Cheap Meal Monday ! One Pot Meal  recipe included

Cheap Meal Monday ! One Pot Meal recipe included

Heys another cheat meal Monday and I’m
gonna be making something I’ve never made before it doesn’t come from a
recipe book but it comes from a dear close friend of mine Jan now a lot of
you are part of the Facebook group homestead Tessy and I just love the
group it’s so many people on it we share all kinds of recipes and crafts all
kinds of things we share on it so you’re not part of the homestead testis
Facebook group I hope you join I know a lot of you do not have facebook so I’m
gonna share with you Jan’s recipe to improvise a little bit because I don’t
have some of the ingredients that she does but I’m gonna share with you her
ingredients to it so let’s get started it is gonna be shredded chicken and it’s
gonna be shredded chicken that you can use in in tacos or you can use as a
sandwich you can use it over rice I’m not sure how she uses it but this is how
I’m gonna use mine that turkey breasts for dollar ninety-nine now as you can
tell I didn’t practice what I preached because you can see it looks a little
bit freezer burnt I’m going through my freezer and I’m just cleaning everything
out and using it up and this was in the bottom of the freezer but it’s okay when
you have a crock-pot if you had some meat that looks a little
bit dried out like this your best way to cook it is with a crock
pot because you’re cooking it really slow and it will become tender and you
won’t taste the freezer burn like you would if you would bake it in an oven so
this one is to Turkey and this one is the chicken it’s boneless skinless
tenderloins first thing it calls for is one can of pineapples that is drained
and I got these from the food pantry and I’m really thankful for that because I
probably wouldn’t had this if it wouldn’t been for the food pantry so
it’s one can of pineapple crushed I have the tidbits so we’re gonna use that now
we’re going to go ahead we’re gonna put this chicken and turkey in now because this is frozen I am going to
and it was a little bit freezer burn I am going to rinse these pieces of
chicken and turkey off but sometimes I rancid sometimes I don’t and everybody
has their method of what they like the best so let me go ahead and go rinse
these pieces of meat we’re just gonna lay the meat in as well now she has it
for love for six hours that’s probably what I’m going to do it
to and that’s probably what I’m going to do then it calls for one bell pepper now
I think I’m using more than what she said I’m putting the whole bell pepper
the whole package I have calls for one cup of barbecue sauce this is about a
cup that I have left so we’re gonna put that in I’m go to water to this and get
the rest of it out I have a recipe for my homemade barbecue sauce which a lot
of people really like a lot of people really like that a recipe it calls for I
think it’s a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and a teaspoon of soy sauce I’m
actually gonna copy and paste and give you her recipe so it’s right in the
description box below this video but this is what I got I got free at the
food pantry and it is Korean something cooking sauce I’m gonna substitute with
this because this is what I have I have no idea what this is
so we’ll see what it is whoa that is the wicked spicy stuff Korean got the chyme
cooking sauce okay well I’m not adding a tablespoon of this stuff oh but this is
all I got that has anything to do with you know what I’m gonna try another
sauce I have some teriyaki sauce and what if that’s gonna be a little bit
better oh is this spicy which would be really
good let me go get my teriyaki sauce and let’s see
if that would be closer to soy sauce and closer to worse sister sauce much better
we’re gonna add a tablespoon of the teriyaki sauce it’s not mere spicy wow
this looks really delicious and I can’t wait until it’s cooked and then you can
see what it looks like so let me Pam it Cameron I’ll show you
what it looks like so there you go we’re gonna put this on low for 6 hours and
then that will be for our supper tonight in the meantime I have a lot of dishes
to wash you get this kitchen cleaned up I know this crock pot roast pant looks
very beat-up I got it 6 years ago along the road somebody was
giving it for free and I sure do like it if you’re interested in one of these I
do have on my storefront I did this chicken is almost finished but I decided
to make some rice and to put some black beans in here I’m adding these black
beans is so I can further stretch this chicken so we’re gonna have black beans
and chicken and then we’re gonna have it with rice
I think the pineapple in here and I think that the barbecue sauce is gonna
be perfect with the black beans so I added these black beans and then I’ll
show you when everything is finished I also want to show you when I make the
rice I add one of these and I make these every year it’s taken herbs and some
olive oil and it’s taken some butter and we are
actually making pesto and we put them in the ice cube trays it’s amazing you pop
one of these cubes that are frozen you pop them in your pasta and your rice and
you have some nutrition there plus it makes your food so good I’ll share with
you right about here the link to that because these things are really unique
and it can really help make your food so much better so we added the black beans
we add it we have the chicken and when the rice is finished we’ll put it all
together and have a meal and this meal will last us
at least a couple days we can add it with tortillas we can have it as a
sandwich if you want to we do all kinds of things with beans black beans and
with chicken you can make some of Mexican soup so there’s all kinds of
things you can do with this master mix so I’m so glad I put the black beans in
because that’s really making my food go a lot further and it’s all about
stretching that dollar that you have so I’ll get back to in just a few minutes
when it’s everything is finished so this is how I decided to make mine with rice
on the bottom the chicken on top and some sour cream and some salsa mmm this
is really good I added some of my canned cheese to it so this is perfect I hope
you make it it’s really good you can make it different ways take everyone see
you guys tomorrow it’s time once again for my grandma
Fanny’s diary and this is my grandma Fanny’s personal diary we are on
November the 25th 1943 and Fanny writes today I baked 11 pounds of fruitcake
I cleaned a duck I think that’s quite interesting how she words her words in
her diary because like I always tell you she never dreamed that anybody would be
reading it and that was how Fanny was she stated things a matter of fact so
she cleaned a duck that’s it’s been another great day here
on the homestead I hope you’re staying one and I hope you have a real good
night take everyone we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye you

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  1. Recipe looks good. Are you guys planning a big thanksgiving meal? I have my turkey thawing in the refrigerator. Your granny made her fruitcakes today so they would be perfect by Christmas!

  2. Tessie, thanks for sharing, I always thumbs up as I start the video . Sounds good , I like that spicy oriental red sause , but a little goes a long way 😰 The pesto cubes are a great idea , God bless !

  3. This dinner looks really good. My daughter will like this. My day got away from me. I did an extended home school day. I blogged and filmed too long today. I worked out in my home gym. I made lasgna about 1/2 an hour ago. We won't eat for another hour. At least I stuck to my menu plan. I love your diary shares.

  4. My daughter just got married recently and among a few other things we gave her a slow cooker. She made a roast in it tonight and her husband was very pleased. I told my new son-in-law.." welcome to the family if I buy you a slow cooker that means your family" πŸ˜„

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  13. Hey Ms. Tessie! I always add the juice of my pineapple with my poultry. Our butcher saves "mangled wings" – they didn't come out pretty enough to sell at full price. I love them anyway and after I cook them in the pineapple juice, I cool, then bone, then assemble for my Crock-Pot. It also brings my Crock-Pot time of electricity down to 2 hours on high. Anyway…It's so nice to see your changes and I am glad Ms. Fannie is back too! Hugs from NC

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  15. I do all sorts of ice cube flavour boosters. Pesto, luvich, a little leftover ketchup or bbq sauce, or some broth that doesn’t fit in the jars for the freezer.

  16. 90% of Korean sauces are very spicy as is most Korean food. We make a homemade teriyaki sauce that we LOVE so much I can it every spring. That mixed with Bar-b-que sauce would be amazing. I also wouldn’t drain the pineapple if it is natural juice instead of syrup. The juice would be good.

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  21. This looks good I'll make a version in my pressure cooker tomorrow. Today I made a pork roast cut into chunks with a can of chunk pineapple, fresh garlic and chopped jalapeΓ±os. I made fresh salsa and used the meat in tacos but you could eat it many ways.

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    Happy Tuesday πŸ’Ÿ πŸ’•
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  39. This recipe is basically, sweet-n-sour chicken. Thank you for putting it up though. I was clueless to what I was making for supper tonight. My variation to it was to part cook a cup of rice, then a mixture of frozen diced carrots, celery, and white onion 1/2 bag (bought from ASDA aka Walmart UK) on top of the part cooked rice, then topped with frozen mixed peppers 1/2 bag (ASDA again, green, red and yellow), Put frozen cooked chicken breast on top of that, dumped on the Soy, Worcestershire sauce, BBQ sauce, Garlic powder, black pepper, then topped it with the pineapple. Dumped the rest of the pineapple juice over and some more water. Baked at approximately 350 F or gas mark 5 in the UK until done. You'll know when that is chicken cooked through & rice totally cooked. Its faster that way for the impulsive cooks that wing it every night. Last night I made Thai Stir-fry at a drop of a hat too. But all and all thanks for the idea Tessie!

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