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The Protestant Reformation 2/2

It’s 1521. Luther is travelling home from the Diet of Worms. He has just been declared an outlaw and a dangerous heretic. His days are numbered. Predictably he is set upon by armed men. He is held at gunpoint and kidnapped. The twist is that the kidnappers are working for his prince, Frederick III, Elector […]

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I just Woke up,and will start my day in a bit! Giggling 😀 Background Music Hello!The Sun is trying to come out Its been raining all night Weather was romantic I thought i should enjoy it! I have friend from Austrialia and he started to watch my vlogs If he is watching. Then i am […]

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Green Tea Set | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food

Welcome to A Recipe Reborn, featuring your favourite foods from Final Fantasy XIV! Hello! My name is Lemon Drop and I develop recipes by combining real life culinary inspiration with the in-game recipe, description, thumbnail, geography and lore! If you’re into FF14 and food, please subscribe and click the bell for a new episode every […]

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