Banana Bread Brownies With Oats  (DOUBLE CHOCOLATEY GOODNESS)

Banana Bread Brownies With Oats (DOUBLE CHOCOLATEY GOODNESS)

(upbeat music) – Hi, today on A Real Kitchn, we’re gonna be making next-level, beyond delicious, double chocolate banana bread brownies with a star ingredient, rolled oats. So, this is the third in my series of hashtag, springtowardscaring. The first recipe in the series I’ve linked in the card here, and it tells about the whole idea of me wanting to have recipes that include food products that give back, and have an ethical mission, and what that has to do
with Ellen DeGeneres! Today we are gonna be using rolled oats from The Soulfull Project. They have such a beautiful simple mission. For every serving purchased, they will provide a serving
of their four grain hot cereal to a regional food bank. Their motto is, a serving for a serving. I’m gonna put a link to their site in the description box below, so please make sure to check them out. I’m also including their
rolled oat in today’s recipe. As you can see, they
have not only rolled oats in several different varieties, they’ve also got a four grain blend, which has got rye, oats,
barley, and toasted red quinoa. They also have individual packets. This one is cinnamon spice multigrain with oats, quinoa, chia, and flax. And then if you want to have a grab-n-go, they’ve got several
different types as well. This one is brown sugar pecan multigrain with oats, quinoa, flaxseed, and pecans, so all you need to do
is add some hot water and you’re good to go for
a delicious healthy meal. And once again, you’re doing good, because it’s a serving for a serving to your regional food bank. Are you a rolled oats fan? Besides oatmeal, what is your
favorite way to enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s use some rolled oats, and make some double chocolatey banana bread brownies. Let’s get baking! Okay, so let’s get started on our double chocolate
banana bread brownie using our Soulfull Project rolled oats. I took the rolled oats,
and I really put them in my NutriBullet, and I made
them into more like a flour. So into here goes the oat flour, and some cocoa powder, baking powder, and some baking soda, and now we’re gonna whisk
all of these together just to combine them. Okay, so I have my beloved
Vitamix right here, and we just kind of skootch it
over to the side real quick, and into here we’re gonna put our bananas, very ripe bananas, and some vanilla, and then I’m gonna put
in some maple syrup. Now you can also use agave or honey. This is where you can
really kinda customize it, and like I said this can be vegan or not. Now we’re going to blend this up. (blender whirs) Now we’re gonna take this, and we’re going to combine
it with our dry mixture, so we’re gonna take our
delicious blended bananas and maple syrup and vanilla, take a look at that, and we’re just gonna pour it in here, and we’re gonna mix that together, the very thick batter,
just to let you know. That’s totally normal. Of course you know what we’re gonna need is happy spatula! Gonna break that out and have it scrape some of this off of the whisk. Okay, so we’ve got this delicious batter, and now we’re gonna fold
in some chocolate chips. And if you are trying to keep this vegan, use the vegan chocolate chips. My favorite brand of vegan chocolate chips or chocolate chips in general is Lily’s, not sponsored, just
absolutely love Lily’s. A third of a cup, and this is where this recipe gets its
double chocolate from. You got the cocoa powder,
that’s one chocolate, and these chocolate chips, that gives it the double chocolate. Alright, we’re gonna get this into a pan, which a my nine by nine baking pan. I always like to put in parchment paper, ’cause that’ll ensure that
I can just kinda lift up the brownies, and what I do is I just kinda wrinkle this up, and this allows it to really stick into every nook and cranny. And the parchment paper that
I like to use is PaperChef. They have so many wonderful
parchment paper products, you need to check them out, just absolutely love their product. Now into the pan these brownies go. Okay, and let’s just spread those out, into a 350 degree oven
for about 15 minutes, and I’ll see you in 15 minutes. Okay, so I have the
brownies out of the oven, and I placed them here on this sheet so they look all nice and pretty. And now our last step is to drizzle some melted
chocolate on top of them. I just melted some vegan
chocolate chips in the microwave, and let’s drizzle away. Drizzle as much or as
little as you would like, and if you’ve been watching
my channel for awhile, you know what a chocolate lover I am, so I could probably just drizzle this entire bowl on them (laughs). Okay, so now is my favorite
part of every video as you know, I get to now taste it. Now, keep in mind that
these particular brownies are gonna have more of
a cake-like texture. They have a wonderful chewiness to them, but they’re not gonna be necessarily like your fudgy and rich type of brownies, so let’s try them. I’ve got one here with plenty
of chocolate drizzled on it. Mm, absolutely delicious. I need a glass of milk. I don’t know about you, but any time I have anything chocolate, I
need a gigantic glass of milk. Mm, one more bite. These are absolutely delicious, and I know they have a little bit of love in them, because of The Soulfull Project, those rolled oats that we
ground really fine like powder. Tell me if you like to purchase products that you know are making a difference? List any below so we can all
be made aware of their mission. So don’t forget to please
check out The Soulfull Project. This company was created
because the founders saw such a huge need to help
feed and change the world. They show that one person
can make a difference, and thank you again to Ellen DeGeneres for inspiring me and so many others to make a difference in this world. So if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up, and share it. So don’t forget to smash
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when I post new videos. And don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you make this recipe or any of the other recipes on my channel. And thank you so much for watching. I will see you next time, bye! (upbeat music)

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  1. Peggy, these look amazing!! We eat rolled oats every single day in my family, I make oatmeal bites and chicken mango bites for my kids weekly with rolled oats. I have to check out the Soulful Oats.

  2. Wow that looks absolutely delicious I love the idea of double chocolate with bananas every once in while I put chocolate chips in my banana bread but not double chocolate also great tip on the parchment paper thanks again for another amazing video

  3. next level baby ! love it ! I never heard of a rolled oat in my life– I need to get out more ? Peggadelicous !!! ( Stole This from Ian , kinda ). I ate a Lily's Chocolate bar today ! Looks sooooooooooo yummy !

  4. This looks amazing! Love the serving for a serving concept! You can feel like you’ve done some good while enjoying something good! Love it. 💕

  5. Peggy you always make the best recipes that make me so hungry. My husband likes rolled oat date balls. Great video

  6. Looks so yum! You need a warning before your videos that say: warning – don't watch while hangry…hahahaha

  7. Anything that has the name brownies in it has to be wonderful. Enjoy the chocolate. I certainly do. Can't wait to make this recipe.

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