Channa Dal Parantha | Kunal Kapur Recipes | Indian Breakfast Recipes

Channa Dal Parantha | Kunal Kapur Recipes | Indian Breakfast Recipes

Hello all,
This is my kitchen – The ‘K’ Kitchen and today in my kicthen I am going to make for you all ‘Stuffed Chana Dal Parantha’ For stuffed chana dal parantha,
we are going to need wheat flour, a generous pinch of salt, add some water and knead a dough very simple Clean off the counter with your dough We will allow the dough to rest for about
10- 15 minutes outside, not in the fridge Now, we have this boiled chana dal which is nicely risen and not over-cooked
we haven’t allowed it to mash which means we have blanched it in boiling
water with some salt and turmeric, till the time it turns tender We will take all of the chana dal in a bowl Add some finely chopped onion, finely chopped green chilly, finely grated ginger, finely chopped coriander, a small pinch of turmeric, some chilly powder, some cumin, and some dried coriander Next, we will add the most important ingredient – salt Mix it all well Now, We will now divide the
dough into small balls and round them Next, we will circle through the dough and press it firmly, at the same time we need to make
the edges thinner, just like this we can also do this with the help of our hands Add to it a generous helping of the chana dal stuffing Like this Just press it gently You can take off the extra dough from the top With a very light hand just
turn the down between your palms that’s it We have some dry flour, We will place the stuffed dough ball on it
and pour some more dry flour on it and gently press it Remove the excess dry flour from
the stuffed dough to one side Now, we will roll the stuffed dough gently because the chana dal is very coarse and risen, it might happen that the dal pierces through the dough and comes out, it is perfectly normal to happen Turn the dough to the other side carefully We will now heat the pan dust off the excess flour from the parantha, and cook it onto a hot pan Flip it, and add some desi ghee or oil on it once again, turn it over and add some ghee on this side as well look at that..beautiful! Our parantha is ready, we will remove it from the pan and keep it aside Our Chana Dal Parantha is ready, we will now plate it Alright, our ‘Stuffed Chana Dal Parantha’ is done!

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  1. Hello sir your recipes are awesome but I want to ask kya hum chana daal blanch karne ke baad pees sakte hein kyonki mujhe khadi khadi achchi nahin lagti khaate waqt please tell

  2. जब हमारे यहां पूरनपोली बनती है.. मैं उसमे से दाल और आटा निकाल कर अपने लिए बिल्कुल ऐसे ही परांठे बना लेता हूँ , बस थोड़ी सौंफ ज्यादा डाल लेता हूँ 😀😀

  3. Onion garlic k subtitute k jagah kya use kr sakte hai sabji ki curry m.
    Jisse onion ki kami na lage ar flavour bhi aaye.

  4. Can u plz tell how to make soya chaap… it’s big time request… I live USA n there no way we can find it here … hoe to make actual chaap at home.. plz 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Hello sir…. I am big fan of your cooking… I tried almost all yours recipes after my marriage… It helps me alott….as I am amateur in cooking…. Recently my mother is diagnosed with liver cancer… I want to cook healthy and nutritious food which is Rich in protein content…. Please share some recipes regarding this…..☺

  6. Hamary ghar may chany ki daal boil karny jab rakhty ha sabit lal mirch dalty ha or dall galny k bad halka dardara pesty ha.

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