Afghan Street Food – Breakfast in Panjshir / دیگدان و تنور – صبحانه در پریان پنجشیر

Afghan Street Food – Breakfast in Panjshir / دیگدان و تنور – صبحانه در پریان پنجشیر

Hello and greetings. Hope you are all doing well Welcome to another episode of Degdan wa Tanoor show We always try to showcase the best and tasty foods of our country Afghanistan. I have decided this time to travel somewhere far from Kabul. It is a beautiful place and is 8 hours from Kabul to here. guess where am I? I am at the beautiful province of Panjshir and I want to go to Pariyan to showcase the breakfast of Pariyan residents. It is too long to Panjshir, we left Kabul late at night. We are now at the center of Panjshir, a beautiful place with nice wind and weather. You can see the nice view in the background. We now want to go to Pariyan, the farthest part of Panjshir. Until we get there, you can enjoy watching the beautiful views of Panjshir we will have talks there and I will introduce you with the breakfast of Pariyan. Panjshir is located in southern Afghanistan. This beautiful province has more than 126 large and small valleys. Panjshir province is surrounded by Takhar province in the north, Badakhshan, and Nuristan in the east and northeast, Kapisa in the south and Parwan in the west. and friends, the source of beautiful Panjshir river is Hindu Kush mountains. Friends, we are now at a bazar we found on the way where dried fruits are sold and I now want to have a talk with our brother to know what fruits are sold here Mitra: Hello and good morning Saleh Mohammad: Hello and good morning to you too. Mitra: Thank you very much. Did you start your day with happiness? Saleh Mohammad: Thank you very much. Mitra: You look a bit tired. Okay great. What is your name? Saleh Mohammad: My name is Saleh Mohammad. Mitra: Saleh Mohammad… Means you are a very good person then Saleh Mohammad: Well, let’s hope so. Mitra: Let’s hope. Saleh Mohammad is here with us and you can see he sells dried fruits. What fruits do you sell here? Saleh Mohammad: We sell dried yogurt berries, talkhan (dried and grained berries), some dried plums, walnuts. Here is some cheese. You can’t find these in Kabul. Mitra: Yes, true. You can’t really find such cheese in Kabul. Looks very good. Now tell us where do you bring this Talkhan from? Sale Mohammad: We bring Talkhan from this village. and friends who visit here purchase it Mitra: Wish you best of luck and thank you for your hospitality I will get some Talkhan, berries and dried yogurt and will go towards Pariyan. Stay with us. We are now at the beautiful Pariyan. It really is a very beautiful place. You can see what a beautiful view has this place. You can see the river, grass and high mountains I am very much happy. It was a beautiful nature on the way and I am hungry too. I am close to the village I want to go. At the village, we have one of our friends, our elders who will prepare breakfast for me. Until then, follow me and let’s go for breakfast. Now, after traveling 200 kilometers, I am at the beautiful Pariyan, the farthest part of Panjshir province. We are now at a village along with Haji Saheb Qalandar… Qalandar: Bek. Mitra: Bek. Qalandar: Very welcome. This village is named Kur Petaw which is the fathest part of Panjshir province. We are surrounded by Badakhshan in the east, Nuristan in the south, Takhar in the north, and Baghlan in the west. Mitra: That’s great. We are the guests of Haji Saheb, he wants us to go to the house. And I want him to prepare us the breakfast we have traveled for to here, we will eat that and will tell you guys how was it. Isn’t it so? Qalandar: You are right. We have something called Qutakhi Mitra: Qutakhi? Qalandar: Qutakhi. I have heard the name of Qutakhi but have never eaten it that’s why I have come to Pariyan. Qalandar: You heard the name and today you can see it, eat it and learn how it is cooked. See, what a beautiful and short door If I go straight then I will hit my head I will need to bend and go inside. Wow great. Thank you. What a beautiful place. You call this place Tandoor Khana (Kitchen)? Qalandar: Yes, we call it Tandoor Khana or kitchen. This is our culture and how we cook. You can stay here with Bibi Haje and cook Qutakhi, I will go and prepare other stuff Mitra: Okay. There is a lot of smoke here because Tandoor (oven) is hot and burning It is producing smoke and my and Haji Saheb’s eyes are watering. Thank you very much Haji Saheb. I will stay with Bibi Haje and will tell you how Qutakhi is cooked. Bibi Haje is the sister of Haji Saheb and wants to make Qutakhi for us and will tell us how it is prepared and what are the ingredients. Bibi Haje: We milk the cow Mitra: The cow? Bibi Haje: Yes, the cow. We then boil it and then add some Doogh (yogurt-based beverage) to it. It will then become yogurt Mitra: It becomes yogurt. Bibi Haje: Then we add that yogurt to this bag and mix it and it then becomes Doogh, then we get butter from it. We then separate the yogurt and butter. Then we boil the yogurt and the water gets extracted. It will become half water and half Qutakh. We will then filter the water from Qutakh using a clean cloth and Qutakh will become dry. We will then mix the Qutakh like this. Mitra: It will become like it is right now? Bibi Haje: Yes, exactly. Mitra: See friends, it will become like this. After those tough jobs, the Qutakh will be ready. This is the Qutakh she has prepared. Okay, what else is needed? Bibi Haje: Look, I am adding and mixing salt to this. Mitra: Ok. She has added salt as needed. Bibi Haje: It is just salt, nothing else. Mitra: You have done a though job for cooking this. They really are very hospitable people, I liked them. Very welcoming, kind and… Bibi Haje: Look, dear Mitra Mitra: Yes Thank god, you were here otherwise what I would have done. Okay, you add this one top of it. Bibi Haje: I add this on top of another one Mitra: Ok May I help you and put it away Bibi Haje: No please don’t move it Mitra: Now this is the time Bibi Haji will cook this Qutakhi on that pan isn’t it? Bibi Haje: Yes Bibi Haje: Look here. Mitra: this is the bread for absorbing the Qutakhi oil because it is too oily. Look, how beautiful this is. What is this? Bibi Haji: this is the pillow used for dough. Mitra: this is very well-known especially in the bakeries It is very useful while cooking bread in Tandoor. Bibi Haji: we will paste the dough in the oven with this Mitra: how long will you cook it? Bibi Haje: Look here. Mitra: Mashallah Mashallah Mitra: Did it take 2 minutes? Mitra: A lot of smoke so my eyes got wet, don’t think that I am crying Bibi Haje: No, she didn’t cry. Mitra: No, I want Qutakhi. Mitra: let me do some work Bibi Haji: Please don’t put it on that Mitra: I won’t put it on this. Look at this Qatokhi Bibi Haji: Qutakhi
Mitra: Qutakhi. Mitra: Qutakhi Tasty Qutakhi in beautiful Pariyan. Ok, Bibi Haji you cooked two delicious Qutakhi for me Thanks a lot A Chapati bread. Mitra: Please bake a Chapati for me, I will eat it with cream and butter. Bibi Haji: Ok I am baking it now Mitra: Bibi Haje is really a brave woman Mitra: So now Bibi Haji will bake Chapati for us Bibi Haji: Let me first clean the Tandoor (oven) then will bake the bread. Mitra: Please don’t bring this Mitra: It is clean now Mitra: Let me check it Mitra: it is ok This is Chapati, being baked in the oven Mitra: Bibi Haji, why this place is called Pariyan? do you know? Bibi Haji: Because fairies were passing from here, now it is named Pariyan (fairies) Mitra: Means fairies were passing from here. Bibi Haji: Fairies were passing over here and it is named Pariyan (fairies) Mitra: I have passed from here too Can you call me fairy too? Mitra: because fairies were passing over here so they call it Pariyan (faires) Friends, Bibi Haji cooked Qutakhi for me. She told us its ingredients too also, she baked Chapati for us and you saw how hard she worked. Thank you very much. Since I was very young, I was interested to visit villages and to milk the cows Bibi Haje: we have cows here, I will take you there and milk them Mitra: Nobody tells me no for whatever I ask, so I will always come here. Mitra: Why it isn’t coming? Bibi Haji: don’t grab it too tight Mitra: You won’t believe this [lauging] This is not good, I came here from a very long distance Bibi Haje: You are dropping the milk on the ground. Mitra: it is ok, I will learn it, I am new Mitra: it is very interesting Milking the cow was one of my greatest ambitions that came true wow Mitra: let me do it Mitra: Hold the bucket of milk, please Bibi Haje, hold the bucket. Bibi Haji: This isn’t easy Mitra: So friends, we are at the Pariyan, the farthest part of Panjshir A very nice and beautiful place As much as I praise, it is true Our compatriot who are living in outside of Afghanistan Don’t miss this place, one day you will also come here for a picnic For eating Qutakhi and breakfast of Pariyan people of Panjshir Haji Saheb I hope you are not tired And please tell me what is this? Qalandar: very welcome to this distant place. Haje Saheb: you are our guest we call it Qutakh with oil Mitra: Qutakh with oil Mitra: Ok Qalandar: It is Qutakh with the oil over it we will enjoy it with Chapati That is Qutakhi bread. Mitra: that is Qutakh bread Qalandar: that is Chapati bread Mitra: That is Chapati Mitra: this is local cream found in Pariyan which looks delicious and people enjoy it I and Haji saheb are eating breakfast because I am so hungry, and it was very long to here too Please give me that Qutakhi bread Thanks a lot Friend, I and Haji saheb are eating breakfast on behalf of you too. You can’t tell how delicious it is Qalandar: Eat it with bread let me eat some more because it was very delicious Mitra: We are at the end of this week’s episode of Degdan Wa Tanoor don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe watch my show every week. And send us your comments. It was this week’s show thanks for being with me We are here and will have breakfast then will go toward Kabul goodbye till next show

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