All Meat Carnivore Diet Weight Loss Benefits, Side Effects, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Shawn Baker

All Meat Carnivore Diet Weight Loss Benefits, Side Effects, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Shawn Baker

Oh, Hello, I see something in the Horizon It’s a fad. A lot of people are latching on to it It’s being promoted by celebrities What is it? Oh, it’s the Carnivore Diet Yes, the carnivore diet What is the carnivore diet? Does it work? Is the carnivore diet a bed of roses all the way? That’s what’s coming up next, so stay tuned Welcome back. I’m Dr Joe of So, we’re talking about the Carnivore diet What is the carnivore diet? It’s a diet where you eat essentially meat and you flavour it with salt That’s it. MEAT You wake up in the morning, you have meat for breakfast You may go to work or if you are home on weekends, what do you have for lunch? You have meat Evening comes and you want to have dinner. What do eat? Meat again The following day, you have meat in the morning, meat in the afternoon and more meat in the evening The day after? More MEAT Meat-only. So, you eat meat until the cows come home It’s the latest diet on the scene And a lot of people are jumping onto the bandwagon Mainly because it’s also being promoted by some celebrities In particular, you have Shawn Baker who is an orthopaedic Surgeon He’s been in the forefront of promoting this carnivore diet Along with, the other gentleman You can’t have an argument with him because he nearly always wins I’m talking about Jordan Peterson And his daughter as well First of all, let’s have Jordan’s view on why we have an obesity crisis in the West They want all of us to hop on the Carnivore Train They want us in because meat is beneficial to our health According to them But is it true? By the way, I should clarify. We’re talking Meat-only At least with the Paleo guys, they have meat with vegetables But it’s a predominance of meat Very little of vegetables but with the carnivore guys They just have meat-only. Nothing else. No carbs No vegetables. Nothing Just eat flavoured meat What are the advantages? There’s the obvious advantage of easy shopping If you go into the shop, you’re just going to pick up meat You pick up your meat and salt. That’s it The next question is: does it actually work? Does it work in terms of weight loss? Because it’s a diet after all It does! These guys are posting results That they are losing weight and they’re also maintaining their weight I can see why it works because If you’re consuming just meat only to the exclusion of other food groups like carbs Then overall, you’re reducing your overall calorie intake With the reduction of calorie intake, your weight is going to drop There’s no doubt about that. As far as weight loss is concerned… It does work They talk about Mood elevation, that it elevates their mood. that’s fine They also talk about increased libido The other advantage they talk about are things like Mental clarity They also talk about increased energy levels There’s a video of Shawn Baker lifting 80kg of weight and he does that repeatedly And he’s quite beefy. He is quite muscular He’s got more energy from eating just meat-only The carnivore diet guys also talk about the diet being anti-inflammatory Some people have claimed that they have cured their rheumatoid arthritis with the diet It’s a personal experience If someone says their rheumatoid arthritis has been relieved by eating just meat only. That’s fine What are the downsides of this diet? This is where the concern comes in It’s okay for you to say; I’m going to be eating meat-only What are the downsides? Well, for a start, you going to have the jaws of a lion To be ripping this meat off the bone and chewing meat day in day out You need strong jaws. That’s the point I am making That’s one downside The other thing is; this diet lacks fibre If you’re going to lead a fibre-less life I’m sure you’re going to have trouble ahead You need fiber to feed your gut good bacteria because your gut good bacteria actually protects you Also good for your immunity So, if you’re going to have a diet that lacks fiber all the way, I’m not sure that’s a good thing Fiber is good for our overall health in more ways than one There’s a saying in Nutritional Science that all health begins in the gut And you need your fiber to have a healthy gut As far as I know, meat is not a wholesome food In the sense that it doesn’t contain every nutrient in the world Yes, it hasn’t got every nutrient under the sun If you’re going to be eating meat only, you’re going to be missing out on some micro-nutrients in particular We’ll be talking about Folic acid. Vitamin C is not available in meat Vitamin E won’t be found in meat Those micro-nutrients I mentioned there are all plant-derived They are phyto-nutrients Folic acid, Vitamins C & E are obtainable from plants only WHich means if you are eating meat only, you gonna miss out on those micro-nutrients Here’s something else. You can Vitamin K from Meat But for you to use Vitamin K, you need Vitamin E which you’ll be missing out on by eating meat-only I heard Jordan Peterson talking to Joe Rogan in one of the videos He was talking about having some tingling and numbness in his feet or so Is it possible that he’s beginning to miss out on some micro-nutrients? Just because he’s eating meat-only That’s a warning there that the meat-only diet is not a wholesome diet. it’s not a healthy diet overall If we move on from potential nutritional deficiencies by missing on some micro-nutrients We get into the realms of things that are little bit more worrying. I’m talking about links to cancer There’s research evidence to support the view that eating lots of red meat can lead to colon cancer Because meat does raise IGF levels in the body Colon cancer is one. Pancreatic cancer is another, Prostate cancer is another too Apart from that, when you heat meat to high temperatures using dry heat It can lead to Thrimethylamine-N-Oxide substance formation That substance is a potential carcinogen You could also argue that apart from eating red meat I could switch to processed meat That’s not safe either When you start going into the realms of processed meat, you will start talking about Nitrosamines which are also possible carcinogens if you want to jump on the carnivore diet bandwagon, something to bear in mind is If you are going to eating meat week in week out 365 days in a year It’s a lot of saturated fat that you’ll be consuming We can have arguments about whether saturated fats are good or bad for our health Even the ketogenic guys will agree that eating meat day in day out 365 days in a year, you’ll be taking your consumption of you’ll be taking your consumption of saturated fat into the red zone It’ll be interesting to see if Jordan Peterson and Shawn baker are monitoring their lipid levels And I” like to see what they’re like And why is this important? Well, it’s because of the potential for heart diesease Heart disease is the No 1 killer in the West We don’t want to create another potential time bomb for later on By eating lots of meat with the carnivore diet So to round up. Does the carnivore diet exist? yes, it does Will it enable you to lose weight? Yes, it will enable you to lose weight Is it monotonous? Yes, it is monotonous. But you can get past that. Finally, is it a healthy diet? From everything I have said, there are quite some significant risks associated with the carnivore diet it’s not a diet that I’ll advise in the long term If it is something you are going to do for a month or two months, that’s okay It’s not a diet that I see as as sustainable in the long term Because I’ve concerns regarding the potential issues that occur with it Any diet excludes a whole food group is not a diet that I’ll advise If you’re asking me, should you do it in the short term? May be Should you do it in the medium term? No. Should you do the carnivore diet in the long term? No. If you’ve liked what I have said in this video, please give the video a Thumbs-Up Hit the ‘LIKE’ button If you haven’t subscribed to this channel, please do subscribe The button is right there in the bottom right corner If you think, this video can provide value to a friend or family member, please share the video with them Someone who’s probably thinking of going on this diet, let them watch the video, so they know the risks before they jump all in If you’ve got something to say, please leave a comment in commenting section That’s about it. Until next time, this is Dr Joe signing out

33 thoughts on “All Meat Carnivore Diet Weight Loss Benefits, Side Effects, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Shawn Baker

  1. Would you say than whole plant base diet (vegan) it's not wholesome either given that completely excluded animal products.

  2. What about people that has been doing the zero carb or carnivore diet for 10+ with no negative effect all of the opposite they are living dease free and being able to reverse even autoimmune dease.What are you thought on that.regards

  3. You probably right even though I wouldn't compare eating meat with smoking cigarettes but see your point. It is just so fascinating to me you would think they will be dropping dead but they are not.Charlene Andersen it's been on this diet for 18+ years she cured herself of lyme disease with this diet .I just didn't know that eating just meat was a thing.The first time I heard about it I was absolutely no and then start reading about it I guess it is an elimination diet and my be beneficial for some ,I wonder if people who are trying it have to introduced anything else back successfully. Have a good day and thank you for your replies.

  4. I was vegan for 2 years and what did that get me? Well, broke my wrist by just a simple fall. My eyes site got worse, I now have leaky gut. I've been on the carnivore diet for 3 months. Now my eye site is close to 20-20 gained 15 lb of muscle and my leakygut is gone. Eating DEER meat now more Omega 3 vs 6. I love it. I use Ghee butter for dipping and liver. Looks like your channel is going to be stuck in the 50's doc just like your schooling. Plains Indians never had bread or a all the man made veggies to be healthy and they were so strong we had to hunt the Buffalo out to control the natives. You can say what you want but I don't need bread to be healthy , carrots with it's vitamin A that you cant digest. Bone broth soup with butter and eggs are in my diet and I am feeling much better. Ps we will find out doc, maybe we might not need your services anymore if this starts healing folks like it did in the 1930's with Children using keto diet. Carnivore = ketosis.

  5. Big REad!

  6. The content of vitamin A is specified in RE (retinol equivalents) that corresponds with the total vitamin A effect.
    Recent studies have shown that the effect of beta-carotene is not as great as previously assumed. For that reason, the vitamin A effect of beta-carotene has been halved in the new food listings. Plant vitamin A never gets stored in your liver. Animal vitamin A is stronger and easily to digest then it plant form boooooom! This is why in the passed your Mom would make you eat liver once a month. How can you eat carrots and expect that the A you're getting is being stored for later? Vegetables are not needed as much as we thought. Celery would me one of those I would eat. Builds stomach acids.

  7. With all respect, the example of the lion does not hold any ground. We have fire….Neither the ' fear' of cancer which is always the last resort…. . However, being a (former) bodybuilder/powerlifter myself (63) I was on the egg and meat diet (Vince Gironda) for many years. I even consumed 30 eggs a day at one time with 100 liver tabs. No problem, but Vince advised to eat a carb meal (spaghetti) every third or fourth day. What can I say. I am fine at 63 and still training. Not trying to play the wise guy. It is what it is.

  8. You literally haven't got a clue what you are talking about. Where did you get your Doctorate…the Acme school of medicine?

  9. Where is the evidence? I mean like producing a person that has been exclusively on carnivore and showing the damage it has done. You are using your 'book learning' to say it shouldn't work because you cannot, from personal observation, say that it does not improve health and is not a better way to eat. You say "what are the downsides?" – jaws of a lion? lol – really? Lacks fiber? More book learning – no evidence that someone who is not consuming carbs needs fiber. Produce a person that has eaten this way for years and show me their impaired health, otherwise, you are talking out or your book lernin' – which we have established from past nutritional fallacies – is worthless.

  10. Heart disease is caused by continuously high insulin levels,not saturated fat.just one many factually incorrect points made in this outdated vid.sorry doc.

  11. Dr. Joe: you are presenting yourself as an authority on a subject that you obviously know nothing about and you should be held libel.

    I suggest you watch Dr. Barry Groves detailed analysis of the human digestive system in “Homo Carnivorous, What we are designed to eat” on YouTube.

    Then you should actually try the carnivore diet for 6 months so you have some bases for your assertions, otherwise you’re just talking nonsense and wasting everyone’s time.

  12. Just looking through the comments….I’m glad people don’t just accept miss information from people like you anymore….and you forget curing a whole host of diseases….

  13. Vitamin C is in liver. We need more of it as long as we consume glucose. Please read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price.

  14. This is why we don't trust doctors, you just regurgitate dogma from pharmaceutical and grain companies like sheep then you tell us we are the brain washed, yet with all the reports of the carnivore diet you dismiss this as if it is nonsense. Revered IBS, leaky gut, low inflammation, mental clarity, reversed type 2 diabetes, lowered blood pressure, excellent sleep energy for days. I can understand why won't accept this. You need us to be sick, you have no problems promoting malnutrition with fruits and vegetables with anti-nutrients, colon clogging fibre that ferments in you small intestine, lol i hardly fart.

  15. Thats an easy deadlift with a trap bar hahaha! Id like to see him do that with a barbell. Trap bar "deads" are essentially dead squats

  16. Help my bff is taking this diet on , help me get her to stop 🛑 pls .. I am not against meat just against a radical change …

  17. you don't need strong jaws, you heard of ground beef? you don't need fiber ever! you don't need bacteria that eats fiber. fiber is good for constipation and bloating, meaning it causes both. meat contains everything your body needs. humans think they know what the body needs yet nature created us to eat meat. your education is getting in the way of reality.

  18. Having hypoglicemia attack is the number 1 danger on carnivore diet

    I know few peoples on this diet that nearly was send to the next world. Fat is dangerous when you sugar drop down,because fat slow the absorption of sugar,that's why many doctors never recommend eating chocolate during hypo attack,because chocolate contains plenty fat,they say to eat candy instead if you have hypo attack

    My friend on carnivore diet nearly die-when doctors arrive to her house "her blood sugar level was so low that it was miracle she survive". She has eating for few days nothing but steak meat with water. 0 grams of carbs and lots of butter(a fat that slow down the glucose absorption)

    Many people won't have hypo attack,because don't everybody get it,but they will be in state like they eating sugar. If they eat lots of protein-the protein convert into sugar for energy. Is like going way around to the same point-instead of eating fruits and veg or grains for glucose and energy-they eat plenty of proteins with are conver into glucose anyway. Is like going to the London by walk instead by train-the final is the same,just take longer way to come

    Doctor you should watch videos of sv3rige and Milk jar and see how this people promoting eating raw meat. Sv3rige nearly die from dangerous bacteria and he still continue it. The worst they got lots of followers. Constipation is the least to worry about this diet,when you eat raw cow brains,raw pork-you really have far more greater danger to worry about. They are lucky they don't live in countries when rabies is present. I can imagine this peoples going to India and drink raw milk from rabid cow and lots of idiots following them… They are already in the highest risk of getting parasites

    Sv3rige girlfriend in the last videos don't walk stable,she seem to have coordination problems is the first sign of mad cow disease. Even when she talk with one lady-she can't stand stable only stepping from one foot to other-I hope I wrong about it,but doesn't seem good.

  19. Explain me how fiber can be good for the person who have Diverticulitis , and after eat veggies of fruit feeling like a pregnant women , constipation, and after eating meat only you stomach have no reaction at all, and I eat veggies and fruits all my life before . Doctor, are you sure what are you saying ;)) ?? !!!

  20. I have never felt so good since I started carnivore.. no inflammation great skin Crohn's has gone to sleep…and my weight has gone down . And I eat one time a day because I love fasting my body is happy..🥩🦐🧀😋

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