Coconut Breakfast!

– I was getting kinda
cool shots of the wind in these coconut trees. I love that movie Cast
Away, where Tom Hanks is throwing the
coconut at the rocks, and I kinda wonder if
it’s really that hard. You think I can climb up there? – [Voiceover] I mean,
maybe, it’s a little windy. Aren’t you afraid that you’re
gonna get blown off the tree? – No, I’m like a
cat climbing trees, I think I can do this,
I got this GoPro. Alright, ready? I’m gonna climb it. – [Voiceover]
Alright, go for it. – [Coyote] Alright. – [Voiceover] Are you gonna
get a green or a brown coconut? – I’m gonna try to
get one of each. – [Voiceover] Careful. Wow, you did it. – I got an iguana. – [Voiceover] Iguana, nice! – I’ll put it in my pocket. I’m up in the tree. – [Voiceover] Are you
still gonna get a coconut? – Yeah. Look out. – [Voiceover] Whoa. – [Coyote] Oh man, did
it fall in the water? – [Voicoever] Yeah, hold on,
let me see if I can get it. Got it, I got it. – [Coyote] Alright,
I’ll get a brown one. Woo! – [Voiceover] Okay. – Alright, I’m coming down. – [Voiceover] Alright. – Ahh. That’s rough on my coconuts. Holy cow. Look at this. (laughing) I caught an iguana
while getting coconuts. Come here, little guy. I’m speechless right now. Victory. – [Voiceover] An iguana
and two coconuts. – An iguana and two coconuts. Alright, let’s get
out of the wind and figure out how
to open these up. (tribal music) Hey everyone, I’m
Coyote Peterson, and welcome to our new
segment, On Location. This is gonna be a
behind-the-scenes look at all the stuff we do
when we’re not filming and catching animals. This morning I climbed up a
tree and got these two coconuts. I also caught an iguana,
which was pretty cool, because animals just make it
into everything that we do. Now the brown one
sounds like it has a lot of coconut milk in
it, and the green one just sounds like it’s solid. Now I’ve never opened
up a coconut before, so this is new for me. I’m gonna go with
the green one first. I’m gonna use my SOG SEAL
Pup and see if I can get into this thing without
cutting off my finger. Alright, you ready? – [Voiceover] Alright,
hold on a second. Have you done this before? – No, I’ve never opened
a coconut before. I’ve also never climbed a
palm tree to get a coconut, or climbed a palm
tree to get a coconut and catch an iguana, so
it’s a first for everybody. – [Voiceover] So safe to
say you’re a coconut rookie. – Yes, I am a complete rookie and I hope I don’t cut
my thumb off doing this. Alright, you ready? Here we go. Oh, that’s actually a lot softer
than I thought it would be, it’s kinda like a mango. One of my favorite movies
is Cast Away with Tom Hanks, and he just kept
bashing those coconuts against the rocks,
trying to get them open. I was like, “Really? “Is it that hard to
open up a coconut?” I think that the brown ones
are actually the ripe ones, so this may be a
non-ripe coconut. Okay, I got this cut into
several sections here. See if I can, there
we go, look at that. Yes. – [Voiceover] Progress. (Coyote grunts) Okay, tell us what
it smells like. – Ooo, it smells like a pumpkin. – [Voiceover] Really? Let me see it. I don’t think you’re
supposed to eat that. – You’re not. – [Voiceover] Yuck. – I just wanted to see what it– – [Voiceover] Yeah, I
coulda told you that. – I just wanted to see what
it tasted like, not good. Now I think if I get
this husk all the way off then I can chop into the actual
coconut fruit inside there. That is the coconut. Well, the good part of
the coconut, right there. Eat your heart out, Tom Hanks. I’d say what, less
than five minutes and I got that thing pretty
well husked down, huh? Wow, there it is. That is exactly
what I was after. Okay, now we’re gonna get into– – [Voiceover]
Coconut number two. – coconut number two. I’m excited about this one,
see if you can hear that. (water swishing) That one’s full of coconut milk. Oh yeah, now we’re
getting somewhere. Oh wow, now that
looks like a coconut. (grunting) Tom Hanks, if you’re
watching this right now, you shoulda gone after
the brown coconuts, much easier to get into. There is the coconut, wow. (laughign) Look at that. Okay, green coconut,
brown coconut. Sounds like it’s
full of coconut milk. Sounds like a rock. Only thing left to do now
is cut into both of these and have some breakfast. Alright, I’m gonna get
into this one first and see if there’s any
coconut milk in there. Yes, look at that, there’s
the coconut meat right there. – [Voiceover] Oh, nice. – Oh, we are in. I’m gonna give it a go here. – [Voiceover] Drink
it like Tom Hanks, make sure you get it
to run down your face. (laughing) – Oh, it actually is
pretty good, right? – [Voiceover] Yeah. (laughing) – Yeah, that’s good,
that’s really good. Alright, well let’s
open up the brown one. Wow, that’s
refreshing. (laughing) Coconut breakfast,
alright, here we go, let’s get into this one. You ready? – [Voiceover] Yeah. – It’s okay. Mmm, the green one, much tastier than the milk coming
out of the brown one. Okay, now I wanna get into meat. Look at that, it’s like
gelatinous, almost. Alright, that is the meat
of the green coconut. It has the consistency
of raw fish. I’m gonna give this a go. They don’t really
taste like anything. Ugh. – [Voiceover] Nothing? – You ever had sushi
from the grocery store that’s like four days expired? – [Voiceover] No. – That’s what that tastes like. But not fishy, just like– – [Voiceover] You’re eating
the wrong sushi, man. – Okay, green coconut
meat, not so good. Green coconut milk, delicious. Alright, now let’s get
into the brown coconut and see what this meat is like. Alright, I’m gonna bust
this open on the rock, you ready? One, two. (laughing) Now that looks like a coconut. You can see the difference
in the thickness of the meat. This is definitely
underdeveloped, where that looks
like real coconut. – [Voiceover] You could
just eat that right there. – That looks delicious. Alright, I’m gonna give
this a go, you ready? Oh yeah, (laughing) that is
good coconut right there. Wow, holy cow. Mark? – [Voiceover] Okay, let me try. – Give that a go, buddy. – Oh yeah. – Mhm. – [Mark] Yeah. – That’s delicious. Mario, you wanna try this? – [Voiceover] Sure. – Here you go, buddy. – It’s good. – [Coyote] It’s pretty good. – [Mark] You know
who else, I think, might want to try that? – Who’s that? – [Mark] Our new friend. – Oh yes, hey Mario,
where’s Wilson at? Wilson, hi buddy. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed our first On Location segment. Climbing up a tree,
catching an iguana, getting a green coconut
and a brown coconut, opening them both
up, trying the milk, and then, of course,
trying the meat. What we’ve determined from this
is that iguanas are awesome, this is Wilson, and
that the green coconut has delicious milk, not
so good on the meat, and the brown coconut,
don’t drink the milk, but eat the meat. You want some? I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you
on the next adventure. I named him Wilson
because Tom Hanks named that volleyball
Wilson in Cast Away. I think that’s the fitting
name for this iguana. Don’t ever leave me, Wilson. Don’t ever leave. You’re my best friend. Can I have a kiss? Wilson, no! Oh, Wilson, no! I’m sorry, Wilson. (fake crying) Thought of Tom Hanks. Thanks for joining
us On Location. Click Watch Next to
continue the adventure. Don’t forget, subscribe
to join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. (growling)

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