Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m going to be giving you some breakfast inspiration. I’m going to be sharing with
you some really quick, easy, and healthy breakfast ideas that are perfect for kids and adults
as well. And most of them you could do for meal prep to make your mornings even quicker.
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I love to give my boys food that I know is
going to keep them full to lunch time and give them loads of energy. So I hope you like
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So first off, I wanted to show you how I make the boys protein pancakes. I have shared this
recipe before, but this is such a go-to healthy easy breakfast that they all love, so I wanted
to make sure it was also in this video. So all I do is blend up two eggs, a whole banana,
a teaspoon of baking powder, and then a big tablespoon of almond butter. I just add the
almond butter in to just pack it full of a bit more protein. And then I whiz it all up
on my Nutri Ninja. I tend to make this batter at night and then
store it in this container. And it keeps in the fridge really well. A lot of the time,
we’ll make double or triple this batter and then just keep it in the fridge because Matt
also loved these, I love them as well, and then I just fry a little bit of coconut oil
in a frying pan and then I’ll just do about three pancakes each time. These are quite
thin compared to traditional American style pancakes. But if you stack them up, they won’t
even notice. And they’re basically like banana omelets, but they’re so delicious. This is
also a great way to get eggs into your child if they don’t like the texture of scrambled
eggs. And then what I do is top the pancakes with berries. And of course, maple syrup.
And the boys love this. They think it’s such a treat and I’m happy because it’s healthy
and they’re full up. Next up, I thought I’d show you the boys’
favorite muffin recipe. These are apple and banana muffins and they loved these when they
were weaning as babies. But they still love them now and I eat them too. They’re so easy
to make and I make them mini for little hands. But you could also make them full size. These
are great as well to do for meal prep. You can make these before, put them in the fridge
or freezer, and just pull them out when you need them. And I tend to serve a couple of
these on the side of some fruit, or cereal, or toast like a bit more of a breakfast.
But anyway, in one bowl, I’ve mixed together the dry ingredients, which was flour, baking
powder, and a little bit of sugar. And then in another bowl, I’m just mixing up all of
the wet ingredients, which is milk, egg, melted butter, and some vanilla extract. I will,
of course, put all of the recipes in the description, so don’t panic if you’re trying to follow
along with this. I will put it down there if you want to make these at home. Anyway,
then you mix the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients together and then I add one grated
apple and one mashed banana to the batter. And then I just mix that together. You could
also add in some cinnamon, or some raisins, or some chocolate chips if you wanted to make
it more of a treat. But yes, once that is all mixed together, I just put it into the
mini muffin tray. You could use paper cases for this, or I just tend to grease the tray
and they pop out really easily. And yeah, you can make them in big batches and it will
last you a little while. These are also great for snacks as well. And yes, the boys really
like it. I think out of all the recipes, muffins that I’ve tried, they really like these ones.
Sometimes the easiest thing to give your children though is cereal so I thought I would just
show you some of the best ones. Of course, porridge is an obvious choice. Sticks to your
ribs, keeps you full up till lunch time. So I am going to show you how I make porridge.
Weetabix, of course, is also a great one. It’s perfect for weaning. It’s all green.
You can see it right on the package. It has such a low amount of sugar in it for cereal
as well. And you can dress it up with fruit to make it a bit more exciting for kids. And
Shredded Wheat is also a really good one. All it is is literally 100% whole grain wheat.
That is it. It’s all green as well. You can see it there on the packaging. And yes, when
you look at the ingredients list, that’s it. Just wheat. And of course, you can dress it
up with fruit as well. Ready Brek is also a great one, but my kids haven’t really had
that since they were weaning. Yes, but anyway, this is how I make porridge.
You can of course get instant oats as well and just do that in the microwave, which is
really quick and easy. But I tend to do a third cup of oats per person and then a cup
of milk. And you can do any milk you want. Cow’s milk, coconut milk, almond milk, whatever
you have. I’m going to do coconut milk today. So I’m just going to measure out a cup and
then I’ll just stir that on medium heat until it is ready. And then you can top it with
fruit, with nuts. You can even stir in some almond butter just to give it a little bit
more protein. And my kids love a little bit of maple syrup on top. Or when I was little,
I used to love brown sugar on top of porridge. So yeah, You can go crazy with toppings and
if you can get your kids to like porridge, this is such a good one because it just keeps
them going at school. It releases energy slowly over time.
Next up, I’m going to show you how to make these delicious egg muffins. These are great
for adults and kids as well. And you can batch cook these. So you can make a load of them
and then keep them in your fridge or freezer and pull them out when you need them. So today
I’m whisking up six eggs and that should make about eight egg muffins. I’m also going to
season it with some salt and pepper. And then I’m going to put in some pre-cooked crispy
bacon that I’m just going to chop up using my kitchen scissors. And then I’m also going
to put in some chopped up spinach. But if your children don’t like green things, you
can put whatever you want into these. You can put cheese, or ham, or tomato, or whatever
they like. You can even have them plain. They’re also great for weaning. As long as there’s
not chunks like this in it, you can give this to babies while they’re weaning.
And they’re super simple to make. You basically just put all the ingredients into a greased
muffin tin like this. And they do rise when they’re cooking, so I don’t put the egg right
up to the top. But I normally also put cheese on top, especially if it’s for the kids because
all my kids love cheese and I do as well, to be honest. But yeah, these are really yummy
and healthy. And you can pre-make them. And basically just put whatever you want into
them. And then you just stick them into the oven for about 20 minutes until they’re looking
golden brown. And then, yes, enjoy. Next up, I thought I’d show you a breakfast
drink that Jackson has been loving lately. It’s an avo-coconut milkshake. All you do
is blend half an avocado with some coconut milk and then a little bit of cocoa powder
as well. You can add more to make it look more like a chocolate milkshake. But Jackson
really likes this. He drinks it all down, so I thought it was worth a sharing.
And then my last idea was egg and soldiers. If you haven’t tried this, definitely do.
What I do is just boil the eggs in water for five to six minutes so that the yolk is still
soft. And then I’ll do some toast, cut them into soldiers, and then draw little faces
on the eggs. The boys think it looks like Humpty Dumpty. And sometimes I’ll do a face
like it doesn’t want to be hurt. You got to get creative with kids. And then we cut their
heads off. And they think they’re eating their brains. But anyway, they really like that.
Obviously, you should do the cutting. That is going to be very dangerous for them. But
yeah, then they can just do dippy eggs. Frank says it for this video. I really hope
you enjoy these ideas. Let me know in the comments which was your favorite. And if you
have any other recommendations, I would love to hear them. Thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you next time. Bye, guys.

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