Aloo Parantha आलू पराँठा | Kunal Kapur | North Indian Breakfast Recipes | Alu Paratha Chef Kapoor

Hello everyone this is Kunal Kapur today in my kitchen, I will be making my favourite Aloo Parantha Before making Aloo Parantha, we need
to prepare the dough and before that, we need to wash our hands There are many germs on our hands
which are not visible to the naked eye, so it is not only important to
wash your hands before eating but also before cooking food
wash your hands Done. Nice and clean To prepare the dough, we take the flour add a generous pinch of salt in it Then we add water and knead it nicely The dough is ready. We keep it on rest for 10 minutes For the stuffing of Aloo Parantha,
we have boiled and mashed potatoes To this we add salt, red chilli powder, cumin, coriander seeds, finely chopped ginger, chopped green chilly and
finely chopped coriander leaves. We mix it well Mixture done. This is our dough,
which is well settled after the rest We cut small portions from the
dough and make round balls from them We have this flour, in that we press
the round dough balls and we stretch it. In this we fill the stuffing, wrap it completely, roll it and fold the mouth There is one more way of stuffing the Aloo Parantha You take 2 small dough balls and roll them lightly to stretch them a little, one by one Now we lightly spread the stuffing
on one of the surfaces Not to the extremes just a little
spread around the centre Now we cover it with the second dough base
and press it on the top and sides like this Now we cover it lightly with flour like this In this way the Aloo Parantha will have two layers,
it is delicious and crispy Now we heat the griddle place the Parantha on the hot griddle Now we turn it over. We cook this side for at least
1 minute on medium flame and a quick turn Now we spread Ghee over it turn it again Spread Ghee on the other side as well,
You can also use oil if you want This looks gorgeous, it smells delicious. Aloo Parantha
with yummy stuffing cooked in Ghee just look at it, The layer can be opened in this way Just flip it once Hot and happening Aloo Parantha I am very hungry but its important
to wash hands before eating

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