know this thing is gonna need some hot oil. I don’t hate this.
I mean, the noodles are dry. I wish it was a little more sauce
to this thing, but I like to chew,
and I’d like the curry flavor. Honestly, it’s not bad for me. Uh. That tastes exactly what it said: salted sparkling water. Sparkling Water with Salt. I didn’t know sparkling water needed salt,
but it’s not bad. It’s not- it sounds gross.
It’s okay. This is crazy. This is chicken feet and pork- pork ribs over rice,
and these are really popular dim sum dishes
and if you want some classics, you definitely would get the chicken feet, and you would get the pork ribs with the black bean sauce on top. That’s bad.
They taste like ribs that’ve been sitting out for a few hours,
and somebody went over there – magical flavor elf – and just extracted all the flavor from it
and then left it for you to eat. I feel like this is what Santa leaves really
naughty Asian kids. ‘ll try the chicken for you.
I’m really.. terrified of this.
I mean chicken feet itself has a terror factor to it.. But put it into a microwavable rice dish,
It just looks diabolical. I’m pretty sure it’s giving me the finger right now. Surprisingly, don’t hate it. Flavor is much better than the ribs. I mean, it was sitting by the ribs, maybe it sucked out all its flavor.
It’s like a flavor-stealing vampire chicken claw That texture’s not bad. It actually tastes like something that came out of a restaurant. I mean it’s no spring chicken, but I can’t stop picking at this. Sorry, sorry Pretty good chicken feet. Again, I’m not a chicken feet expert,
or a Colonel Soare, if you will. Sorry, that’s that’s my last one. I’m just- It’s-it’s-it’s not bad chicken feet. Ooh, Rice with beef brisket and tendon.
I’ve been looking forward to this. So if you don’t know,
Hong Kong is famous for its beef brisket. And so I really wanted to try this The only thing is the packaging for these these microwave things are
just so incredibly Difficult to rip off. Inside: some radish and the chunks of beef,
soaked in gravy and what we should do is
scoop some of that and put it over the rice,
a little extra gravy. Oh, big chunk of beef tendon. You know, growing up,
how your parents told you to – or at least mine did – to chew my food
a hundred times before I swallow it. I think that actually needed literally a hundred chews. Oh, that was a tough brisket, but I have to say the opposite for the tendon like Oh, man.. That tendon’s really, really mellow.
I like a little chew in my tendon. I don’t like it that soft.
That was almost pudding soft. I think the best thing in this plate so far
that I’ve had is the radish. That’s just really juicy and crunchy. I think the beef is flavorful and
the gravy is excellent but some pieces of meat –
it’s just way too tough for me, but again really good flavor. Really good flavor. A lil hot oil, mix a little gravy,
mix it with the rice That alone is good eating. Fried rice, what looks like some roast pork,
peas and shrimp. Oh, This is the worst thing I’ve had so far. The combination of curry and
little bits of eggs in there and pork are just as mushy as the peas. You know, sometimes I’m eating something really delicious and I can’t pinpoint that amazing combination of aroma and flavor,
but it’s just so heavenly good. Yeah, this is the opposite of all that. Oh, the noodles are so much better than this. This is the Cheung Fun
– really popular, classic dim sum item – steamed rice noodles in some sauce. That’s not bad. It’s definitely not gonna be like
fresh steamed rice noodles – don’t be expecting that, but this is tasty. It’s chewy. I like the sauce..
It’s fragrant, it’s spicy, not a bad mouth feel. And the sauce I feel like,
once you finish this you can use the sauce for a lot of stuff.
That’s great sauce. These are the chicken wings. I think they’re like soy sauce-braised chicken wings. They look pretty juicy. They’re not bad. Actually, they’re pretty good.
A little sweet, also umami flavor. Very aromatic aftertaste that leaves your mouth feeling like somebody went in there and sprayed like Good Chicken Potpourri all over it. Good stuff. I’m thinking these are gonna be good. These are indeed good. She told me it pairs really well with the chicken and I think it’ll pair really well with a
spicy, nummy fish ball. And the noodles itself is actually quite fragrant.
It’s got some nice spice to it. I think a similar sauce as that
is in the noodles as well, and the chicken doesn’t look half bad. Chicken’s alright.
I would just stick with the fish balls. But it does go good with the noodles. We need something a little saucy with these noodles. Fish ball’s still one of my favorites here. I have a thought.
Trust me; it doesn’t happen all that often. Noodles into the spicy, nummy sauce from the fish ball. Ah, now they look so much more inviting. I like that. I think for all these things,
if you can, eat it as soon as you get it. I think I let these noodles sit a little bit longer than I should have. But when fresh, these are good noodles. 7-Eleven egg sandwiches.
I always get from Japan and I just want to see how it is here because I’ve been missing the heck out of these. And they’re distant cousins,
right? It can’t be that much difference.
It’s still the same eggy family tree. I mean at first glance it is kind of similar. No crust.
The egg, you know, it’s egg salad. They look alike for sure. You can definitely tell they’re related.
The bread – nice and airy and bouncy. Not the same. It’s not bad. The texture – it’s a little crumblier than the Japan version. The sandwich in general –
it’s not as light. It’s not as airy. It’s not as egg-cellent as the one in Japan. Bread, I think, is also a factor. This bread – It’s just it’s not as soft. I think overall, it’s a tougher version of the egg sandwich. They’re still good. It’s not a bad egg sandwich.
So it was like if I’d never had the egg sandwiches in Japan and I had this,
this to me will be an amazing egg sandwich, but something about this is little too much sweetness for me Oh, this is interesting:
tuna fish and egg mayonnaise sandwich. Again, if you remember back in Japan, they used to prepare that egg salad sandwiches with tuna salad sandwiches,
and it was amazing. So I used to just eat them together
and they, here they literally just put the savory ingredients inside two pieces of bread. You can tell as soon as you take the sandwich out of packaging that the bread is it’s a lot tougher, a lot more stale than than what you would get in Japan. Yeah, this is no good.
The tuna is not as fresh. I know it’s canned tuna, But it just doesn’t taste all that tuna-y. This combo almost gives off like a sort of a bitter taste – really weird. This is really not-that-good. Imitation lobster and tobiko salad sandwich. Oh, you know this is not bad. Dare I even say, this is good –
still a little sweet for me. But nice, chewy chunks of meat.
The sauce is creamy and flavorful. There’s like little popping bits of fish roe in here. It’s not a bad sandwich. So I think out of the three sandwiches I had, this and this egg sandwich I liked the most. The egg and tuna, I think,
will probably show up in my nightmare. Banana milk. Yeah, I like to open it from the other end because you know, I’m a rebel like that This is so yum.
I didn’t know you could milk fruits But glad they did. They have a very big assortment of bao in in 7-Eleven, but let’s try this first: This is the very traditional looking sticky rice and
it’s wrapped in a fragrant, aromatic lotus leaf. And this dish, at least presentation-wise, is the best looking dim sum item I got from 7-Eleven. So this is a roast pork sticky rice. That’s great. If you put this on a plate, serve it you me in a dim sum restaurant, couldn’t tell you the difference. This is, by far, the best dish I’ve had.
Most quality dish. Like I said, 7-Eleven Hong Kong breakfast has a lot of dim sum options and it has a lot of buns so I got every one of them so I can try it out Start with this. This is a sweet bun. Mm! Pandan bun. Love the pandan flavor.
That’s a good bun. The classic teochew ball – roast pork bun. That’s not bad either.
So far with the buns, two out of two. I think this is a chicken bun. It’s a chicken bun, especially flavor’s pretty good. It’s a little too sweet for me, but it’s not a bad bun. That’s a good bun. ..coffee bun. I think this – it’s a really nice snack If you’re hungry – craving something a little sweet, walk into a 7-Eleven and grab one of these They’re good. Oh… Salted egg bun. Now, I don’t know what this would have been like if it was warmed up because right now obviously the buns a little cold. Maybe this could have even been really runny. That’s good. This is one of my favorite things in dim sum: runny, eggy yoke-y, sweet, salted egg bun.
I mean it’s not runny right now. Like I said, it’s been sitting on my table for about 20 minutes The fluffiness of the outside dough,
the sweet creaminess and slight eggy and saltiness of the filling.
It’s everything you want in this bun. That is now the best thing I’ve had on a 7-Eleven menu. I think somewhere in my hotel, there must be a microwave. I’m gonna microwave this thing up and see if this thing could still be runny. I’ll be back. Piping hot bun. Alright, so it’s not flowing like they usually do at dim sum restaurants It’s still really darn good. You should get this. Guys, you really should go get your girlfriend one of these- oh, oh ladies too Go get your guys one of these.
You know why? If you give them a Bao or a bun, then they become your Bao Bae, which in Chinese means, baby so You know, they become your baby.
Your Bao. Bao bae. Somebody should put that on Subtle Asian Traits. Oh, by the way, if you’re a admin if you’re watching, I posted many funny things –
only like one got posted so it hurt my feelings, you know.
Anyway overall, I feel like of all the stuff I got, the dim sum items were the best things from the 7-Eleven here in Hong Kong Out of the dim sum items, I love almost every single one of the buns. I think those were the best tasting dim sum items. I thought the fish balls were good.
The rice noodles are good. The sticky rice was excellent.
Chicken wings was tasty. Most of the other microwavable lunch items I got were just okay, and I got a lot of food, but basically today it’s a it’s a lazy Sunday I’m just gonna stay in my hotel room,
watch the new season of One Punch Man, and eat and stare out my window.
Sounds like a fun day to me. And guys as a reminder when you’re watching this I am no longer in Hong Kong
because of the editing delay So if you want to know where I am in real time, just make sure to follow me on Instagram right over here. The link is also available for you in the description box below. Also, don’t forget to check out the Strictly Dumpling store. We got a tons of really funny cute new show designs, So take a look at that.
So that wraps up my review of 7-Eleven here in Hong Kong.
Thank you guys so much for watching until we eat again. See you later.

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