At Home: Protein, Vitamins and Diet

You’ll need to make eating and
lifestyle changes after your surgery. An important first step is taking your
protein and vitamin supplements. You’ll start your vitamin supplements 3 days after your surgery. At the same time, you can also start the full fluid diet, which you will continue for two weeks. It’s important that you read and understand the information you received at discharge about the full fluid diet, but
let’s go through the most important things. 1. Eat and drink only
liquid foods and drinks listed in your diet guide. 2. Drink 2 to 4 cups of water every day. 3. Start taking your chewable vitamin and
mineral supplements. 4. Start taking your protein supplements; and 5. When eating, eat only one tablespoon of food every 5 minutes. Consume only the items on your diet list, and measure everything you eat and drink. After 2 weeks on the full fluid diet, you may be ready to start transitioning
to pureed foods. If you’re having trouble tolerating the
full fluid diet, feeling nauseous or having abdominal pain, don’t move on to
pureed foods yet. Try pureed foods a few days later if you have no pain or nausea. Menu options and meal plans are outlined in the binder you received at the Bariatric Clinic.

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