This is my fifth cookie since starting
this video… it tastes like heaven
Hi everyone welcome back to my channel it’s
Yoo Jin. Today I thought I would go back
to making vegan treats and thought that
I should maybe try to make a classic,
traditional bakery item in the US and
they’re chocolate chip cookies. so I love
love love chocolate chip cookies, as
evident by my fingernails- love, chocolate,
love… you know lots of love going on
you know I haven’t really tried to bake
well I mean I bake but not that much
since I become vegan and I feel like
it’s really hard to bake as a vegan
because you’re so limited to the
ingredients that you can use because you
can’t use dairy products you can’t use
eggs and it’s really hard to
find substitutes for vegan bakery items
that sort of taste similar to the
original non-vegan items.
yeah today I’m just going to do a
traditional chocolate chip cookie by
three of my favorite recipe creators. one
of them is chocolate-covered Katie who
has been in this whole vegan/
gluten-free business for a while and she
makes really really great recipes. I love
her for it and she provides recipes
where you can substitute different
ingredients depending on whether you
want to be on a keto diet or want to be
vegan or want to be gluten-free and such
so she provides a lot of different
options for people with different health
concerns. And another recipe I’ll be
following today is by Liv B who is also
on YouTube and she has her own recipe
vegan recipe website. I think this recipe
for her chocolate chip cookies was
made years back. she is also one of my
favorite vegan content creators. And the
last one is Tasty. As we all know tasty
is not only vegan but provides recipes
for just a ton of different foods and I
haven’t really tried a lot of their
recipes. Some of them are really big
fails while some of them are just really
really good so it’s either hit
or miss, but we’ll try one of their best
vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes
today. so all of these claim to be the
best; I don’t know which one is the best
hopefully we’ll find out by the end of
this video. See you at the end where I
try all of my cookies after they are
baked.So for chocolate covered Katie’s
recipe we’ll start with a cup of flour,
half a teaspoon of baking soda 1/4 cup
of sugar 1/4 cup of brown sugar and then
we’ll mix everything up then we’ll add 2
tablespoons of almond milk 2 tablespoons
of oil 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract
then we’ll mix everything together and
add 1/3 cup of chocolate chips then we
have to chill this dough in the fridge
for at least 2 hours for tasties recipe
we will mix 1/2 a cup of sugar with 3/4
cup of brown sugar
then we’ll add 1/2 a cup of melted
coconut oil 1/4 cup of almond milk and
then we’ll mix everything together until
all the sugar is evenly incorporated
with the milk and oil then we’ll add 1
and 1/2 cups of flour and then we’ll mix
everything together again then we’ll add
about 4 ounces of vegan dark chocolate
and 4 ounces of vegan semi-sweet
then I put this in the fridge to chill
for at least 30 minutes to make live
bees chocolate chip cookies I mixed half
a cup of margarine which is basically if
you can butter with a cup of brown sugar
1/4 cup of almond milk and one and a
half cups of flour then I added one
teaspoon of vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
baking soda and one teaspoon baking
powder then I mixed everything together
and put in 1/3 cup of chocolate chips
and voila there you have it this dough
doesn’t have to chill at all you can
just bake them right away I baked
chocolate-covered Katie’s cookies for 11
minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit I bake
Tasty’s for 12 to 15 minutes at 350
degrees Fahrenheit and I baked liv b’s
for 9 to 11 minutes at 350 degrees
Fahrenheit alright guys we are back all
the cookies have baked and now we’re
left with three cookies on this plate so
as you can see these cookies all look
very different from each other
this one is chocolate covered Katie’s
it’s definitely the hardest in texture
at least on the outside and this one is
live bees and it’s very it seems like a
soft cookie I won’t be completely sure
until I try it and then this one Tasty’s
cookie seems the oiliest to me but it’s
also kind of hard on the outside but it
I expect it to be very chewy on the
inside so why don’t we start with
chocolate-covered Katie’s
hmm and I really really like this it’s
very you know crunchy on the outside but
chewy on the inside this is sort of what
it looks like on the inside I think
there’s a nice amount of sugar in there
not too much not too little and the
chocolate chips go really well in this
as well and it breaks a part sort of
like wow this is a super good standard
cookie and I think this one actually had
ingredients the most similar to a
traditional chocolate chip cookie so I
think you could make this really easily
without having to go out and look for
ingredients that you don’t have already
let’s try live B’s cookie next so here
it is it looks like you know just a
standard plain chocolate chip cookie
let’s break it apart oh it’s like super
Wow I would say the taste is pretty
similar to chocolate chip covered no
sorry chocolate covered Katie’s
chocolate chip cookies but the texture
is so different um this one is very soft
like even on the outside it’s pretty
soft and the inside is really soft as
well and it’s just it’s really good I’m
surprised it actually turned out because
I was worried because it was too like
mushy seeming into watery so I thought
it actually would be harden up after
baking but you know it turned out really
really good
let’s try Tasty’s chocolate chip cookie
next so that’s what it looks like it’s
definitely the darkest out of all the
cookies and the oiliest
I would say it’s definitely the
chewiest there’s a lot of sort of like
carmelization of the sugars on me the
outer edges of the cookie and it’s very
chewy and this also has twice the amount
of chocolate they’re moving more than
twice the amount of chocolate as the
other cookies do and it’s very very
sweet like I would say it’s kind of
overwhelmingly sweet and yeah I would
say it’s also like kind of oily and I
don’t like that so if I were to choose a
favorite out of all three of these what
see I don’t think it would be tasties
like it’s okay but it’s a little bit too
chewy for me and it’s a little bit too
sweet but I think it would go really
well with you know a cup of hot coffee
or something kind of want to try to liv
b’s again you know I think after trying
all of them I would have to say that the
chocolate-covered Katy cookie it’s
probably my favorite because I prefer
sort of like a hearty cookie and I feel
like live these has a really great taste
and everything and a really soft texture
but it’s too delicate of a cookie for me
so I personally prefer chocolate-covered
Katie’s and I think it’s also great that
she provides so many different options
of ingredients that you can use if you
want to be on a gluten-free diet or a
keto diet for this cookie recipe so I
think it’s very adaptable depending on
or sorry regardless of what sort of diet
you want to be on so yeah I would highly
recommend making this cookie it’s super
simple and it bakes really quick too so
yeah I think the hardest part about
making these cookies was maybe waiting
for these cookies to cool but other than
that it was super fun to make and I hope
that you can also try these as well so
thank you so much for watching let me
if there’s anything that you would like
me to bake or make on this channel and I
hope to see you next time bye

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