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Greetings, my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another You Made What?! Today, I have another recipe from this book called Prison Ramen. And today’s recipe is actually a dessert — you voted for it on my Facebook page — and it is for Parole Day Cheesecake. And Goose shares a bittersweet story in which he has only seen two lifers ever leave prison. So this is a little celebration cake that you can find from things from the commissary while you’re incarcerated. And if you like these kinds of videos, be sure to subscribe for more eatin’! All right, let’s go in the kitchen and I’ll show you how to make this. Okay, so we’re going to begin with a 12oz package of cookies, and then we’re going to place them back into the bag and crush them up into small crumbs. Then you’re going to take the crumbs and pour them into a microwave-safe bowl. I didn’t have one so I’m just using this dish. Then we’re going to nuke the whole thing for 3 or 4 minutes until the crumbs are nice and warm and golden. So this is what it looks like when it comes out of the microwave — not quite a crust, so I just used a spatula and packed it down. It didn’t call for it in the recipe, but I found that it helps make a crust. So, while that’s cooling, we’re going to prepare our cheesecake topping. So the recipe calls for 6 oz of cream cheese or 6 packets — I didn’t have packets, so I’m just using a block of cream cheese. And cut it into small pieces. So add your cream cheese to a bowl, and then add two tablespoons of honey. Next, one packet of Sweet-N-Low — and I’m just substituting sugar. Next we’re going to add two tablespoons of French vanilla creamer. Finally we’re going to add 3/4 cup of Kool-Aid — any flavor will do — but the recipe says a red flavor will look best. So just whip all this together until everything is well incorporated… And then we’re going to pour it on top of our cooled crust. Finally we’re going to cover it and then either place it in the refrigerator or in an ice-filled bucket for 4-5 hours until the topping is solid. All right. So, this is the finished cheesecake. There it is. So, will you look at this color. It is amazing. I’m very curious to see how this tastes. And, it didn’t quite set up — like it’s more of like a frosting on top; but the crust definitely feels like a crust. Scoop a piece up. The first piece is always the hardest, right? Whoa, there we go. All right, let’s give it a taste. So the crust came apart a little bit, but that’s okay. All right! Here we go. Itadakimasu! Wow! You know, that’s not bad. For something that you can make in jail, that really is not bad. I think it is more a Kool-Aid cake rather than a cheesecake, but it’s really not bad. The crust is really great, actually. I mean, it’s just ground up Chips Ahoy! cookies, so why wouldn’t it be? But I’m really impressed with how crust-like that was. Really sweet and got lots of chocolate chips. And the cheesecake portion just tastes like a cherry Kool-Aid frosting. It’s sweet and very, very artificial cherried because it is Kool-Aid. But I’m surprised — it has a little bit of tartness to it because the Kool-Aid does, and, it’s not overly sweet. Kind of impressed with that. I have to admit while mixing it I was shocked how red it was, but it turned out pretty well. This is the fourth recipe I’ve done from this book. If you want to see more prison recipes, I shall put the playlist down below in the description box. I read all your comments, so let me know in the comments below what your favorite celebration dessert or cake is…and yeah…. I hope you guys enjoyed that; I hope you guys learned something; don’t forget to subscribe, like and follow, and I shall see you in my next video. Too-da-loo! Take care! Bye! ….or margarine beer. And I think it’s a take on butter beer from Harry Potter. Ooh, yess, yaaaas!

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