100 thoughts on “Chemist Turned Street Food King of Peru – Street Food Icons

  1. -seafood
    -loves his job passionately
    -quick and delicious streetfood
    -works in cramp places with ease

    This guy is japanese alright.

  2. There's nothing better than a person who is obviously very successful but puts themselves down humorously every chance they get.

    That bank loan line at 8:10 killed me.

  3. What is most interesting is his father’s restaurant was very expensive and one of the famous Japanese chef worked there is Nobu…he learned Nikkei food there and his restaurants worldwide offer Nikkei food (Peruvian-Japanese) and Robert De Niro is his business partner.


  4. Love how he’s making Peruvian cuisine a street food type of thing. How he makes it all food on the go just how he saw in England.

  5. OMG I WAS GOING TO EAT THERE 2 DAYS AGO BUT IS WAS FULL OF PEOPLE SO I LEFT!!! Didn't know it was THE PLACE to go. #cryingInSpanish

  6. Thank you for doing this interview in Spanish. His English must be excellent since he studied a PhD in England, but always nicer to speak your native tongue. His charisma really comes through.

  7. This will be my next food spot next year in Lima. That nikkei accent is unique, just in the beginning of the video before even seeing his face I knew he was "ponja".

  8. Menos genten voy a matar en un restaurante dijo el chemist jajaaj. Mire todo el video y no vi nada que se via como ceviche..

  9. If I were to visit Peru from Canada, would I be looked down upon for not speaking Spanish? Would really love to visit the Country, it looks beautiful and the people look really friendly, thanks 🙂

  10. Como cocinero que soy te digo que es admirable la forma de pensar y vivir que tienes, se nota tu honestidad, priorizando el hacer disfrutar a tus clientes sin buscar amasar el sucio dinero. Me alegra ver gente feliz con su profesión y respetuoso con los animales, un saludo afectuoso desde España.

  11. Take pride in what you do to live. Put passion in it while you also fulfill the needs to stay alive and to buy every other thing.
    Sounds like my dream.

  12. Lots of dumb Americans on here that never travel and are shocked to see an Asian person speaking Spanish when there are 7 million Asians that have lived all over Latin America for 300+ years.

  13. I love hearing stories from our Latino Asians they need more REP like no one believes me when I say there are a ton of Asians in L A

  14. I love this guy. He just seems like such a positive, funny, humble, hard working, honest guy. And with all of that having been said, he’s got a sense of style — a flair about him. It’s a beautiful thing, man. A simple, beautiful thing.

  15. this is like the 5th video with someone speaking anything but english. its getting frustrating to watch these shows. aside formt he feminist "girl powah" or the lack of english in most of these im getting tired of this channel.

  16. Yo I’m going to Peru with my mom and I’m gonna go to this places cause I’m Peruvian with my dad side and my mom loves their food

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