Air Fryer Fried Fish – Lemon Butter Cod – Air Fryer Recipe

Air Fryer Fried Fish – Lemon Butter Cod – Air Fryer Recipe

everybody this is Lyle with no hippie
BBQ and then no hippie BBQ we’re not
just about the chillin and Grillin
lifestyle sometimes we need to bring in
different techniques of cooking just to
keep things interesting today we’re
gonna be doing some air fryer fried fish
we’re gonna be using my airfryer if you
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have you you would like to use air
fryers because you can use these air
fryers with little or no oil we’re just
throwing that out the window on this air fryer fish recipe, today on
this recipe because we’re definitely
going to be using a lot of butter in
this recipe anyway
recipe is going to be very simple I saw
this recipe on a website called just a
pinch com
I’m going to leave a link to that
website in the description below and
they basically just did a regular baked
version of this but I thought it would
be a great way to cook it in our air
fryer anyway come on in take a look what
these ingredients are and we’ll get
cooking I said this was going to be an
easy fish recipe I meant it was going to be
an easy recipe so first of all I have my
Cod I’ve rinsed it off cut it into
portions and patted them dry we have
some flour now in their recipe that you
just use salt and pepper what I’m gonna
be using is seasoning from a company
called sweet smoky Joe I’m using their
fish and seafood seasoning let’s go
ahead and throw that into the flour
we’re gonna mix that up a little bit I’m
gonna leave a link to where you could
buy this in the description below they
have a lot of good stuff on their
website and it’s actually very
inexpensive run by their take a look at
what they have so we’re gonna go ahead
and mix that in we have some lemon juice
and a lemon I’m going to use this lemon
for garnish later on but let’s go ahead
and add our lemon juice to our butter
and this is just a little bit of butter
that I have melted down and we have
cilantro in their recipe they used
parsley but there’s no bitter herb than
cilantro out there so if you’re a
cilantro haters just mince up some
parsley and then we have some ground
paprika than a blue
to color to this anyway those are really
all the ingredients we’re going to be
using let’s get on the cookin this has
to be one of the easiest recipes you
could do the first thing we’re going to
do is we’re going to take our fish fillet
and like I said we do have these dried
off I Pat them with the paper towel
we’re gonna get them into our butter and
lemon mixture bring them over to our
seasoned flour
make sure it’s colored pretty good and
we’re just gonna set down this wire wrap
now this fish recipe isn’t going to be
like a super crisp air fried fish what
we’re going to be doing with this once
we get it in our air fryers we’re
actually going to be adding a little bit
more butter on top of it and the paprika
for color so let’s go ahead and get our tefal
airfryer preheated the reason we want
our airfryer preheated is we don’t want
our fish to stick to this basket during
the code so I’ve already sprayed the
inside of this with some nonstick
cooking spray I have our air fryer at
400 degrees we’re going to let it go for
about five minutes so now that this is
done getting preheated we’re gonna go
ahead and add our fish to it
and it looks like I’m going to end up
doing two batches we have our fish in
let me pull this basket out a little bit
we’re going to go ahead and dress a
little bit this butter uh-huh
and you could hear that sizzling all
right so you got that with a little bit
of this paprika
well alright now the instructions say to
cook this for 25 to 30 minutes at 350
degrees I think with an air fryer that
might be a little bit much so we’re just
going to go ahead and cook it at 350
degrees and we’re gonna do it for I’m
gonna check on it in 15 minutes it’s
like this fish is done we’re in our last
minute I think that’s good to go I’m
just gonna go ahead and plate this up
now what I’m plating this on is I cut up
some cucumbers some tomato some red
onions a little bit of cilantro and some
white wine vinegar some olive oil and
salt made like like a little salsa for
this to go on it’s very tasty let me
tell you anyway so we got that I’m gonna
go ahead and garnish it with a little
bit of parsley flakes
and those limited slices we’re not going
to need those for anything other than
garnish so we’re gonna go ahead and hit
some here hit some here now it’s just
time to get into this taste test
so this tastes as good as it looks we
got a banger on our hands right here
anyway I’m gonna get a piece of this air fryer
fish get a little bit of this sauce up
in here and this has had a chance to sit
for about five minutes so the fish is
sat kind of on that salsa for a little
bit so it’s kind of soaked into the
bottle telling you it’s gonna be awesome
this is the one
as a matter of fact I love this I’m
telling you this salsa you know like I
said very simple to make but I bet you
do just a purely baked version of this
without being breading at all because I
think that might even highlight the
flavor this fish even more but as if
this is the bomb you cannot go wrong
with this salsa there let me stop anyway
I’d like to thank you guys for stopping
by no hippie BBQ. Please check out my air fryer recipes in my playlist

39 thoughts on “Air Fryer Fried Fish – Lemon Butter Cod – Air Fryer Recipe

  1. Looks absolutely fantastic no hippie. Cod, can't go wrong really…and you certainly did not go wrong!. Probably why 'Cod and Chips' aka 'Fish & Chips' is our national dish in UK! Lol. Cheers bro' ps (I followed a 'Rick Stein's rescipe called 'salt cod' years ago, that was a disappointment/disaster!). So best to avoid the Rick Stein 'Salt cod' rescipe lol!

  2. I love Lemon Butter, that looks the BOMB dot com Yummy Lyle, Cod is one of my favorite Fishes!!

  3. I am still looking for a decent air fryer, but my wife may not want me to have another kitchen device..😀 Great Cook Lyle!

  4. I used my Avalon Bay Air Fryer, but there are pluses and minuses to all air fryers. Compare Air Fryers Here:

  5. Cilantro = Vile Weed😂You big spender today, using the good gloves😂That fish looked delicious, I haven’t cooked any fish in my air fryers yet. Thanks for sharing😃

  6. Lyle, you knew I would watch this fish video like a hawk! I'm glad you used (lots of) butter instead of oil, and cilantro instead of parsley. And your salsa made with cucumbers… who woulda thunk it? It looked perfect for this summer heat! The only change I might make for my fish would be to cut down a tad on the cooking time. My fish fillets are about 10 times thinner. I'm lovin' this! Thanks for the great show!

  7. Heeeeeyy Hippie!!!! I love your kitchen and Great cooking presentation….Great Video Sir. ((HUG))

  8. Dang that turned out beautiful Lyle, I have yet to use those seasonings from them, dang !

  9. Dang Lyle, the look on your face during the taste test was awesome. I just might have to try that in the oven. BZ brother. Thanks.

  10. Okay, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Ray Mack the other day: You, sir are an EVIL man!!!!

    Making this awesome food, giving me some ideas to try, and tempting me to eat my phone or tablet every time you cook something…YOU ARE EVIL!

    Hits the "Subscribe" button because he's a glutton for punishment

    Seriously though, awesome recipe. Quick question….would this recipe work with catfish?

  11. I am surprised that this didn't end up being up a fish taco recipe. It would have been perfect for that. I loved your comment about cilantro being such a great herb. I agree.

  12. Hi Lyle, I don't think I ever seen you cook fish before your lemon butter cod looks flaky tender and delicious cooked to perfection.

  13. Oo I have never seen butter as a base for seasoned flour !! Yummy 🙂 This fish looks beautiful and perfect ! Can't go wrong with lemon butter 🙂

  14. Yum this looks really delicious so good brain food the lemon butter must have been delicious on the cod thanks for sharing have an awesome day

  15. When using my actifryer,the fish cooks fine and tatstes great. Why do I have spots of the breading that does not cook? It stays powdered in spots on the food. It happens w chicken and fish when I bread it. Any ideas?

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