Crab Legs – 4 Easy Ways + Flavored Butter Sauce Recipe

Crab Legs – 4 Easy Ways + Flavored Butter Sauce Recipe

(upbeat music) – Ooh! Hey, everybody. It’s Natasha of, and I have such a treat for you. I’m gonna teach you our four favorite ways to cook crab legs. Crab legs are so easy. Most of times you get
them in the grocery store, they’re already cooked, so it’s a matter of heating them up, keeping them super juicy and bringing out all of
that scrumptious flavor. And we have a mouthwatering
flavored butter to dip the meat in, so let’s get started, ’cause I want some crab meat. The first method I’ll show
you is the instant pot method, and this is so easy. Place a trivet in the
bottom of the instant pot and add one cup of water. Then, top that with your
four clusters of crab legs. You can use fresh or frozen. Fresh are a little bit easier to fit because you can fold the legs easier. Close the lid, set that
on manual high pressure for four minutes, and make sure the valve is
set to the ceiling position. Once the timer is up, switch that to the venting position, and do a quick release of
any pressure in the pot. Once all of that pressure is released, remove the lid and serve the crab legs. The steaming method is the best way to make a large batch to feed a crowd. Place a steam basket
into a large stock pot and add one cup of water. Add as many crab legs as you can fit so you can still close the lid. Bring that to a boil over medium-high heat and let that steam-cook for
about five to 10 minutes, depending on if they were
thawed or frozen to begin with. They’re ready when they’re
fragrant and steaming hot. You can also grill or bake
the crab legs in foil packets. Using heavy-duty aluminum foil, create a foil pack with
four clusters of crab legs. Bring the two ends up
and fold twice to seal. Then, fold each end
twice to seal the sides. This method doesn’t
require any added water, but you do want to seal that foil pack so the steam doesn’t escape. Place the foil pack on a preheated grill over medium-high heat, or
about 450 degrees Fahrenheit, for 15 minutes if frozen, or 10 minutes if the crab legs are thawed. To bake the foil packs in the oven, place it on a baking sheet in the center of a preheated
oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 25 minutes if
frozen and 15 minutes if thawed. You’ll know they’re done when you see steaming as
you open the foil pack. Now on to my favorite part, the
garlic butter dipping sauce. In a small saucepan, melt
four tablespoons of butter and add two pressed or
minced garlic cloves. This is my favorite garlic press. I use it all the time, and I
will link to it in the notes. Also add one-fourth teaspoon of salt and one-eighth teaspoon of black pepper. Stir that for just 30
seconds or until fragrant, then take it off the heat. Once that’s off the heat, squeeze in half a
tablespoon of lemon juice or add the lemon juice to taste. Divide that sauce into ramekins to serve as a dipping sauce
for that scrumptious crab meat. All right, our crab is all done, and that was ridiculously
easy and pretty fast. So now it is time, it is
time for the taste test. Who’s hungry? Okay. Oh, let’s get real here. I’m just gonna get a little… Just kidding, just kidding. (laughs) But we will need that. Okay. Serve this of course with
that yummy flavored butter that we just made. And we’re gonna dig right into this. Just kind of go at it. So… If you don’t have a crab cracker, you can just, on these parts, crack. And really, these are so good. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Okay. And then the meat should come right out. Look at that. Like, wow. I’m really excited inside. Okay, and then dip, dip, dip. And give it a little swirl
because the tasty stuff kind of sinks down to the bottom, and you’ve got that butter layer on top. So I want some garlic flavor. Yum. And then you can also serve
this with lemon wedges. So I like to put them on
the platter when I serve. You can just squeeze a little
more lemon on your meat. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm, hmm, mmm. Mmm. Mmm. That is so, so delicious. So with crabs, anywhere there’s a pocket, there’s meat inside. So make sure you don’t miss anything. And then you can use a
nutcracker for those bigger claws that are tougher to get through. Sometimes they’re pre-cracked. Sometimes it’s not good enough, so I like to use this crab cracker. But again, a nutcracker would work. I’ll link to this one in the notes. Here we go. Give it a little crunchedy crunch. Okay, take this part off first, so that it gets rid of that tough part that you don’t want to eat. Let’s crack that open to
get to the good stuff. And if you don’t know what
the good stuff looks like, it’s right there. That’s the good stuff. Yum, okay. Again, dip, dip, dip, in that super yummy, garlic lemon butter. Wow. I mean, crab tastes great on its own, but when you’ve got this dip added to it, it’s like restaurant style. So, so delicious, and such a treat. All right, and one more thing. Don’t forget. Remember, our motto is
no crab meat left behind, so don’t forget these
little clusters on the ends that hold the legs together. They are actually loaded with crab meat. So you can peel back, and you’ll find some yummy, yummy pockets of crab meat inside. Like this. Mmm. (laughs) And we have a very special taste tester who also loves crab meat, and she has been waiting very patiently. So we’re gonna get her out here. Come on. Come on over. She’s pretending to be a kitty cat. Kitty cats love crab too. Okay, here we go. You ready for this? Yeah.
– Yeah? Let’s crack this for ya. Ya! Hiya! Okay, here we go. You want me to dip it for you? – Yeah. – All right. Okay, you ready? Ready? What do you think? Okay. All right. I hope you love all of these methods. Give all of them a try. My personal favorite, the instant
pot, because it’s so fast. For more special occasion
or romantic dinner ideas, check out some of our
favorites right over there and right down there. And if you liked this video, make sure you click below to
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  1. Natasha you are amazing! Thank you for making our Fridays amazing as well ! God bless you and your family …Ellen☺️🌸

  2. I get the restaurant around the corner to dab an identical looking garlic butter sauce on my onion rings. Game changer! The trick is to be patient. Adding hot butter to unsolidified fryer grease makes for soggy mess. I recommend waiting the 5 min, and just like French fries, let the rings breath. Don't trap in all that steam, 'cause again with the sogginess.

    Good, now I know how to cook crab legs when I want it, and it couldn't be easier. Thanks. Now I need your recipe for Garlic and Cream Cheese deep fried Crab Wontons. Please tell me you have a recipe for those?…

  3. Mrs. Natasha, great recipes/job, to be honest i like snow crabs as much as king crab legs & the price difference is huge here in Kentucky.

  4. Mrs. Natasha, subs/viewers, btw, on the snow crab clusters, i remove every morsel of meat from that knuckle & use it for crab cakes, if you like those. There is quite a bit of meat in them, & crab cakes do not always have to be made with Maryland/ Chesapeake bay blue crabs. The snow crab knuckle white meat is just slightly stronger than the leg meat & is perfect for crab cakes.

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  12. I've had crab legs steamed in beer instead of water.
    They were pretty tasty.
    The people who made them were Southern and liked to do those crab boils type things.

  13. Hyper extend the joints to pull the tendons out of the crabmeat. That makes pulling the meat out easier. Start at the top and do it at each joint. You'll get the meat out of every piece that way.

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  17. The easiest way that I've found is to take frozen crab legs, wrap them in a damp paper towel and put them into a freezer. Seal the freezer bag almost closed and then put them in the microwave on high for for about 7 min (depending on the wattage of your microwave).

    Super easy and they come out perfect and flavorful every time.

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