#74 Does diet COKE count as WATER intake  – My weight loss JOURNEY

#74 Does diet COKE count as WATER intake – My weight loss JOURNEY

moving I have to set it to wait today I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not a good idea but I’m gonna do it anyway because just right wait hi so I’d like to at least see if that has kind of corrected itself because I have been eating very very well and I have been exercising and haven’t drinking my water so hang on let’s see what it says I think I just had a dumb blonde moment because I think it’s possible the reason I was up yesterday is because when I weighed I was holding my new monopod which is heavy so I don’t think I gained weight I think I’m adding weight from the monopod so I’m gonna take the monopod off and wait and see what that looks like makes you wonder because if you hold it heavy thing away going to weigh more much better brother Lin note to self do not weigh yourself holding a monopod which is heavy okay good good to know today’s a good day to have a great day I have not told you yet cuz I told you about the organizing but I forgot to tell you I’m actually going to the gym this morning with Lee’s mom her name is Nelly and we’re gonna either a treadmill or bike and just kind of be next to each other and chatting and having a good time the main reason this is happening is because Lisa that’s such a good time together and I think that that is true because she’s a delightful lovely person so I look forward to the time and I’ll introduce you to your hair okay so well you got me we need a power word I need to tell you the thing I don’t want to do today I mean I got some crap to cover here this morning but first thing I’m gonna get going on some water oh I hundred percent of my water yes sir is very happy about that and I’m notice I’m drinking it earlier so it used to be when I was drinking 100% I am like trying really hard just before I go to bed to get it done now I notice that you know like 6 7 8 o’clock at night it’s it’s gone I’ve finished it so I’m drinking all of my water earlier in the day I like that I have refilled my water and I’m getting ready for today and I did not get my supplements yesterday I don’t know what happened I’ll take him today hi this is Melanie this is Lee’s mom I thought you’d meet Lee’s mom today Nelly actually watches some of the videos on the channel I do a lot of times you probably just watch to see Lee well I did know lately was going to be on the videos I started watching them and then one time I was like you know like if I was watching them anyway but then I said but if you have them and I said okay so I kept watching and you had sent me a text one time that said you were drinking more water oh yeah so I started drinking after excited I have a drink water but I never measure how much and so I found a video that you say that you [Music] had a picture and imagine I searched on my transom pretty okay and so what did you got um body weight like how much riding away and so how much is just drink half gallon half gallon okay good good then have you been doing it yeah good I always drink glass of water oh I’m nailing the 100 ounces now but I mean it took I II it took me like two and a half months of just practicing practicing practicing practicing to try to get to the point where I was drinking all my water well I think I got a water ankle because you don’t okay I’m not sure that counts no he doesn’t and well some lady said that you could well it is filtered water its seltzer water but I try not to drink too much so we’re going to the gym what are we gonna do I don’t know bicycle do we have a goal like we have to ride a certain long or time or distance or anything I haven’t been on at all I’ve been on the treadmill or the bicycle at all well I just joined we just joined this gym like two weeks ago or something like that so this will be my first time even on so we can just a little bit fan mail if you the bicycle I’d rather do the bicycle okay and then are we gonna ride a certain number minutes or certain distance or what certain calories I know some of them have calorie counts on I weigh my urine we should bring out a goal right 30 minutes of bicycle 30 minutes what you do yeah but I’m pretty hearty but I’ll do a half an hour although 30 minutes okay any we have to pick a starting speed or anything like that or just 30 minutes 30 minutes we’ve seen articles and if you want to do for a little bit more okay that sounds great and while we’re in there we need to come up with a power word for today because I haven’t done the power word yet this morning but we can do that over at the gym okay okay great okay I had gone like almost 30 minutes and I’ve bent over to get my phone and it reset so now I don’t know anything bummer I’m gonna keep going though okay I think we’re done with the bike so we’re done with the bikes yeah all right so it’s time to introduce our power word for today your fan we are fun yep on the great world and then if things start to go south during the day what do we do that’s right we say I am fun I like that power work thanks Nellie okay so we’re still at the gym and we’re gonna actually go into the massage chair right and that should be that but we’re now in the massage chair is the height don’t massage chair that’s what’s making all the the noise is the water the reason that I got off of the bike mostly was because like people don’t know and Nelly said it’s possible that it’s because my shoes are too tight would you know me in my shoes we have issues what my workout shirt says so I thought I would show you it says never gonna stop never gonna stop I’m gonna just keep going I keep practicing I try it again I start over let’s see how Nellie’s doing over there how’s it going over there Nelly let’s see I’m gonna zoom in on you okay how’s the hydro chair going I don’t know how to work the controls yet I think this is [Music] okay Nelly he came and adjusted my pressure to ten and I mean I can really feel it ten makes a huge difference ten is way more than three whoa yeah that’s me I had no idea they had this at the gym it seems more like a spa but I’ll take it I’m happy hey Bailey thanks for introducing me to the massage chairs okay I resumed well we have lots of fun we had lots of fun we’ll do it again yeah I’ll do it again this thing next Tuesday and Leigh’s gonna be so happy when he sees you on video yeah so I don’t think I’ve told you this but Lee absolutely 100% adores his mom like there is really no one he speaks higher of than you my mom this my mom that my mom dis my mom dad he just loves her so much and so he’s gonna be tickled when he sees I’m working tell her we’re not gonna tell him that she’s gonna be on the video and so he’ll watch [Laughter] we’re so good cuz funds the power word for JJ’s we’re so good even before I got out of a car on the way back from the gym I called the photography place to see if I could get the appointment for our pictures of course no answer I left another message we’ll see what happens but today that’s my goal to get that done I hope that I can seal that deal what’s a bit three or four days now so annoying that’s why I don’t like this kind of stuff for organizing today we’re doing something kind of interesting when the cleaning people were here they took all my fruits and vegetables and put them into the closet just on various shelves in front of stuff and everything but I love the look of the clear counter so much that now for organizing we are trying to find a way to move stuff around in my pantry to be able to have a whole shelf for the fruits and vegetables and when I said about having my countertop cleared off April gave me a huge thumbs up because she’s all about visual peace I want to introduce you to another one of our friends this is Alicia so Alicia is actually one of our daughters really good friends and in addition to that she also stayed here at our home in between others I like I’m not really sure exactly why but round else to get lost mess yeah stuff was happening and so she said hey can I sit your place I’m not sure so I think you were here six weeks or something like that I didn’t see much of you because you’re a downstairs hanging with the kids and stuff but so Alicia was actually our other channel called that so true she was actually a huge supporter of that channel and then as of today she didn’t even know we had this channel though so this is kind of an exciting fun new thing so Alicia we have a word of the day app our word of the day and today’s power word is fun okay so we say you know I am fun we are fun you are fun and then if things go south in our day like if things start going bad we just say I am fun I’m having fun our power word what do you think of the power word upbeat keeps you happy motivated paccheri take anything you’d like to share with our viewers today I am I am fun channels fun we should subscribe and watch the content because when it’s fun and she’s lifting and positive and it’s great time thank you that’s so nice I got was not expecting that all right thanks Alicia thank you as hard as this is to believe the family photo appointment is made so I called they called me back I called them back I talked to the woman she took all my card information because they charged me $25 deposit she put it in wrong head start all over but then finally BAM appointment made this is why I don’t like these kind of tasks this is what it’s the kind of tasks that I don’t want to do but I did another one today I’m gonna keep doing one every single day you

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  1. Yay! We are fun! Life is fun! Eating healthy food is fun! Avoiding Diet Coke is fun! 😂 Love your shirt! By the way, Diet Coke doesn't count as water. I used to be a HUGE soda pop drinker so I've already did my own research. It has lots of chemicals that stimulate appetite to eat more. Also can cause inflammation and other weird side effects. That photography place doesn't sound like they want to make any money. Lame!😝 Keep up the fantastic work, girl!❤😄👍🏻

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