100 thoughts on “Amateurs Vs. Professional Chef: Fast Food Challenge

  1. The girl is sooooo annoying. She kept on bragging bc she one a competition. Doesn't matter if you win, just stay humble.

  2. Guys everybody calm down…kayla might be a lil annoyin in this video…but she is a really sweet person
    You can watch another video which she was in (amateur vs prof)

  3. That girl is going against a pro chef and then is thinking she is going to win. Have you been the cooking done in masterchef girl

  4. Everyone: “You look nervous”
    Me: “I look nervous all the time”

    Definition of my life in two sentences
    Also if I want to be extra,

    Me: “Sounds like a sweet route”
    Everyone: “I hate you so much”

  5. Two things: 1. Why are you guys so rude to the guest. Bad attitudes. 2. Bacon starts in a cold pan. As it heats the fat renders as the water evaporates. Doesn't burn.

  6. Nick is so nice but the girl and the boy was annoying and just plain rude in a way I didn’t like them at all and was happy the ppl didn’t like their food

  7. I can understand the “friendly competition vibe” but to really throw the professional off like that is poor sportsmanship.
    Not trying to be rude

  8. man I remember loving watching Nick in Masterchef, too. he always perfectly walked that line of confidence and cockiness. very well-earned confidence, too. didn’t the guy go to Harvard?

  9. Nick has always been a sweetheart and was a gem on MasterChef. The chick needed to tone it down a smidge. Like chill, you're not being intimidating, just rude.

  10. I was so annoyed by the amateurs. Honestly, if you're gonna invite people to do a challenge and they're nice enough to come, then be nice to them. It's not hard.

  11. Amateur girl and the professional cook kinda had a crush the guys was being nice too her trying to impress her and the girl was just trying to trash talk him

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