Akis’ Food Tour – Lefkada Episode 2

Akis’ Food Tour – Lefkada Episode 2

I have here, a glass of Soumada,
Pasteli and Mandolato. We are in the Ionian islands. Αn island connected to the mainland,
the island of poets…… an island with an artistic spirit… an island with beautiful beaches
and picturesque villages… an island that combines the flavors
of both the mountain and the sea. Hello! Hello Akis! How are you? As you have probably guessed,
I am in Lefkada. My journey begins in the beautiful
Old Town of Lefkada. From the Venetian castle of Santa Maura… to the picturesque alleys with the colorful houses… you are drawn to walk around the city of Lefkada. As I am taking my first stroll on the island… an old sign grabs my attention. “Special Homade Liqueur Rozoli” Lefkada, Old Town
Ioannis Frangoulis
Distiller – Hello!
– Welcome, Akis! – What a nice store!
– Since 1945. We make the traditional “Rozoli”. We make ouzo, cognac
and anything traditional the island has to offer. -You make this all yourself?
-Of course! Before we say too much,
let me treat you to some Rozoli. -Rozoli!
-Yes! It’s my grandmother’s traditional recipe,
a liqueur made at weddings. Welcome! -Nice.
-Cheers! You can’t stop drinking this. It has clove… cinnamon, you can taste it. – And what’s the base?
– Citron. Let’s go see the lab. This is where we make the mixtures,
this is where we make the spirits… – How many people work here?
– Twelve. How much do you produce?
How many liters? We produce about 20 tons of Rozoli. – Twenty tons a year?
– Yes. – And in total, with all the other liqueurs?
– About 80-100 tons. Amazing! This little shop produces 100 tons of liqueurs? Indeed. – I will take a Rozoli…
– Of course! Because I have some other things to do. I got my Rozoli and I will keep on strolling
around the old town of Lefkada. Next, I am meeting Nikos. Nikos is famous for the Lefkada
air dried Salami he produces. Why? Because he uses the traditional method,
without preservatives. So, I really want to try it and meet him as well. “Salami Balomenos”. This is where my friend Nikos is. Lefkada Old Town
Nikolaos Malakasis
Butcher – Salami Producer I want to know
why you are so famous in Lefkada. I try to work like they used to do in the past. -Traditionally.
-Traditionally. My meat is local. It’s pork that we filet. Then we patiently try to remove
all the white pieces from the meat. – Fibers.
– Fibers, fat… We will then grind it. This seems odd
because we see that Salami has fat in it. The fat you are talking about
is the lard from the pork’s back… It’s not internal fat, it’s external. The lard we put in the salami is not ground,
it’s cut into pieces. So you essentially incorporate
the meat you ground.. The meat, the fat and the seasoning… the garlic – that is added
when we are grinding the meat… It is all added to a pot
and once the mixture sets… we fill the intestine with it
and we cut the salami. Why is it called “air dried Salami”? Because it has to breath, constantly. It differs from a sausage,
because this is a product of maturation. This is eaten mature. – For how long?
– For about eight days. If the weather is humid like today,
it takes longer. The longer it takes holding its moistness,
and not dehydrating… it becomes more aromatic. That’s why the winter salami is the best. The only preservative you use is salt. Salt is not the preservative in this case
because it is not intense. The fungi do all the work. If the salami does not look like this… it has to turn white from the fungi… that will eat the meat and effect fermentation… it’s not possible to make salami. – Take this…
– Perfect. Do you have a good recipe in mind? We don’t cook it. We just cut it and eat it. – So we don’t cook it?
– Don’t cook it, I will find out! I won’t, really. Now that I ‘ve learned
about the secrets of Lefkada’s Salami… it’s time to learn about the secrets
of Lefkada’s fish. The weather is bad but I am going to go to Ivari… where fishermen will tell me everything
I need to know about this wonderful lagoon. – Hello!
– Welcome to Lefkada, Akis. – Hello?
– Welcome. – You are preparing the nets.
– Yes. You cast the nets with this weather? No, we are just preparing them
for when the weather is better. So there are no fish when the weather is bad? When the weather is bad
the fish go into the enclosures… and we fish them using landing nets. It depends on the weather. I want to see what you do in there… and then we will come back here… because I want to see the rest of the process. – Who am I going with?
– With Thomas. Let’s go! How can I get through?
I ‘ll jump! I will push us, stay as you are.
Just don’t move. What kind of fish live here? Flathead mullets,
gilthead sea breams… mostly fish in the mullet family,
and white sea breams. Roe comes from Mullets. – Yes, it is made in summer.
– In August. – In August.
– August and September. We used to make the roe here… but now we send it to Messolongi. Indeed, the Ionian sea could be
the center of the Mediterranean Sea. It could. Location wise, it is the best in Greece… – We never realize how precious it is.
– Indeed. Akis, let’s go get you a rain slicker so you can go with Panos to fish in the enclosures. We are going to fish in the enclosures? – Yes, using a landing net.
– Great! You feel invincible in this. You can go into the water without getting wet. You’re like a lobster. Awesome! How do I look?
Very professional right? You’ re the man. Now you are making me look like a mama’s boy. That’s ok, I got this! I’m off! – That way.
– That way, to Panos. Let’s go Akis because the weather is not helping. Have a good one, guys. – This way?
– Yes, be careful. Why go to a different post? So you can hold the basin to put the fish in. This is amazing! Hold the basin a little to the side
so it doesn’t drift from the strong wind. So how do the fish come in here?
What are they eating? – These are the fish cages…
– Yes. …where the fish are being trapped.
And now you can collect. It’s full of crabs! It’s raining fish, indeed! It’s because the weather is helping. So many fish! Look at that! This is unbelievable. There is lot of fish! Incredible. You could collect 1-2 tons here. One ton of fish! And you struggle in a boat with some fishing line.
That’s not cool. What fish do we have here? Sea breams, breams.
It’s sea bream season now. These are small sea breams. This is the gold of Lefkada. So the bad weather pushes the fish into the traps? When the weather is bad,
the fish from the fish farm… try to go to open sea
and they are trapped in the cages. There’s one sea bream.. These are big ones, they look well fed. We also have dabs here, all sorts. What’s your favorite fish? I don’t eat fish. What? – I didn’t expect that. What do you mean?
– Potatoes and eggs. I am taking my catch. We did well today. – How many kilos do you say?
– We ‘ll see. About 30 kilos in total. – Be careful of the moray.
– You are scaring me. Look, there it is. Fish with Scordalia is the tastiest thing. Look at this! – Special!
– This is gourmet. This is best I have ever had. This patty is out of this word. When you give it to someone to try
don’t say anything. Don’t tell them it’s made with Trahana and lentils. – What do you think?
– Perfect, just perfect. Say it’s the best and then leave. Close the hatch. Nice. – Are you ready? On three.
– One, two… Now! Watch out for the moray.
There is an moray here. If it bites you, you will be crying for 40 days. – Really?
– There it is. A small one however. – I will take the sea breams.
– Sure, take the big ones. I will take the breams. – Where is the moray? You’ve scared me.
– There it is. How does this bite? It can cut off your finger with its mouth. It’s an endangered species,
like the sea urchin in Lefkada… There it goes! See? We will put this here… I like this job! It’s fun! The little ones we find
we send back to the water. The same goes for the dabs.
We set the little ones free. These are all going back to the sea. So that the little ones can live and grow. Exactly. We take care of the future. It’s your lucky day!
You ‘re going to live! Go! I want you to live! So when do I get paid? Why are you laughing?
I’ve worked so hard! What fish would you like?
Are these enough? – Give me two small ones.
– And one from me. – Three?
– Yes, three. Just so you know,
I will clean up as well. – You have done enough.
– I won’t leave it like this. -Are these enough?
-Yes, yes. -Do you want two dabs as well?
-No, I ‘m good. -Are you sure?
-Only the sea breams. Let’s see what you got so I can charge you. You are going to charge me?
This is my payment. Let’s see what your work is worth. – A kilo and a half.
– Okay. – You are okay.
– Don’t I deserve 1,5 kilo? Yes, 15 Euros, it’s fine.
So, we rinse the fish… Let’s clean up. What do we do? -We rinse them. Take this.
-Let’s get to work. One by one. Here. Wash the wall too. Good. I think this job would suit me. – Okay, thank you.
– No problem. Don’t worry, I ‘ll take care of the rest. We put on slickers… we went for a boat ride,
we caught fish… So cooking something nice
with this beautiful backdrop… would be ideal. Things are very simple,
now that I know how it’s done. I am going in the water… I have these beautiful fish… that Thomas gave me. I am going to clean them right here. It’s time to cook. Lefkada Lagoon
Refuge for 200 rare bird species Recipe: Fish & Chips variation.
Fried Gilthead Sea breams with Skordalia. I have a chili pepper here. I want to scorch it. While it is scorching
we are going to prepare our fish. Things are very simple. I will cut this fillet,
which is completely boneless. Any leftover… goes back into the sea to be eaten. I have boiled baby potatoes… and I will chop them with a knife
into thin slices. Like this. Now we will prepare the Skordalia. I will grate the garlic very finely. Our goal is for the Skordalia to be nice and aromatic and that you don’t meet anyone
for about six hours after eating it… otherwise there is no point. It’s time
for the rest of the ingredients. Vinegar. Take some vinegar and pour
a hefty quantity on the potatoes. If you don’t add vinegar
it’s not Skordalia. It’s a must! Olive oil… and of course, salt. Don’t be stingy with it. Pepper. I am going to make some room… because I am going to chop
some spring onions. I think my pepper is ready. Look. The skin has separated
from the pepper. I set it to the side, in a bowl… I will scrape it in a bit,
not yet. Some parsley… here… What do we have to do now?
We have to mix all our ingredients. Before you serve… I want you to try it. Oh my god! So… I am going to put my Skordalia… on a nice chopping board… and let’s make the batter.
I will make the classic recipe that always works. I will use both water and beer. If I only use water,
the batter will be tasteless. If I only use beer, it will become heavy
and retain too much oil. I will add the flour… the baking powder… of course, salt… don’t be stingy with it. Pepper, absolutely… and… a little sugar, to give my batter a nice color… and stir. To properly cook with batter… before we dip it in the batter
we must first dip the fish in flour. We put it in the flour… and then in the batter. We submerge it… then take it, put it in… and our fish will start cooking. We repeat. Flour… batter… Oh my god! Look at this! It’s windy. Thankfully it hasn’t rained yet. And I hope it won’t before I am done cooking. We are going to enjoy
the tastiest delicacy we have ever eaten. Where are my tongs? How is our fish doing? Oh my god! See how crunchy the batter is. Incredible! Straight on the Skordalia. Oh my god! I have a few more fish,
they need a bit more time… while the last of the fish
are frying… I am going to peel the pepper. I’m not really going to do anything special. I am going to remove the skin with the knife. I am only going to add some oil… and some vinegar. Let it marinate in the oil and the vinegar. We take our last fish… here…. here… and here. Oh my god! The pepper is always served here. I saved some parsley for garnishing,
I hope the wind doesn’t blow it away. Perfect! And of course, some lemon
in case someone wants some. The more we mix acidities
the tastier everything becomes. Look at this! I think the food is ready just in time. Thomas! Look at this! Do you see it? It breaks open like bread. Look at that! I have never seen anything like it. Wait and see how this plays out. You always add a little Skordalia. I want you to try it like this first,
on its own, I will try it too. This is the idea… Fish and Skordalia… it doesn’t get tastier than this! Out of this world! This is luxurious! Special! This is gourmet. I have never eaten anything better. Over 300 species of birds
find refuge in the Lefkada Lagoon. Among these species
are Flamingos, Swans… and some rare species
like the Dalmatian Pelican. I have left the city of Lefkada
and I have started my ascension. I am going to the village Englouvi,
at an altitude of 730 meters. This village is famous
for the production of a certain product. Englouvi lentils. It’s unique product.
Its seed has remained unaltered…. It passes through generations
exactly as it was in the past… and it is being produced using almost primitive means. This is why these Lentils are as valuable as gold. My guides through the Englouvi Plateau
are Mr Ilias and Mr Spiros. They both, like all the locals,
cultivate these precious lentils. Englouvi – St. Donatus Plateau
Ilias Kourtis
President of the Englouvi Township. Englouvi – St. Donatus Plateau
Spiros Stergiotis
President of the Englouvi cultural society. We woud put the lentils
in the round part you see here… and we would thresh them
with animals with harrow disks and with the help of the wind coming from the west… we would lift the lentils and the hay in the air… and the wind would separate the hay from the lentils. Over here we have the largest part
of the plateau where we grow the lentils. There it is! It is very clear. Most of the fields are plowed now,
It’s plowing season. The seed is one of a kind, it’s ancient. The same genotype
had been found in ancient Egypt. It had been registered
in the Seed Museum in Aleppo, Syria… but now with the war
we don’t know where it has ended up. Obviously the Venetians brought the seed
to all the Ionian Islands…. but this is the only place
it survived. So every year, we save this seed to sow it again. It’s not a hybrid. It is the seed along with the soil
that give lentils such great taste and the mistral
that blows in from the sea… and it matures it, and makes it stronger. You should create a seed bank
so the seed can be preserved…. Yes, of course. We keep about 1/5 of what we sow,
so we can sow it again. Each threshing floor has its own hut. Like a summer house. Sure, let’s call it that. For the summer months. These buildings are domed structures… which were built during
the Venetian occupation, 1650-1700 A.D. The villagers would come up here in the summer… because it was easier
and also to protect their livelihood from… – Thieves?
– Yes, thieves. Following our theoretical lesson… it’s finally time to try the famous Englouvi lentils. Returning from the Plateau,
my two guides take me to “Hara’s” tavern. Englouvi
Hara Frangouli
Owner of “Ta Lytrata tis Haras” tavern. What are we going to try? – Lentil soup…
-That’s one. – Fava made from vetches…
-That’s two. – …and “Riganada”.
– What’s that? -You’ll see.
-Okay. – It’s something special.
– Good. Do you cook at home? When I am in the mood. It also depends on the person.
I am more traditional, old-fashioned. Old-fashioned? Old fashioned. Women should do the cooking. – This is Tte “Riganada”.
– This is what we were talking about. Perfect. It resembles the Cretan “Dakos”. – This is the pie.
– Yes, lentil pie. -Lentil pie?
-Try it. I am going to start with pie. I am going to take the corner piece.
What do you prefer? I don’t mind. Lentil pie. Very interesting. I expected it to have leeks, onions… – …but it’s made solely with lentils and feta cheese.
– Yes. It’s delicious.
The pastry is delicious too. I am going to try the Riganada, now. Let’s see what you think. I imagine this is stale bread… soaked in water and then you add olive oil…. feta cheese and tomato. Right? Yes. Lots of oregano… and vinegar. And lots of vinegar. What is this? This is the lentil soup. Enjoy. Try it and let us know what you think. – You are waiting for my opinion?
– Yes, of course. Tell me if there are any other lentils
that taste as special. It truly is something special, unique… that you don’t find elsewhere. That’s why they are so famous. Even if you describe it to someone,
they have to try it to really taste it. It’s like it is creamy on top, very peculiar. It’s like a cream, a rice pudding
and the cream has settled on top… It’s indescribable. Ok, let’s try some… Fava from vetches.. or Lathyrus. This is also a unique local product. And special. Can I ask a question? From what I gather, your diet here
mainly consists of legumes and olive oil. What is the village’s average lifespan? We have plenty of 95 year olds
who are still going strong… and have a wandering eye too! They live till 97, 98, 100, 102, 104… Thus, the village has in fact a natural aphrodisiac. And a tonic, it is strengthening. Each dish is a complete meal. It has carbohydrates, a lot of protein… a fact that most people don’t know. It is said that legumes
are the poor man’s meat. So… We also have the oil, high quality olive-oil… so, it is the most complete combination
you can have in one dish. Yes, indeed. Α complete meal, as you said. Englouvi Square, Population: 174
Englouvi lentils & sour Trahana patties As you can see, it’s dark outside
and it’s time to cook. Of course we are going to use
these wonderful Englouvi lentils to make patties with Englouvi lentils and sour Trahana. We are going to with onions and garlic. We dice it. All good things always begin with olive oil. We add the oil to the pan… and sauté the onion and the garlic. Perfect! While I am sautéing… I will add some oregano… and of course, salt and pepper. I continue sautéing. It’s very simple. It’s time to add the Trahana… When the onion
and the garlic caramelize… we will add 100-150 grams
of sour Greek Trahana… In fact, what we are doing… is cooking the Trahana like a risotto. We will slowly add the water into the pan and stir. Trahana does not require a lot of cooking. It is ready in about 5-10 minutes. Add some water, not too much… You will see that the Trahana
will quickly absorb the water and is already starting to soften and cook. As soon as all the liquids have evaporated…. I will put it into a bowl… and while it is cooling down
we will prepare our side dish. Our side dish is a cucumber.
That simple. I will peel nice strips of cucumber. When I reach the seeds in the middle… I turn over the cucumber,
and peel the other side. Beautiful cucumber peels. We will put them in a plate to marinate. Some salt, some pepper… some olive oil… and one tablespoon of yogurt. We mix everything together… I have made an altered Tzatziki… completely alternative. I have made a very refreshing salad
which will be the base of our patties. I have my Trahana here… we add in our lentils… and now I will add two eggs. The eggs will help bind the mixture… of the lentils and the Trahana. Now, the question arises… How will this mixture have
enough cohesion to become patties? Very simply, with bread. Bread is the best binding agent. We will now add our seasoning. Oregano, again… I have been told that oregano
goes really well with lentils. A bit of cumin… salt and pepper… and my herbs. Some parsley… and some basil from the village. I picked it here, It’s peculiar,
it only has little peaks. I am going to add my herbs
and add a large tablespoon of tomato paste. I can’t fit it in the jar. So… I am going to add a tablespoon,
but with a fork. You get it. What does this process need? Hands! Mix it… and once you have mixed it well, have a taste… so you can check if it needs
more salt, pepper or herbs… It is perfect. I am just going to add some cheese. I will add some Gruyere. It’s time to cook! My pan is hot… I will add some oil. You won’t have to add a lot oil. So, now you form nice patties… Perfect. We put them in… to cook nicely. We will make about 15-20 patties. Not small ones but decently sized,
as you can see. I think my first patties are ready,
let’s see the other side… Oh my god!
Look at this color. I dare to say that these patties
are even tastier than regular patties. They are made
from all these goodies. We have added our herbs… Look at this! We have added our lentils, our cumin… we have added all these fine ingredients… Our guest of honor for this recipe,
is Yiannis, our sound engineer… because he is a vegetarian
and today this recipe was made for him… so Yiannis will be the one to try it. My boy! My pride and joy! You are the pillar of our show’s sound! I will give you one from here,
it just finished cooking. Should I cut it? – No!
– It’s hot! Try it! I hope you made sure you sound okay. I will come closer so we can hear you. What do you think? You have eaten
every vegetarian dish in the world. It’s perfect. Just perfect! – Is it one of best you have eaten?
– Perfect! Say it’s the best and then you can leave. It’s the best! Great, now go! So, as Yiannis said… this patty is out of this world. It is very nutritious, it is so tasty… and when you give it to someone to taste… don’t tell them it’s made with Trahana and lentils. Let them try it. They will think they are eating a regular patty… but much tastier
than anything else they have tried. It’s out of this world! – Can’t I eat it?
– Eat it. We will eat later as well. I don’t know what to eat first. This couchis for those who are tired. Or rather for those who ate too much. A bit of my wonderful eggplant salad… a bit of my wonderful chicken… Look at this!
It’s time to enjoy it! My next day in Lefkada is thankfully sunny. It is well known that Lefkada
has beautiful beaches. What is not that well known… is that the highlands are equally beautiful. I am in the village Alexandros. This village only has 11 residents. One of them is Aris. Aris knows the island’s herbs better than anyone… and that’s what we are going to talk about today. Englouvi – Alexandros
Aris Kokotsis
Botanist. This is the path that leads to the oak forest… which is quite high up. There a lot of things here that people see… but do not recognize or know. We all know that this is holly. What we don’t know is that in the spring…. red pellets grow on the leaves. These were picked, dried and turned into powder… – …and would use it to make…
– Red colouring. From what I gather… every step reveals something interesting. For sure! How did you first get into herbs? I fell in love with a botanist… and I married her. She had studied Theology… and then she studied botanology… because she had stepped on a poisonous coral. She was in the Philippines,
in the middle of the jungle… and she was treated by the tribe’s witch doctor. – With herbs.
– Yes, with herbs. These are Arbutus trees, as you can see. These berries are toxic. However, they contain coumarin
which is good for the liver. In the right dosage, though,
otherwise it has adverse effects. So I understand
that any health problem we might have… can be treated naturally. Let’s not forget that we are part of nature. We are not detached. Regardless of what we believe. Nature can provide us with everything we need. – You need the know-how though…
– Yes, of course… Here we have something edible. If you come in March… and touch it, it won’t prick you… It will be soft. Then stems that look like pencils grow on it… and they are edible. If you eat them
your urine will have a funny smell. – Asparagus.
– Wild asparagus. Wild asparagus?
I love them! And why does your urine smell funny?
Because it detoxifies your kidneys. We reached the clearing. This is the monastery. It’s beautiful. Come here, I have something
important to show you. Do you see this Ivy? Yes. Do you notice anything strange? – It doesn’t have roots.
– It doesn’t have roots in the ground. It has roots in the wall. It grows normally but in the wall. It is a very nice symbol of our civilization. We have roots in systems of thought,
in systems of faith… in institutions… but we don’t have roots in the earth. As a civilization, we hover over the earth. I want to show you something over there. There is a method in botanology… Yes. This method says that the plant
has a certain characteristic… or some characteristics which will reveal… its pharmaceutical use. Like this. If you touch this leaf… – It’s like a sponge.
– Yes. It’s like a sponge but it also like wool. It is said that this plant protects the lungs. It’s like wearing a sweater on your lungs. – It’s called Mullein.
– Mullein. It’s for respiratory infections. There is a phrase with this plant
about putting up a smoke screen. It comes from the spray,
which was dipped in tar… or in oil and used it as a torch. – Okay.
– They made torches from it. Obviously it produces a lot of smoke
and that’s where it comes from. Perfect. Let’s continue. Before we go to eat
I will show you something relevant to our digestive system. These flowers are from chicory. When they grow, they will become chicory. As you can see, they are yellow. What is yellow in our body? Or what should be yellow? Yellow, in our body… – Our bile.
– Our bile. And if it is not yellow
it is melan(black) – choly(bile). – Is that were the word comes from?
– Black bile. We have something else here too. – Chamomile.
– No, it’s not. – What is it?
– Aster. – I read about it on your tinctures.
– On my tinctures, yes. “Aster is very good for boosting your confidence”. – Aren’t I a great student?
– Very good! You are hired! You have to bend down and eat three of them. So you’re strong and handsome all year round. – If I only eat one?
– It is edible. This won’t be enough
because I am quite hungry… – Let’s go eat.
– Shouldn’t I eat it? – Eat it.
– I will! – But we are going to eat as well.
– Of course. – What are we going to eat?
– I wouldn’t leave you like that. We are going to go to my friend Maria
and have pies. – Where is Maria?
– That way. Alexandros-Kolivata
Maria Koliva
Tavern owner – Here she is!
– Hello! How are you Mrs Maria? -I’m fine, how are you?
-He keeps talking about your pies. In addition to pies,
I have other dishes as well. -Will it be a surprise?
-Yes! Maria’s pies. Enjoy! What kind of pie is this? It’s a savory zucchini pie… Perfect! I will try it. -Bon Appétit!
-Thank you. We should pace ourselves
because Maria won’t stop here. Fantastic! What is this? This is sweet pumpkin pie. We make it in the villages,
it’s a traditional recipe. The pastry is amazing. Really? -It’s so crunchy.
-I’m glad. Flour… Flour, oil, salt… -That’s it.
-It is fantastic. Don’t overdo it though.
Your portions are very generous. This is not for two people,
but for a few more. I was so happy to see you… that I even forgot to bring you napkins and forks. That’s okay. You don’t need cutlery to eat a pie. This eggplant is special.
It is cut open like a fan… and stuffed with cheese and tomato. -Here you go.
-Thank you. Maria, what is this dish called? I named it. – What?
– Fan. -And…
-Rooster cooked in wine. Awesome. -So, we’ re done.
-Yes, that’s all… …unless you want me
to make you some meatballs. You know what? Make the meatballs… and we will all eat together. -Ok!
-You will help right? -Yes!
-And we will eat everything. -Ok!
-Perfect. There are some foods that I only eat at Maria’s. Like eggplants and artichokes. I love artichokes. But I eat Maria’s artichokes. -Really?
-Yes, for sure. -Enjoy!
-Thank you. The eggplant is incredible… for me it’s the most amazing ingredient. I was pressured into eating them
and I would react and refuse. It’s out of this world. This food is an experience. Four different dishes made by your grandmother. She won’t make them all in the same day… she would make one of the four. So this is a super experience. It hits you from all corners. It is a condensed experience. The rooster is fantastic. You didn’t have any. That’s okay, I come here frequently. It’s you who doesn’t come that often. She has added cloves… allspice… and cinnamon… and all these beautiful spices… It’s amazing! Oh my god! I don’t know what to eat first. Here are the meatballs. Yes, because we didn’t have enough. They have the ideal size. It’s muscle memory. I make them all the same size. Oh my god! -Really?
-It’s very tasty. I am full. I’m not leaving. I will be back. I just need a break. As soon as I take a little break
I will be back for more. This is unbelievable. Nice couch, Mrs Maria. This couch is for those who are tired. Or rather for those who have eaten too much. Both! I will be back, don’t’ worry. I will be there in 15 minutes. -Really?
-Yes. Although, Mrs Maria’s couch was very comfortable… and her food enjoyably comforting… my journey continues. I am heading South-West… to one of the island’s most impressive sites. As you have probably guessed,
I am at Porto Katsiki… the most beautiful beach in Lefkada… and one of the ten best beaches in the world. Why? It’s simple and apparent. Because it is the most beautiful beach
were you can swim, relax, enjoy… It’s incredible. Of course, I am going
to put my time here to good use… And given that I want to cook everywhere I am I am going to cook here too. Kolivata – Porto Katsiki
Top 10 beaches of the world Recipe: BBQ chicken in a pita
with smoked eggplant salad. My grill is lit. I have a whole chicken here. Before I start the chicken
I will put the eggplants on… here and here. I also have two Florina peppers… I will grill them as well. I will use them to make
a wonderful eggplant salad. I am quickly going to filet the chicken… I have two breasts, two wings and the thighs. Now, I am only going to add some paprika… salt… quite a lot, actually. Pepper… and olive oil. And I will move to the grill. I will put the thighs in the middle… and the breast towards the side… and the wings. Now I will be patient for about 10 minutes… until the eggplants and the chicken are ready. The eggplants and the peppers are almost done… and it’s time to make the eggplant salad. We will start with two cloves of garlic… finely chopped. Look at how beautiful this is. The scenery is incredible. Being able to cook at a place like this
is truly a gift. It’s fantastic! I will add some oil to the garlic… salt… pepper… and I will continue chopping the garlic… and I purée it… by make circular moves on the cutting board. I have spring onions… some parsley… I will finely chop it… and it’s time for my peppers. One pepper, two peppers… I want to remove the skin from the peppers…. not all of it… because it has that wonderful smoky flavor that I like. I will cut it in large pieces. It’s time for the eggplants. One… oh my god! two. We will do the same as before. With the tongs, it is easier. It comes off like a banana peel. See? I put all the flesh of the eggplant here. Mix it… As soon as it is all mixed… you will have the tastiest smoked eggplant ever. I am going to add some more oil… and my eggplant salad is ready. Let’s move on to the chicken. Oh my god! This is the hard part… cause we have to debone the thigh… buts that’s okay. The meat will fall off on its own. Once we have removed all the bones… we are left with nice boneless meat. What are we going to do? We will chop it into big pieces… Look at this! All I will add is some mustard… some oregano… and some lemon. Perfect! Now it’s time to put everything in beautiful pitas. Four… I will add olive oil… Oregano… Salt and pepper. Be generous with the salt. Put one pita over the other so the marinade blends. On the other side… When they are ready, flip them… Look at how beautiful the pitas are. Pita… some of this wonderful eggplant salad… some of this beautiful chicken… grilled chicken. It’s the most complete taste you can have in a pita. Wrap. With the smoked eggplant salad… this is a special souvlaki sandwich. Perfect timing! I don’t know how I do it but during filming… I finish exactly at the magic hour. The moment when our director has to frame the shot. It’s the best possible hour. I think I will enjoy the souvlaki… and everyone else will work… but I am sorry to say, I don’t care. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. It is out of this world! In addition to being
the tastiest souvlaki I have ever eaten… this is the best place
I have ever eaten souvlaki at.

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  1. Haist! It's 11pm in my place Akis!😂😂😂 much love po❤️ you have a very beautiful beach there… can rival some of our beaches here in the Philippines 😜 the sunset is amazing too!


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  5. Lentils really are as good as gold. They're my favorite. The growing method is totally foreign, though. That makes me really curious.

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