100 thoughts on “Cheetos Apple Pie Recipe | Mythical Kitchen

  1. I have conflicting feelings. I am super attached to my family's apple pie recipe passed down from my grandma…..but I love the idea of trying the food Josh makes.

  2. i love how much he like interacts with everyone off camera. it doesnt work with gmm but it works here its so much better lmao

  3. Basing this solely on the thumbnail – It looks as disgusting as the name sounds… So of course it will be the next uber-popular offering from Jack-in-the-Crap or McDonald's.

  4. I'm so incredibly glad that this channel got big enough to continue and to have a series like this. Every episode fills me with glee and horror in equal measure, except for the mexican pizza, which was pure delight.

    But also please bring back food fears

  5. When are you collaborating with Brad Leone from Bon Appetite, your energies together will be GLORIOUS

  6. I'm quoting my favorite line from every episode, Day 315, @0:11: "welcome to the Mythical Kitchen, where dreams become.. dreams again." – Josh

  7. So like, Cheetos and apples together just sound nasty as hell. Buuuuut, how would a Cheetos crust taste with a cheesecake? I'm kinda curious now.

  8. Team slice vs team chunk? I'm team apple-pie-is-the-devil's-dessert because it's the one pie I struggle to make, thank you

  9. This episode is why people are going to in-subscribe from this Chanel, I believe a week in rehab from drugs or alcohol will do this individual a lot.

  10. 8:18 Josh screams "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED !? I scream back at my phone YES! As if he can hear me and is awaiting my response in suspense 😂

  11. I hate to be that person but in order for humans who eat and poop from the same hole to make a fart noise when they talk, they’d have to have buttcheeks on their face bc air squeezing between ur cheeks is what makes the fart noise

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