BIGGEST English Breakfast Challenge in Leicester!!

BIGGEST English Breakfast Challenge in Leicester!!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and Proud owner of Very, very excited this morning! I’m in Leicester, England. I’m at Jones Cafe Bistro. I’m taking on their 666 Breakfast Challenge! I’m going for win #29 of my 2015 UK & Ireland Tour. We’ve got 30 minutes to finish this massive proper English breakfast, the 666 challenge basically has 6 of everything! 6 toast, 6 eggs, 6 hashbrowns, 6 British sausages, and6 bacon under the 6 pancakes along with all this syrup. 30 minutes to complete the food challenge. If I fail it’s 15 quid, but we’re not doing that. 7 people have won. The record being 19 minutes. Lets get this challenge started! The guy that did this in 19 minutes said that if I beat his record he’s coming back. Let’s give him something to go for! I’m going to do the pancakes first because they look the toughest, and they’re already hot and covered in syrup. One, two, three! Under 4 minutes in – the 6 sausages and the 6 pancakes are gone. Lets get this bacon down! Everything done but the eggs and the bread. 7:40 in! 11:43 is the official time! The old record was 19 minutes! Delicious! My first time having pancakes like that! I don’t know what was different about them. but they were very good! Loved the eggs and sausages. This was a very good breakfast challenge! I got the 15 quid meal for free! She’s about to hand me my shirt! I’ll be up on their Wall of Fame as one of the elite 8 people to have completed the food challenge! Thank you to Jones’ Cafe Bistro for the awesome food challenge and thank you guys for watching!

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  1. A lot of sixes there, Catholic! Lol "Let he that cast the first stone…" I know. I'm just as much a sinner as you, but I'm not a blatant hypocrite. Just saying. Sign of the cross, engage gluttony, no regard for the mark of the beast. Stop with the religion facade, man.

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