Alan Clayton on fundraising through and beyond a down-turn #6

We can’t just go out and invent a whole bunch more old things to solve our fundraising problems. So what we’ll look at is what goes against it which I think is the biggest opportunity and this is going to be a bit of a recurring theme as I go through here. Those of you who have seen some of these talks before will know. Actually, how many people have seen the talk I do on generations of donors? One? Two? Three? xxxxxx in the room? Dear me! OK, I’m going to do this a little bit quickly then. How many people here are old? Actually let’s get back I’ll come to this. I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent here. We’ll come back to this. This illustrates quite an important point. I’ll ask you to finish a sentence which is I’m eating less these days because give you three possible answers. One, is food is so expensive, two is I want to look better and three is it makes me feel so much better. OK? How many people would say I am eating less these days because food is so expensive? Funny that… and there’s no old people in the room. How many people would say, I am eating less these days because I want to look better? In xxxxxx terms you’re outer directed people and you’re half way up the human satisfaction pyramid. And how many people would say it makes me feel better? OK, that is a very simple way of defining yourself as whether you’re sustenance driven, urger directed or inner-directed. Remember this, I’m going to come back to it. Just remember those simple definitions. Yes? Can you see why people behave in completely different ways if your answer to those three questions is different? OK, we’ll come back to that. There’s another definition which is pretty close to what I use for generations of donors. Which is old people, then baby boomers, and generation x and generation y. Yes? How many people here are old? 75+, 70+. How many people are baby boomers? So born before 67? Give or take? You lucky, lucky bastards you!! You had all the fun. You got to burn your bras at Woodstock and Paris 68 was your growing up, CND, you had xxxxxx in your bed in the morning you can dig up the paving stones, and throw them at the police and protest against Vietnam and civil rights, it must have been great! Fantastic. Who said it was? How many people like me are generation x born 1967-1977 by this definition? Amazing isn’t it? xxxxx Wandering the world in a lonely way. Why am I here, what can I do? Give me a cause, any cause, anything at all, just give me something. Well they had Vietnam, Paris 68, we had Margaret Thatcher, mobile phones and Ronald Reagan.xxxxxxx But at least we didn’t like the Russians very much That’s not really much of a reason to carry out xxxxxxx, there was nothing we could do about it at all. How many of you are generation y? Born after 77? Yes! Egotistical, planet plundering bunch of somethings! Dear me! I’m going to come back to you lot later, OK? At least for you there is hope of salvation. At this point and I just want to… I tell you what I’m beginning to feel hexed at the bottom. Is God not liking something I’m saying at this moment in time or is something like this. Fantastic! It’s just eerie, isn’t it? It’s just eerie. It’s the second balloon. I really am offending somewhere here. You know the plank effect? Yes, the plank effect, they have a machine in the USA that just produces random ones and zeros, ones and zeros, ones and zeros. And it’s designed just to sit there and see what happens. Yes? And you know that on two occasions when OJ Simpson was found innocent it spewed out 40% more zeros than ever, for 48 hours. And on 9/11 it spewed out more ones. A statistically hugely more than average for 48 hours. And all they’re looking for is seeing if human beings all think something at the same time. Just xxxxxx in the universe. And look at it, it’s like really weird. So I was wondering if I’m boring you all and you were thinking that blue is xxxxxx xxxxxx . Concentrate on it at the same time, it will keep going.

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