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Health and Wellness with Violent Pat chat edition I’m Volet and I’m Pat we make these videos because
we want to help everybody to have the best quality information about the
catering lifestyle that’s that we can help you to have and Patrick finds
interesting articles videos comments that we we feel the need to talk about
because sometimes we’re astray sometimes it’s just really great information so
I’m not really sure as usual what we’re talking about today so want you but it’s
an article that caught my attention and it’s following like a previous video we
did on on plateaus so basically the title is set food items people think are
low in carbs but but they actually aren’t so I thought maybe like you’re on
a plateau but you’re eating stuff you should you shouldn’t be eating so let’s
go like some of those okay so they’re foods that that we think are low carb
but are not low carb and are not low carb so let’s put ourselves in more like
an low carb like a situation because they’re definitely not keto but even
they could be even like that on the low carb diet 125 three meals a day yeah
let’s go let’s go well the first one to me was like
obvious but maybe for a low carb diet dieter we’ll see maybe it’s not mango
why would you not know that mango is yeah so mango 165 grams of chopped
mangoes have at least 28 grams of carbs so how much 165 grams hundred and six of
my crimes it’s 20 Ames 28 is that net or total
weight they don’t say can I check that because that doesn’t sound horrible at
all I was expecting I was sincerely expecting worse so I’m here for the same
amount told me it would have been twenty four point seven and you said 28 so can
I just say that I’m actually surprises that low because I mean again we’re
talking low carb so 20 28 grams on a fruit so it’s like on a 125 grams so
it’s like about a quart look at the fifth or quart of your a quarter of your
it’s a fifth of I mean I mean I’m taking the big assumption if you have mango
like that’s what you’re having for the day in terms of carbs because but I’m
just gonna just for the sake of it just for the sake of like argument because
I’m that kind of person 165 grams of apple with the skin give
17.5 net which would be about 20 is it like an apple is a bit less but I mean
it’s not that far behind like that’s why I’m glad you expect that’s mad I was
expecting it to be so much worse than an apple right that’s what caught my
attention I was so sure it was gonna be that much worse so that’s not I mean
it’s bad but it’s not that you know I mean I mean it’s old fruit right but
like I’m actually yeah so okay so so but but I’m actually surprised somebody
would still think that that was not look maybe they would think that like yes
because it’s a very high fiber or something like it’s not but I also do
maybe just because it’s a fruit they think well it’s a fruit so I’m allowed
to have fruit right so it’s low carb right I’m not having a chocolate bar
although how much first toasted they’re like damageable they damage your liver
systems they damage your liver and eventually your pancreas end of it like
so it’s like you’re not it’s not a great thing to be eating the fructose but
again compare it to an apple same with the same amount under 65 grams of apple
you’re getting you’re getting like it’s gonna probably be some like well it’s 17
net but total it’s 22.8 it’s not that far behind so it’s not that far ahead of
an apple okay I would put the second one in but then again like I was surprised
to see that like even for a low carb article like dry fruit raisins so why is
that a low carb finna but people think it’s a low carb but it’s actually not so
28 grams again because it’s filled that’s an ounce of reason that it
contains 22 grams of carbs so like no one has 22 grams with you above your
your keto number like off the bat but for a low-carb like yeah it’s I think I
do think because of fruit yeah so but but then you know we already I think
talked about dry food like but can I just point something else out most
people who are doing a little carb are not weighing their fruits mm-hmm
I feel this the other thing that could like I’m not really sure what the point
of this article is cuz if you’re doing a little card but you’re not dieting if
you’re just doing a little card to be healthy then like you might be surprised
if you start to gain weight yeah but like I don’t think at least my
understanding a lot of the most people who are doing with her but not
necessarily weighing their food you might be tracking it and it but if
you’re tracking it like you might just put mango Apple II meant to put how much
you had right or you might say it’s a small Apple when you didn’t really wait
it to know that it was a big Apple right like you know I mean that’s what sure
yeah the ones the other example I have a colleague I think he’s eating like three
of the three of those every day when the hennas so one medium banana has 27 grams
of carbs so that’s another like another truth to be careful so far we’ve got
fruit fruit more fruit yeah yeah but do I get to changing but I but I just want
poison me out though like we’re always telling ourselves are fruits so healthy
yeah but like it’s full of sugar mm-hmm right we so you know if you’re gonna eat
a fruit mmm watermelon yeah what am I not good
berries berries berries but you know like honestly just just don’t eat them
but the okay so here’s the other thing I wanna point out it is so common to see
people and their meal with fruit for dessert because it’s healthier mm-hmm so
just keeping it in mind that if you end each meal with a fruit like you just
added from what our calculations were there are 75 grams to your day low-carb
is 125 yeah so like you know be careful like have a big fruit salad for
breakfast or like yeah but this is what kind of the point right it’s like it’s
like if you’re if you’re trying to do low-carb to be healthy and then you’re
allowing yourself to eat fruit and if you’re eating more than one per day
like that’s just give yourself 25 per time you have a fruit
and you realize like mm-hmm you start to chop away at a lot of what like because
a cup a cup of fresh fruits not a lot I think you will say you probably not feel
very okay that’s a whole other story because you know you’re gonna feel
hungry I’m just after eating those things but that’s a whole other story
there’s not we’re not going to this is low carb okay let’s go like in the
cereal realm how can I walk you know where is thought to be like a super
healthy like stereo it’s gluten-free high-protein but like a hundred grams of
cooked quinoa contains 21 grams of carbs and you know why I mean it’s the same is
the same it’s about I would say probably about a cup maybe hmm of course a like
gluten free eye protein Plan B is a sufficient amount of all nine essential
amino acids and the next one yeah there’s like that I did find interesting
because it hi it can have some space in our keto lifestyle yogurt so basically
like what I did like with that like 255 grams of flavored yogurt can have up to
47 grams of carb so be careful with like the fruits in the bottom and even there
the basic vanilla vanilla yogurt like has a ton of sugar vanilla lemon I’ve
seen a lot of like ones were that you would think they would you lower but
it’s not like vanilla and lemon both have a lot of sugar in them yeah so two
things I could say that uh with like the yogurt like high fat plain yogurt like
usually as around five six grams of carbs that’s not yeah and some people
are gonna eat the things are people gonna eat the plane because the plane
doesn’t get used to something if I like it I like it if I don’t I don’t so like
the things are people gonna eat the plane because I don’t like plain yogurt
mine I like I mean I haven’t tasted in a long time though so maybe my tastes have
changed enough that I might like it that’s a possibility actually because
there is sugar in it so but like I just know that when I was eating yogurt the
plain yogurt was a possible hurl situation
for the high fat that I do get though it’s tasting very good I did try some
Greek yogurt like that was five five percent I think there was some did he
call that stuff honey to put on okay again yeah so the eye fat is like to me
it tastes better than the Greek yogurt but like jingle labels like if you can’t
find like I said like I said in previous video in Cape Cod I did find a Greek
yogurt that had I think two grams of carbs like per serving but like yeah you
can you can you can find something that’s better than any flavored yogurt
that’s for sure next one they’re talking about beans so
okay so beans like yes I mean some cultures like there CA always they’re
out there always seen as something like a cup of beans I’m gonna guess I’m gonna
make a guess here that is somewhere in the 20s that’s all okay so a hundred two
hundred 160 to 200 grams of beans let’s say like a cup I have no idea like how
much would that would be black beans for you want kidney beans 40 so it’s more
like in the okay so you see even I would have been fooled by that way I was
expecting 20s because it’s a bean it’s a legume like I just kind of leave them
but like you know like you and you do hear people talking about putting a
little bit of beans and whatever and on keto so Wow okay be careful because
again you have 125 to work with and that’s 40 work but you know what would
you oh yeah sometimes people put beans as a
side right yeah like so like if you’re actually eating them like as a side then
40 carbs yeah it’s a can be yeah but if that’s the only thing you’re having
beside your meat okay like me okay I guess see this is one of those
situations where we go back to what we always talked about planning planning
planning he’s like it wouldn’t be the ideal story to go out let’s say for
lunch and eat and then not know when you’re ordering at lunchtime what supper
is gonna be because this is like if you only got 125 grams to deal with in your
day like how do you make sure that you’re not like putting yourself
not to be able to have whatever was planned for supper right like you might
end up at the end of the day only being able to eat your meat so but I mean
that’s not a bad solution I’m just saying I’m just saying like plan for it
if that’s what you’re gonna do like if you’re out out for lunch and you decide
to eat something you kind of have to know then when I get home I’m not but
again do people who do little carb measure and monitor as much as people
who dakedo right because the numbers so much smaller 20 versus 125 like I feel
like what I feel like what this is teaching me right now cuz I’m like
shocked like some of these numbers and I think what is teaching me right now is
how like how easy it is to get to 125 oh yeah sure like I mean I know how easy it
is to get to 20 because right but like like how easy it is to get to 125 on
things that you wouldn’t necessarily have thought or as bad as I thought I
really thought the beans were gave me in the 20s vo TV guilty choices yeah next
one next one next one like I did find interesting because even in some
comments we had like online and articles I always see like this is a good like
show a preferred choice for keto people and it’s milk I never understood why
I’ve read this an article where like oh yeah keto good choice like for a drink
is milk like it’s the worst thing I don’t think it’s a good choice for said
okay so 240 miles of milk contain like 3 to 12 to 13 grams of carbs that’s why
it’s not a good that’s that’s why it’s not a good choice for keto but it’s okay
for low carb yeah yeah okay fell apart and what about like chocolate right I
mean unless you’re just throwing some like really cook cacao powder powder in
there or something which most people are not gonna do that
I figured if you’re using like real chocolate to make your chocolate yeah
it’s just gonna put you over but yeah if you’re I mean so far to be to be honest
I guess the point that they’re making there is it has more sugar than you
think you know because it does it doesn’t it
doesn’t you don’t notice how sweet it is because you’re you’re used to it but
yeah I think the other thing though and it’s one of those interesting ideas
because is it it’s a good option if they’re saying for for like people say
it’s a good option but then you kind of the hoop side of the coin is is there a
better places to get your calcium and there’s so many better places there’s
like so many vegetables and cheese and like there’s so many better places to
get your calcium than drinking cow’s milk which is just you know I think put
it in context cow’s milk is made to grow a cow hmm right women’s breast milk is
made to grow a person just like of course there’s things in there that you
probably shouldn’t be drinking as an adult right it’s just I don’t know logic
but you know adult cows drink water right adult people don’t drink breast
milk from other women like think about it like we don’t so why are we drinking
the milk from Cathy’s is this one of those things or you kind of have to stop
and go you know question mark you know yeah well that’s add that you need to be
careful with your your food choices and do your research like some things that
we always taught or like we hear that are healthy and then a little win sugar
and like they’re yeah I can also just point out like you you also need to be
conscientious about why you’re eating what you’re eating like for those first
fruits the first like I don’t know how many of them that were fruits the
question mark for me is why are you having it like if you’re having that as
a dessert then have less I mean if that’s what you’re gonna choose to have
as a dessert instead of having a hundred and thirty thirty six grams of mango
have like 50 grams right you just cut it like dramatically down the amount you’re
having right but if you’re having it as a snack which means that you are hungry
why wouldn’t you just have a meal like to me that’s always a big question mark
if you have to open your appetite for the next meal oh my god that’s what
you’re doing you really are opening your appetite so yeah for me the question is
why not have a meal if you’re hungry the meal if you want to snack is because
you’re hungry have a meal all right so if you want to have a dessert have it at
the end of your meal and at least you’re not spiking your insulin in between yeah
one of the things that I’m looking forward to because as we’ve talked about
more than once is that we are teaching our children to be more conscious about
their their sugar choices and so we’re kind of leaning at least I know I’m
leaning towards the three of them being a bit more low carb than because they’re
not going to do keto now it’s not necessary they’re healthy they run
around and they eat well because most of time that we eat so they they eat well
but it’s the chocolate bars it’s the other stuff right if you choose like
there are some simple things we can do like with our kids like just to don’t
not even bring them too closer to low carb but just eliminating like some
believe like sources of juice like juices like you so just for clarity we
have already limited the amount of juice because in my house for example I don’t
buy juice and in your house it’s rare that you had juice there’s not anymore
yeah and so the only time that they actually get juice is a gram so my mom
so but that’s okay it’s like once a week it really is once a week that they have
juice I know my daughter takes water to school and I believe both of your boys
take water to school so like they they made that switch and actually to be in
to in all fairness they were drinking it before we knew about all this like our
kids just like water like that’s the truth although I did have you I used to
buy juice I stopped buying juice that being said we are like bringing we are
teaching our children to be conscious of carbohydrates because I do recognize
that probably by the time they become young adults there were all they were
gonna want to like be more conscious of what they’re eating as we said it’s an
additive thing right the more carbs you eat over time the more you’re damaging
your body so we know that is an additive thing this is why another thing that we
don’t buy anymore is fruits for the house and all that stuff we don’t do
they have apples once in a while they have fruits once in a while again
grandma right grandma slaves normally so they get that opportunity to have
those things when they go to Grandma’s that’s like when some once a week not
gonna lie though we still buy cookies and stuff when they they have them
occasionally it’s again it’s it’s not it’s not the go-to thing as it used to
be why am I saying this I’m saying this because when you’re trying to make
change and like I’m looking at these these options that they gave us you know
like I’ll be careful these things are higher in carb I think that if you teach
yourself and you taste your children from young these things are things that
should be had in moderation by the time our kids are going to be
adults I’m very confident that they’re gonna be making better choices going
into their future you know and and that’s that’s what it’s all about like
we can only make the best possible choice that we can make with the
information that we have at the time right so I like articles like this
because I didn’t think mango was gonna be that number and I didn’t think the
beans are gonna be that number so like I was really kind of a little bit
surprised I mean of course I know the sugar in all veg and sorry I know the
sugar in all fruits I just didn’t think that it was gonna be that for 136 grams
I didn’t think is give me that much so hmm all right I really love making these
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