Almost Dessert MAPLE GLAZED Baby CARROTS Recipe

Almost Dessert MAPLE GLAZED Baby CARROTS Recipe

hey everyone welcome to the kitchen
today I made these maple glazed baby carrots this is a fantastic side dish
for just about any meal and they’re really easy easy to make here’s what I
did start out with one of these heavy cast-iron brazier pans over medium-high
heat and I hit it with a little bit of clarified butter once the butter was
melted I threw in the baby carrots so stir the carrots around for a little
while get them fried and a little bit crispy on the outside start to build up
that caramel color and flavor and then I pour it in a little bit of white wine
except I didn’t have white wine today so I used some Rose a you could pretty much
use any dry white wine that you have on hand what you’re really looking for is
to add an acid component to the dish on medium-high heat that should come to a
boil and you reduce the liquid down by about 1/2 and then you throw in some
maple syrup and you want to use real maple syrup of course there is no
substitute at this point I hit it with a little bit
of salt and pepper and you don’t have to use baby carrots if if you don’t want to
you could use any carrots that you like you could take regular-sized carrots and
cut them into rounds cut them into bat nets I just really like these carrots
for presentation give it a stir around and put the lid on and then you stick
that in the oven for 25 or 30 minutes now this recipe is really easy to scale
you can you can make a whole mess of these for a whole lot of people or you
can make it just for two really nice flavor you’ve got sweetness from the carrot
when that carmelization right at the very beginning and then layered on top
of that is the maple flavor which adds just an incredible depth and you need a
white wine with quite a bit of acid in order to cut that sweetness otherwise it
would be very coin so give this a try it would be great on your Thanksgiving
dinner table or your Christmas dinner table or Easter or next Tuesday night
when you’re having meatloaf it’s the kind of dish that makes it look like you
slaved in the kitchen and worked really hard when it is super simple and easy to
make thanks for stopping by hope to see you again soon

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