Catch and Cook Catfish With A Telescopic Fishing Rod  / Day 22 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge  Texas

100 thoughts on “Catch and Cook Catfish With A Telescopic Fishing Rod / Day 22 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

  1. Wow… thanks for sharing your love of being a dad!!! It hits home!! Love all the videos… this one was real special!!

  2. I know that feeling of sharing custody and making sure you spend every minute with them. Then you spend the next few days planning and looking forward to the day they come back… Stay blessed!

  3. This video will definitely bring many special emotions. I have put a prompt to receive notifications. I have made some videos about survival skills in the wild, hope everyone please drop by my channel to support me.

  4. We call those cheese hooks. Velveeta cheese and a lol drop of vanilla . Use to catch cat fish every time. She more traps ya set and build the bigger the odds. I like flat rock smash traps

  5. I'm a little late to the party, but this video here made me fall into tears. Great job Fowler. U must be raising the most beautiful touching girls ever, Thank you for doing what you do. You have inspired me to become a wilderness expert. Your faith in God is unlike no other. I strive to be more like you ❤️

  6. Love the transparency. I too at times get sidetracked and take that time with my child for granted. She loves fishing so I make sure we go on our trips. New subscriber.

  7. Cried watching this one… so hard. As a parent I know your pain brother. You know that the lord holds us and you're a strong man of faith! Your girls see it too. Love to you and yours!!!!

  8. Sorry that you're missing your daughters and the dream you had about them is God showing you that you're surching for yourself and trying to fine what's important in your life you're missing the one thing you don't pay attention too,is your own daughters and in your minds eye you are thinking that's it a woman's place to raise their children but it's the man's place to teach them how to survive out in nature and this will bring balance to your own soul and help you not too dream about them because they'll be with you not just in your heart but in your soul that's what matters here…think about it?

  9. The part about the kids…that's a tough editing decision. Fowler can really put forth any version of himself that he chooses. For him to leave that in shows real bravery.

  10. Loved the bit about how much you love your kids! I think all parents, have dreams similar to that, where we do something that we would never do and then it's like I'm only thinking about this because they aren't with me. And I feel like poop over it.

  11. You cry like a little bitch that’s why your babymomma left your ass weak ass nigga your daughter ganna get fucked by a black guy

  12. You are amazing and I respect you even more that you left that emotional bit in
    It's really inspiring and you are the best YouTuber I ever watched and you deserve more subs than you have😃😛🙊🙆

  13. Watching this and almost crying. Great man of God. Devil tried to take you down but you strived brotha and your daughter's are going to grow up knowing how great of a dad they have. Keep thriving my dude

  14. I know this is a old video but I’m a new subscriber and I love all your videos!! My heart broke for you when you talked about your girls. I hope everything got better after this. Maybe I’ll soon find out cus I have been watching all of your videos😉

  15. Man, I feel you. When you were talking about your girls on the side of the river…. I'm in a similar situation. My biggest concern is that their soul is headed in the right direction and I'm the proper influence on them. I can tell by the way you have been in this series, you're the example of a man that your little girls will compare all others to. Keep on being the good man of God you are.

  16. There are very few good fathers out there (sadly) but thankfully u are oned of the best
    It's challenges like this that truly test u
    Good job man
    And God is with u always

  17. I feel u as a single father it’s hard giving them back an theres a lot of deadbeat fathers that don’t care but like you my children are my world

  18. It's gonna be fine. I am sure of it. The way, that you are so nice, i am sure that your karma will strike righteously. You are the nicest guy, and i only see the best in you, even though, i do not know you. But i can tell you, my first impressions, are that you are AMAZING! You are a good person. And i am glad you love your children. It'd be weird if not. I pray for you and your kids 😀 stay strong mate.

  19. I know the feeling of missing a child.i carry that pain everyday. my youngest passed in December I'm just getting back outdoors after a few years .i admire your love for your kids .

  20. I just started this series yesterday and have neglected my chores for now going on two days, LOVE IT! Take heart, bring them up adventuring and then soon they'll be joining you on these long term adventures, how great would that be? I've spent a lot of time including my Grandkids in my adventures and have a few (out of 14) that have taken to it and will go anytime I ask.

  21. Acorns are best if you cut them up into small ray size pieces let them sit in water for 5 hours 10X. Then use as you would rice or flour.

  22. i feel like the only reason you got that dream was because you really do love them an would not like to lose them keep that in mind next time >sorry it
    is a bit late

  23. I know the feeling bro…I love my kids immensely….its a great feeling when your just with your kids ..there is no better feelings than enjoyment with your kids….Mann your the best. I appreciate the love you have for your family ..never change Zack

  24. You’ve always come across as a good honest bloke with proper morals but your love for your kids and being man enough to show your feelings in the video an not deleting it has just earned 100% pure respect from me

  25. Awesome episode man!! I feel for you 100% and I respect the way you feel towards your children. You had me tearing me up man, thanks! Lol. Your a great guy and I can only imagine a great father! Ik this comment is late and your already on new adventures, deep in the Rockies 😉 but always keep your head up and missing them is a good thing bc it reminds you of them.

  26. Waaaaaahhh!!!! Waaaaaaahhh!!!! Oh lordy, can I bargain with you? I'm a devout Christian!!!! Lordy dear lorder I need more money! I want you to intervene in my personal daily life when things suck (why else would I be a Christian?)

  27. Hope you still read all these comments…. How is it that you haven’t had offers from production companies to present mainstream TV??? In the U.K. you would have been snapped up like Guy Martin, or Ben Fogle or Ray Mears

  28. This is an old video but I'd just like to take a moment to thank you for showing everyone what a real man looks like. You are a pleasure to watch and I have learnt so much in so little time from watching you. Thank you my friend

  29. Wow… hey at least youre in contact with your children , you have access to them you do all you can , youre a good man … i go thru the same thing. WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN. THAT MATTERS AND WE KEEP "DOING" AS YOU SAID.
    DO , DO , DO AND KEEP DOING . i like your quote

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