8 Breakfast Gadgets put to the Test

8 Breakfast Gadgets put to the Test

What’s up guys! Welcome back to… not my laboratory, [but] Alex Wassabi’s house! And we’re going to do breakfast gadgets. Let’s do it? What? What was it? We’re going to do what? We’re gonna put to the test break… break… breakfast gadgets Okay!
There you go! Let’s do it! [Alex falls on the floor while laughing] What’s so funny? I don’t know I speak English! Okay I’m gonna explain it to you what we do while we’re testing the gadgets We grab a gadget, we don’t know nothing about it We try to use it and see if it works or not Okay Simple? Simple. So this is like a bacon… what is this called? “Bacon Express”
“Bacon toaster” Have you ever seen anything like that before? I’ve never seen anything… I’ve never seen I think this is [incoherent], what is it called I think this is like, genius! Look at that, such a cool design Let me get some scissors Come on, Russian power got it “Oh my gosh” There’s no way This is the only bacon we bought that’s like really really thick I think it’d be better, it’s like, to do it with some thin bacon It’s not hard to cook No
No, I plugged it in So let’s just try to put it on. I think this thing is for people who doesn’t know how to cook which is perfect for me and Alex cause we have no idea what we’re doing Is this gonna work? No way So it’s crazy Is this a Russian thing? No that’s a new thing that they just came out Now close it And now lets…let’s try turn it on Crispy?
Crispy. Do you want it crispy? I have no idea how Oh right here you turn it to here: CRISPY Boom. Can you do an American accent? I don’t know how Try it. I’ll try Russian, you try American What do you want me to say, tell me something Okay, say, “Bacon and coffee is so good.” [American accent] Bacon and coffee is so good. No? [Alex laughing] Okay, say it in Ru- your normal accent so I can say it [Normal voice] Bacon and coffee is so good [Russian accent] Bacon and coffee is so good. I don’t speak like that! So for the next one look at this, we got here bagel slicer Okay go
No, not like that So, demonstrate for us Okay We need to slice the bagel Okay Here you go And you just put it in Yeah Boom. Wow! That’s so easy That’s way better than doing it with a knife Look, if you do it with a knife, this is just not working at all It’s okay! Oh it worked pretty well though It’s pretty good But that’s so much cooler and satisfying doesn’t it?
Yeah Boom. I guess, but that was pretty- look you can’t even tell which one was by knife and which one was not Oh! Oh bacon is done! No way! It’s done?
Open it Open it.
Is it preheated or done? Oh it’s preheated I let all the heat out Okay we got to put it on more Okay Oh it was preheated Oh we’ll just come back to it Okay we’ll come back to it Now, now it’s heated You know what? What do you think about this thing? Do you like it, or do you think a knife does the same job? It does the same job but I still like it I love it because it’s very satisfying and saves space in your kitchen [laughter] Okay now we gotta This is, you know every time you use a toaster I bet you have so much garbage in there so instead of making a messy toaster oh my gosh it’s boiling in there. whoa cool! so while that’s happening i’m going to put a bage inside of the bag like this look at that. and stick it at the toaster so hopefully the bag doesn’t get on fire I haven’t tested it yet oh my gosh this is so genius smell it, you see that smoke coming out? oh no way you think it’s gonna work? No how did I I set it on super crispy do you like crispy bacon ? yeah i do me too let’s peak in there oh it’s cooking wow its like a steamer and I got it have no idea is to use this what’s this one maybe should get instructions real quick lets do this one instead now who needs a coffee maker all you have to do is use this, what !!!! no way what is it ? is it, over here cup coffee maker you put away that will filter in here vanilla, oh, French vanilla coffee how much a lot i like strong i think that’s not okay we need boiled water ok so this is normally would be like it can be camping coffee maker or going to portable where you don’t have up our place your order ok’d point all the chief it works no way to look at it look on that side there are design I good being with look its peeing i see it, i see it wow it worked soo well giving this gadget a thumbs up what do you think dude liked it thumbs out for this gadget where in the world have to think about Wow it’s the same color as my pee!! (seriously Alex?) Even though it’s so simple – *Taras in shock* Let’s block pee you need to see a doctor (yes do so Alex) they’re going so like call it feel like they look cool design know what / it but what time next time doing things like you can write my kitchen clear that the nice to give you always start whoa you’re cookin cutting open the other door can you put that I think it’s not will be opening this is you know what the bacon kind of over here goopster well but on the site now cook unless that’s cool baby gonna keep opening it so we might drop the island we’re gonna make like it express we’re gonna make me clean for whatever the real can you go put milk in there okay and I want you to fluff it up is the glass yeah it’s got super are you all right you only ok let’s do it ok with Fitz woof I thought that’s going to work and make whipped cream no now whipped cream you represent news so it’s going to flushing my jewelry if he can handle I don’t know how you put it down i got this ah because you make it happen for its lucky look how high did I told me it’s like a coffee foam yeah that’s what is made war and then and then you can put in your pocket so much done so and then you get this slop and for the New York sake let’s set to fluff it up in the cocky its slopes oh my gosh reverting to Baker rivers in the Baker keep flopping it for all well that doesn’t know from you know what it’s actually cook pretty good and keep in mind this bacon is a THICC bacon and not the skinny kind so it’s quite likely that some night falls to break a knife through okay look at the gossipy it’s actually plugged it up a lot it does while so thumbs up what do you think you’re right see Wow i’ll give it a thumbs up a chair I’m going to have his great what exactly is the hot oh my god for whatever about your life coolbreakers 30 this button do you use this very conniving cool follow up again you want what do you want to put to resist that toaster don’t start let’s do it go ahead full one minute while you have advice thought it was like basic coaster stuff so you found a respective second so well stop stop laughing at me going to get your girl here so while broken your nose your bacon you may go up to throw that we use this everybody thinks you’re going to make your basement and beto you’re probably going to call off the app both this garlic is going to keep your party 1y started see that what I have no idea ok oh I wonder how long the let’s get just one how it seems like not so we’re gonna start LOL is going to get a little long though I feel it starting yeah it’s starting to get hot water starting to get a little hot ok we can discuss it on top of it and look in the giant cop feet wow that is that perfectly fits so now you don’t have to ever three full copy again we have it up some or all of the budget college doing a good job thank you will break your heart I thought it’d be called the back here are diverted stuff you know what usually when you say Carter bread out of the sort of what happens tility it’s thought that this feels like it’s some it’s been steamed so I don’t know about this gadget well your visit just what is it put cheese in it and then he is the chief has been going to toast but you know I like the red when it comes out of their doorstep crunchy but this feels kind of West because it kind of seemed but you know what after need argument is actually cuz them all down heart you are so you are busy just you like a little not here I gotta figure out okay so what to do ok your coffee your coffee so what is the custom here up on the offer for you and we need more hot water oh I get it okay softly coughing here with is the scoop scoop can visit it and its excess amount of traffic let’s play with a guest oh I think you’ve got to keep it or not and now look up with I think you forgot one file and then you could just get up there are arrested whoa that’s awesome the city in the world all right with us did you kids and all efforts just depends what you got not if it exists like sore areas wow this is my favorite god you really goodness it’s so good like it seem cocky i’m doing connect this one but this is so much but so Alex I want you to do business coaching for yourself here By myself? (Yes Alex by yourself do what Taras says) that you’re gonna do you have anything that you are first we shall cut this thing French sorts the briscoes yes whoo ok ok then I was plated that it was great this yes and then I got some meat on there see haha going to fold it got all that ok off other than that then ok come on talking about killing the day one hand it’s good job he I was worried that it was gonna chill out no it’s all hit that bow and I’m gonna be like finals and now how long the question for all of you can use first or brag on whatever your life then kick there’s a different stuff you can use 57 minutes there’s friends need eggs bread the cool part i will like that thing that you supposed to risk that often the eggs of dropping a sandwich haha war the soul of the whole legs open else now you can open it from the top who shot Ferguson upload boom and you made yourself bread sandwich more like that gadget what cook not fully cooked base good enough i give this up Wow friend shows low it really is Muslim and you would you want to buy it but I got a place but all of it together doing things that get high up gotta get okay it’s the high why do you know we good wow the fastest french-door ceremony look at this video matches which one was your favorite I you know I i was quite fun of public last one the left one I don’t like that was just so excited fine cutting food and what’s the big one comes one is pretty if it’s so easy to quicker what the schedule our you’re starting does laughing for that you’re going to make me bigger always before dark so it’s just as I produce what exactly is not even still I got oh looks like any other units and his buddy ok ok bye

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  2. Tara's you are awesome dude I'm looking online to find a class that teaches Russian language here in Alaska because I think it is one of the coolest ones ever

  3. Taras: Today,We gonna Put to the Test 8 breakfast Gadgets
    Other Guy: What..what are we doing to day?
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  4. Memes In this video:
    Taras: Even tho is Simple,it’s black pee, “You need to see a doctor”
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