Ayesha Curry Cooks Up Dishes with Jennifer Aniston and Ellen

Ayesha Curry Cooks Up Dishes with Jennifer Aniston and Ellen

[MUSIC PLAYING] How are you? I’m good, how are you? I’m so excited I get to
do a show on Ellentube called Fempire with Ayesha
Curry and I’m so excited. We’re so excited to have you. I’m so excited. All right, so first we’re
starting out with a cocktail. What are we making? So we’re going to be making
a mango lemonade cocktail. I have here just
some lemons that I’ve juiced with a little
water and simple syrup: simple syrups, equal
parts sugar and water. So we have a little
mango puree here. Now you can buy it from
the store if you want or you can do it fresh. Just pop a little mango into
the blender, quick hack, take a knife, this is
my knife from my line. Careful, careful. So you want to cut into
the mango just like so. Where it points out the most,
that’s where the seed is, so you want to cut
along the side of that. I have a glass, you
want to take the mango and run it along the
sides of the glass. Then look, you’re not
wasting any mango. Wow! Gorgeous piece of mango. So we’ll take the
lemonade, pop it in there. Did you know that thing? What? About the glass. I just learned it. Well so did I. You’ve got to use it too. All right. Now I know you like tequila. Yeah, I do. You like a little
tequila or a lot? She likes tequila. You like tequila? I do like tequila. You want a little
or a lot of tequila? Whatever you– Medium or whatever is
supposed to be in there. One banana, two
banana, three banana– More, more, more Four banana, five banana. That’s good. Daytime! All right. Day drinking. We’re going to go and
put some ice in there and then we’re going
to give it a shake. Do you want to give it a shake? Jen does. You wanna give it a shake, OK. She’s known for
giving it a shake. All right. Sadly, I am. Do the honors. OK. Oh god, this is a bigger one. [APPLAUSE] I love it. All right. Pour it into a glass,
and if you have kids, just don’t put the tequila in. And then you have a
drink for everybody: a mocktail for the
kids, a cocktail. Look how pretty. Look how pretty that is. And you have that. There you go. Let me taste it first and
then I’ll give it to Jen. Oh, yes. Oh, my. It’s probably very strong. I don’t think so. Oh, great. [LAUGHTER] Wow. It’s delicious, right? It’s so good. Yeah, it’s really good. All right. All right, now what? So chips and guac, right? American classic. I like to spice it up a
little bit and do pita chips. And so it’s really
simple, you take store bought pita,
cut it into triangles, brush with a little bit
of olive oil just like so. Can I talk? You keep talking, but
I have a question. So Steph Curry, your
husband who I adore, who everyone adores
Steph Curry, I think– [APPLAUSE] You’re about to head
out, like, he’s playing. Oh, yeah. I’m dipping right after this. I know. How do you prepare for that? Is he nervous? Are you nervous. I’ve come to learn that
he’s very ritualistic. So he has this
pair of headphones that I just found
out about and he has to have them with him when
he’s walking into the games. But I love to do high
protein bowls for him. So we’ve switched it up a
little bit over the years. There he is. Oh, that’s my
brother-in-law, too. So we switch it up a little,
high protein, really good fat, avocados. Yeah, so it’s good. The way my guacamole
works, and I think it’s the best guacamole,
is I add a lot of fixings into it. We have some fresh garlic here. I got the nod of approval
from Jennifer Aniston. Such a smart move. This is another
move that I love. She is a big, big avocado– You mash, mash, mash, mash. Right? Then you’re going to add
in some Havarti cheese. Whoa! If you’re vegan, you
can do the vegan cheese. That’s new. That is new. And you mash, mash, mash,
mash a little cilantro, salt and pepper to taste,
and then the lime. The very important step, you
don’t want brown guacamole. So the lime adds
a little acidity, but also keeps it fresh,
and vibrant, and green. All right, a little olive
oil into our skillet. We’re going to be making
a quick and easy pasta. We have some egg noodles
that I’ve boiled over here. They’re ready to go. I have my skillet hot here
with a little olive oil. I like to do shallot, boom,
boom, boom, a little garlic. Let that cook down and get
translucent a little bit. I love garlic. Bell pepper. You could do mushrooms
in this, a little tomato, you cook them down. I like to add the
asparagus in last. Pasta water, your pasta water
should be salty like the sea. And this is going to add so
much flavor to the pasta. So you want to, after
your pasta is cooked, add a little pasta
water in there. What does that mean? So you save the water
after you drained? That you boiled. Yes, just like a cup of it. Really? And then you add it
in to keep it moist? It adds so much flavor. Look at that. You want to stir that up. And the last, most important
step is a little cheese. And you just want a grate
that in there just like so. This looks amazing. We should all be married to you. Oh. Well– [LAUGHTER] I can say
that I wouldn’t mind that. [LAUGHTER] All right,
so there we go. Finish off with some
cheese and basil and you’ve got the perfect dish. All right. [APPLAUSE] Delicious. We’ll take a break.

100 thoughts on “Ayesha Curry Cooks Up Dishes with Jennifer Aniston and Ellen

  1. i really like how the three things ayesha made are perfect for summer and so quick and easy to prepare 🙂 also guys, don't say she was ignoring anyone. she had a certain amount of time allocated for her segment; the point of it was to demonstrate cooking, not chat with jennifer.

  2. Jenn’s face says “oh that’s potent.”
    She has the best facial expressions.
    We would like to hear more about Steph’s rituals.

  3. Jennifer is just the third wheel😂😂 I love how Ellen keeps reminding Ayesha that Jennifer is there

  4. Jen just wanna drink. She's like shut up and gimme something to drink. I would have done the same lol. Jenn is so cute. Her facial expressions when Ayesha is talking hahaaha.

  5. Nah Ayesha was being so rude like we've all been there at one point. How would you feel if someone did that to you?🙄🙄

  6. Dont criticize Ayesha for not giving attention to Jennifer.. we all know how Ayesha is when it comes to attention.

  7. 3 A-Amazing Women!!!❤️❤️❤️God bless them!!💕💝❤️🎉🥰🌷💐🧁🌈🌿🧚🏻‍♀️🌹😄🙏🏼🌸

  8. lol their faces when they tried the drink, said it was really good but their expressions say otherwise. also, jen is hilarious

  9. Jennifer try more Rese wiserspon good cook) Ayesha 0_0 best gerl in the world)I'm already running for a plate and a fork wont lebowski thor) 5:02 WOT im revnes)

  10. Ayesha Curry is young & wasn’t into FRIENDS when she was a kid. Jennifer Aniston isn’t that famous to her I’m guessing.

  11. Not gon lie this would be the best Boujee threesome a girl could dream of 😍😍😍🙌🏽🤣🤣

  12. 5:04 Jen says to Ayesha we should all be married to you

    5:04 –5:08 nervous laughter based on her asinine comments previously typical Ayesha answer I can’t say I wouldn’t mind that she might just be a big ol freak 🤣🤣🤣😍😍💦🗣🗣

  13. I came here to see if anyone else noticed how awkward the thing was with Jen being treated like a third wheel by this woman..

  14. Its soo awkward how shes only acknowledging ellen, you can tell ellen was trying to get jenn involved..

  15. Jen’s facial expressions and dry humor is the only thing that saves this segment! She is hilarious! Even throwing a little shade at being ignored. 😆

  16. Guacamole is NOT an American classic. It's a Mexican classic. Thank you! Also how rude is it that shes not even paying attention to Jennifer… smh!

  17. I think that Ayesha could have paid a little more attention to Jennifer. She’s constantly facing her body towards Ellen and talking to Ellen. By the expressions on Jennifer’s face, Jennifer is probably pretty left out and feeling pretty awkward. Then again, Ayesha is trying to fit in many recipes into 5 minutes and may not be able to converse that much. However, I feel that it would have been a lot better if she could at least make some eye contact with Jennifer. And Ellen did a great job trying to be inclusive.

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