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[ Crunches ]
Mm, let’s get started. We’re back in the Munchies
test kitchen, and we are making
one of my favorite foods. Actually not one of, probably my
all-time favorite food: pizza. But not just any pizza,
grilled pizza. But not just any grilled pizza,
carbonara pizza. First things first, we’re going
to make our pizza dough, one that I use
for basically anything. I use it for focaccia.
I use it for calzone. I use it for pizza.
That’s it. And the thing that’s magical
about this dough… That sounds weird.
It’s not magical, but… I’m not Harry Potter
over here, okay? It’s not like that, but it
only takes 30 minutes to rise. Two packets of active,
dry yeast, honey instead of sugar,
1 1/2 cups of water. Let’s talk a second
about carbonara. The basic, most basic, original,
from what I can tell, incarnation of carbonara
is just black pepper, Pecorino, or Parmesan, a hard cheese like that, eggs,
and guanciale. Now, as you noticed,
I’m not using guanciale. I’m using thick-cut bacon. I’m adapting it and doing it
the way I want to do it, so in no way is
this traditional carbonara. We’re calling it carbonara,
but really I guess you could call it
breakfast pizza, okay? Our bacon is cut. You know what I need?
I need milk. That’s what I forgot. I feel like an idiot.
I hate people watching… the rest of the office
seeing me get filmed. It’s embarrassing.
Please don’t follow me. [ Laughter ] I don’t know why they’re
following me to get milk, but here we go. Come on. Ugh. So awkward. Ooh, an M&M. ♪♪ Okay, we’ve got the milk. So, our yeast is activated. In here I’ve got
my all-purpose flour, and I’m just going to add
some salt into this. And then into this it goes. ♪♪ [ Whirring ] So, you can see that the dough
is now coming off the sides of the bowl. That means it’s kneaded well. It’s done. Okay, so I’ve got a little bit
of flour here. Just going to put it on my hands
because this dough is sticky. So now I’m going to use that
to help me get it off of here. So you’re just going like this. It’s nice.
It’s really soft. I’m going to gently knead it. See?
Look at that. It’s nice, bouncing back
a little bit. Oil your bowl, okay? Into there, and then
we’re just going to cover it. Let this rise in a warm place. This takes no time at all. We’re going to make our sauce. My base sauce for this
to give it that creamy richness that we love
about carbonara is a Béchamel. For those of you who don’t
know what a Béchamel is, a Béchamel
is like a white sauce. So, it’s, like,
one of the mother sauces. Equal parts fat and flour. This is 3 tablespoons of butter
melted in there, and I’m adding 3 tablespoons
of all-purpose flour. You saw my journey for milk.
Ugh. We’re going to add
about 1 3/4 cups of milk, and we’re just going to
cook this until it’s thick. I’m, like, not drinking
during the week right now. I have a lot of busy weekends, and I just want
to cleanse myself. I also have boxing tonight, so. Oof, I went to
tap class once, drunk. First of all,
I went to tap class once. By the end of it,
I was hung over. It was disgusting.
I hated myself. I don’t recommend it. It’s like a whole fucking “hop,
skip and a jump” thing. Ugh, lame. So, we’re going to add
mozzarella in here. This is thickening it even more. If you can see this, it’s like
super gooey, super cheesy. That’s good. We’re going to quickly
cook our bacon. We’re gonna do this.
Right on in. [ Sizzles ] Okay.
While my bacon is cooking, I’m just going to crack
some eggs into this little bowl
right here. Look at this.
See how stupid I am? Got egg on my work surface. Now I’ve got to wipe it up
anyway. Thanks, past Farideh. I’m usually a very clean
and tidy person. I am going to be rolling
my dough out here, so I’ll leave
my flour there. I’m just explaining it so that
when future Farideh sees this,
she remembers, like, that you did it
for a reason, okay? Okay, future Farideh? Okay. Also, my favorite game
as a child was a game called “Pizza Party.” The theme of it was
♪ Party, pizza party ♪ and I feel like
no one knows that. No one remembers that. That’s good. Anyways, bacon is done. I didn’t overcook it,
but it’s crispy. Going to add this Pecorino
into my little egg mixture here. Just give it a whisk. And again,
notice this small, small as fuck bowl
that I’m using. Hey, past Farideh,
way to fuck over future Farideh again,
idiot. Ugh. I need to set up
a little station for myself. I have a little board over here,
and by “board” I mean “baking sheet.” This is all the stuff I’m going
to take over to the grill, okay? ♪♪ All I want to do
is wipe it away, but I’m not
because present-day Farideh needs it because
she’s going to get her dough which is looking doughpe.
[dope] Yep, I went there.
Bad jokes and good food. “The Cooking Show” with Farideh. Here’s a trick to being funny. If you laugh at yourself,
everyone else laughs too. That’s why my friends are like,
“You’re always laughing. The best part about you is that
you laugh at your own jokes” because A, I’m funny,
but also B, people feel weird when you’re
the only one laughing, so they’ll laugh with you.
[ Laughs ] Let’s go get the dough. And, dun dun dun dun,
the great reveal. I’m going to cut it into four. We’re gonna go like this. Roll it into little balls,
just like that. Couple things to bear in mind:
Our grill is heated. It’s very hot, so I’m assembling
this little, like, tray of all my goodies to it’s all
ready to go right there. Pizza is the best food, okay? Grilled pizza is even better. This pizza I’m making right now? It’s pretty awesome too.
You should make it. Tell me how it goes. #CookMunchies, all right? When I worked at a pizzeria,
I did everything. I made the dough.
I rolled the dough. I rolled the dough. I rolled it twice,
and then I made the pizzas. And then I became head chef, and I was doing
all that stuff too. And then sometimes I’d make
pizzas and make the — It was a nightmare. It was
great. It was fun. Anyways, we know that we like
crispy, delicious pizza, and you know
what else we know? Maybe you don’t know this.
I’m going to tell you. The key to really good pizza
is a hot oven, but a really good way
to mimic that, to mimic that snappy,
crispy crust is a grill. This is a key to getting, like,
mimicking those textures that you love
in a really good pizza. This is essentially ready. So, we’re going to put it
onto our sheet tray. No need to oil that. We’re going to go right back
there right now and start going. That’s it. Come on. The key to this is organization. Prep your ingredients ahead
of time because this dough,
once it goes on here, it happens very quickly,
so you’ve got to move fast. We’re going to oil one side. This side is the side
that’s going to go down, directly onto our grill grates. So, we’re going to pick it up.
Look at this. All weird, misshapen,
right on there. Happens fast.
Keep up. You ready for this? Now we’re going to oil this
other side, so it’s just like
making pancakes. When you see the bubble,
that means it’s almost done. Thanks, past Farideh,
for organizing everything for present-day, or back then,
future Farideh, me right now. We’re making this
happen seamless right now. It’s great.
It looks really good. I’m going to flip it over. See?
Look at that beautiful color. I’m going to put on
a nice little drizzle of the Béchamel first, then we’re going to go with
our egg-cheese mixture, okay? We’re going to drizzle
that all over. ♪♪ So, I’m waiting for the egg
to set a little bit, but we don’t want it
to cook all the way because remember how carbonara
is super creamy and, like, just delicious? I want this to be pretty creamy
and delicious too, so the egg is going to be
almost completely set. I’m going to put bacon on top, and while the bacon is on top,
it’s going to set even more. Look how easily it comes
right up and off the grill. Now we’re going to go finish it. You know what I need? I’ll tell you what I need:
parsley. What’s up? Question from the producer:
“Is this just flatbread?” The answer…is no. It’s grilled flatbread.
[ Laughter ] What we’re going to do
is we’re going to crack a bunch of black pepper onto it. I am also going to put
some lemon zest. Why? Because I want to put
lemon zest on it, okay? I think it looks really nice. I think it adds some freshness,
some brightness to it. That’s why. We’re going to do
a little bit…whoops. Parsley, Pecorino right on top,
okay? Cut it into as many wedges,
shapes, whatever as you want. [ Crunches ] The lemon, again, not traditional
in carbonara obviously, but like I said,
this is not traditional in any way
in terms of pizza, in terms of carbonara,
in terms of anything. We’re not traditional here,
okay? It’s good. Oh, it’s so good. And for the recipe, click the
link in the description below. Looking after you guys. [ Crunches ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

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