Andrew Zimmern Explores Issues Of The Day Through Food | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Andrew Zimmern Explores Issues Of The Day Through Food | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. America is a reality show nation. "Every Nation Deserves its Government." I'm so disappointed with Americans. I know your answer; "Go back to the shithole country you came from." I wish I could.

  2. Big Agriculture and big manufacturing/food processing/etc, doesn't want immigration reform. For them it's cheep labor. Think indentured servants and classless slavery.

  3. I was raised in, and continue to live in, California. We desperately need the Latino population here … and not just because of the work (though that is huge!). They are an integral part of life here.

    They are a fabulous people as a whole– happy and family oriented to their core. I would put a Latino's values up against my own middle class white girl Leave-it-to-Beaver values any day of the week.

    Some cultures integrate really well into the American culture and some don't. Latinos do. They don't lose their own culture, but they also blend well with us.

    Sidenote/hot tip: go to any park and find yourself a large Latino family gathering. Find a reason to chit chat with any of them and I will just about guarantee you one of the best-ever meals you could have. Feeding their friends is A Thing. They simply just gather you in – the welcome/inclusion is something that we need to borrow from them. As Martha says, it's a good thing.

  4. What is Donald Trump's promised plan to provide affordable and accessible health care coverage for you and your family that covers pre-existing conditions?

  5. Make America White Again! opps, I mean GREAT!
    What difference does it make, bow down to your master drumpf… steven miller expanding his powers, pence will have his reeducation camps. Sadly the republican senate and the supreme court are owned by your 1% owners. So why are you still fighting? Our Democracy is Dead, corporation are now "We The People" and money is "Free Speech."

    Watch drumpf's masters' plan, Time is running out… You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  6. These immigrants do work hard. But make your way in indian, Pakistan japan, korea or israel. T o take trump's cue,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. CLEANUP your own shithole.

  7. I was so excited to watch this video until I realised it was not about throwing rotten vegetables at Donald Trump, chained up in the middle of 5th avenue. Maybe next week eh?

  8. Well said. Share a meal with some one, you mite find you have some thing common. You may even like them. We can all use a new freind.

  9. Dumb donald is to busy being racist to see the big picture he's an immigrant so in that case he shouldn't be here either

  10. Preaching to the choir on me. I live in Arizona. I am not picking strawberries. I make $11.32 per hour at a grocery store.
    Go in the back at my local chinese restaurant, Mexicans doing the food prep.
    We are one world. I don't know the answer, but I can't spend $45 a pound for my shrimp…

  11. Jose Andres is a hero (yes I know he's rich) for feeding people in need! and now I feel Andrew Zimmern is also a force for good. Good for you! You are so much more than bizarre foods!

  12. MAGA morons and their MAGA cult leader TRUMP only understands nothing but hate for people because of their skin color, but don't have the brains to understand how the world and it's peoples work, meaning we all need one another when it really matters, In every country in the world you'll find American citizens there doing whatever they do, technically we are the World and are all connected by land and sea and economy and that's what helps every country in this world to survive or get rich,

  13. The majority of Drug users Want to use drugs they love the high. Then when there’re not felling well oh I want to quit. B.S. they love getting High! Andrew grow a set of Balls!

  14. When are these Liberal pansies going to learn? Most people have no problem with immigration. It’s the Illegals people have issues with! You MORONS!

  15. Omg, Bourdain would have been perfect for this show with these two. Changing the world and opening people's minds, one bite at a time. ❤️

  16. Add a minimum living wage at $15 per hour, a lot of these jobs will be filled by US citizens. There will still be a shortage of workers even then. We still need immigrants to fill these lower paid jobs even at $15.

  17. This are the food industries guys talking about immigrants, how much did the farmers lost this time because of shortage of workers.nso how are the goverment help this industries.

  18. To discuss food and not include how animal agriculture is ruining the planet and contributing significantly to the climate crisis is to ignore the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Please consider learning more…

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  19. North of NYC, is Ossining, NY, and many know it for Sing-sing prison, but its a town on the Hudson with an extremely diverse population of Portuguese-Americans, Latinos (Ecuadorians, Peruvians) and the blend makes the tastes in food all that more exceptional. Furthermore, many of these 1st generation Americans take up jobs many others would not do like cleaning homes, mowing lawns of the wealthier, managing local super markets. 'Diversity is our Strength, Unity is our Power!'…our much admired Speaker of the House, Hon. Nancy Pelosi

  20. Jose Andres is a giant among Men. I hope history remembers his spirit and generosity for eons. The world needs more people like him.

  21. Where are all these racist Republicans who cry about jobs being taken by immigrants? They should be lining up! Go get those jobs!

  22. Immigration is great…LEGAL immigration. Sneaking in and jumping ahead of people who are working thru the system legally is wrong, and shouldn’t be resolved by just making everyone legal.

  23. Yea and that’s why wages stay low in food service for the ppl back in the kitchen working while guys like Jose and Andrew make tons of money while paying the workers nothing … food service is just like any other business .. owners want cheap labor so they make more cash plain and simple

  24. When I was 20/21 I bused and backpacked across our remarkable Nation. I was staying at a Youth Hostel in Seattle which I shared the room with two women I can't remember if they were sisters or friends. Early the next morning they went to Pike's Place Market and came back with fresh baked multigrain bread and two Avocados. They asked me if I ever had eaten Avocados? Being a Connecticut Yankee, forty some years ago, I said no. They sliced me a big piece of bread, spread some Avocado on it and sprinkled on some salt and pepper. I took one bite and I have been eating Avocado ever since.

    I'm 66 now and the produce department wouldn't think of not supplying Avacodos and many other Ethnically popular fruits and vegetables. Our Ethnic Diversity is our strength and treating those who have journeyed many miles to harvest that produce in order to support and feed their families should be given respect and living wages. Also all global sisters and brothers should be fed bravo to Chef Andres and Andrew Zimmern.

  25. And he has the complexion for the protection. ADOS kids can't even sale bottle water without cops being called let alone an adult try to start a vending business. We have seen protest in New York recently.

  26. So lets politicize food? Brilliant. What does he mean by exploring? It means accepting his political agenda and view points. That's not exploring, but promoting politics.

  27. Fact is donnie's last name is in fact "D-R-U-M-P-F." donnie's criminal and racist old man was so ashamed of who he was, he came up with a fake last name. Then, donnie stole another families crest! That is who the Drumpf's are. Liars and thieves.

  28. This good economy is an illusion, the deficit is getting bigger with this administration, bigger than Obama two terms of and our kids and their kids are going to pay for it. Wake up AMERICA. This guy is fooling every body.

  29. It is not as if Americans don't know that there is a climate crisis. They're just ignorant. They're ignorant, even when it comes to their own democracy. So why should we the rest of the world care? But when the world starts getting category 7 or 8 hurricanes and tornadoes then the rest of the world is going to care and who do you think they're going to blame? For their inaction when it comes to global warming.

  30. LOL..5:18. yea, tell all the white and White wana be Trumpians that there's help wanted job for all those jobs you just discussed…. Let them go and apply since they stated all the Mexicans are taking over their jobs….  Go for it White people. … The jobs are now yours…

  31. "What's his secret?" – "I work hard!"

    you know things are rotten when working hard for one's success becomes a secret

  32. Important Note from this:
    Americans, keep supporting Republicans and you will not be able to drink coffee in the morning or have a nice lobster in the evening.

  33. TULSI IS THE CHAMPION YOU SHOULD SPEAK OF. She transformed legalizing cannabis to decriminalizing all drug-cartel controlled drugs following tried & true Portugal Model saving lives, clearing poverty, homelessness, disease, & addiction since 2001! This addresses the opioid crisis directly before giving everyone a paved way to Med4All's prescription overload. She is ALSO a practicing vegan which in itself is the BEST environment friendly choice which could heal so much if practiced en mass. She herself relies on NO caffeine let alone anything harder on the body. She is our CHAMPION of Moral Compass & Disciplined Living. TULSI2020 4 TRUTH & INTEGRITY

  34. It's beneficial to businesses that need immigrant workers to keep them illegal so they, the immigrants, can be taken advantage of easily.

  35. you say only undocumented workers will do the jobs that you want to pay super low wages for!!! well it is proven that all the documented migrants wont do them either or have we never documented any of them,,,,we have 47 million documented migrants in the U.S. as of 2015,,, the moment they are documented they want better jobs that pay better just like you and i,,,,,the only solution is pay higher wages and let the market settle where it may and criminalize anyone that would not document their workers first !!!

    i'm sure we would have no shortage of field workers if they made good wages,,,you just want to keep riding that old meager wage train that only desperate undocumented people without options will do,,,so good luck with your bright thinking.

  36. What American would pick in our fields? Back-breaking 🥵 hot and for low wages. If the U.S. paid decent wages to pick in the fields: Americans would have to pay outrageous prices for a head of lettuce, etc. 👎 Yes, as Zimmern said: without the undocumented Mexican pickers, the Market Produce would SHUT DOWN. We NEED illegal immigrants to work in these fields or else how else are you going to get your vegetables? Are you willing to work in the fields for very low wages? 😬 I don’t think so, neither would I.

  37. Andrew you are a special man , you give so much and ask for so little. great example of an American immigrant making America special.

  38. This guy is a bit slippery. I mean, a broken arm and the ravages of addiction are not at all similar. His point is absurd. People avoid homeless alcoholics because they can be dangerous, annoying, smelly, etc. I know, I was one. Addiction requires different treatment than a broken arm. Broken arms and addiction result from different conditions. I appreciate that he's trying to help, but he's idiotic

  39. That doesn’t make any scents to a billionaire they look at things to us makes no scents. Liers are what they are just

  40. Working Hard is Good , and Should be , but it doesn't Work for Everyone and Anymore , Many of the Last Generation Worked Hard Their Entire Lives and Still Died Poor with no Retirement , besides SS , Working Hard is Good and Needed , but Dosent Happen for Everyone , Education , Training , Family Support , Good Health and LOTS OF LUCK IS NEEDED FOR A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS

  41. depends only….some are greedy as they see oh alot of people are eating food trucks and way over price and the food are nasty…

  42. the pan handle of FL is boarded up because of hurricanes and they can't afford to rebuild. Mexico beach is another one panama city all are ghost towns and that is not due to climate and the oysters but hurricanes

  43. Trump wants the immagrants workers only to use them for low wages and knows they don't have a voice but uses them again to put them down to blame them on crime and problems to our society , and he also knows they overall vote Democrats eventually the longer they stay. But if they get deported its definitely a win.

  44. Mr. Zimmern is host of one of the biggest pieces of crap ever forced upon viewing Americans. The show is full of inaccurate and misleading statements, BS gibberish, and outlandish verbal dung. There is no doubt that the IQ of Mr. Zimmern and the shows producers have the combined score equal to puke. Yes, Bourdain and Zimmern have something in common, both had/have over inflated opinions of themselves and the intelligence and usefulness of what they had to say.

  45. What investment is made in telling your neighbour continue to deny your gender? To continue the farce that you are what you wanna be? Imbibe more drugs and drink and if it feels good do it? That stain is on your claws, leftits. And of course we look to CAlifornia and how you deal with your fellow brothers…thousand on the streets, defecating in the open, living in tent cities…yeh, a single party state does that for its flock. Yeh, your investment is one of self destruction. OWN IT.

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