Croatian food tour in Zagreb, Croatia | Traditional Croatian food CHEESY Štrukli + SEAFOOD feast

Croatian food tour in Zagreb, Croatia | Traditional Croatian food CHEESY Štrukli + SEAFOOD feast

today we’re in Zagreb Croatia Zagreb’s
the capital city of Croatia and it is a very ancient city the first written
records of the city are from around 1100 so it is a beautiful city because of
that we are gonna be exploring the food culture here in Zagreb but we also
want to show you food from all over Croatia because the food here is very
regional so we’re going to be showing you food from the coastal regions of
Croatia to food from the central regions what we’ve eaten so far and discovered
here in Zagreb is absolutely delicious so let’s get into it in this Zagreb series we’re sharing with you traditional Croatian food and
eating where the locals eat in this video we take you for a huge seafood
feast and share with you cheesy strukli one of Zagreb’s iconic dishes join us for
a taste of Croatia’s sweets at an old-school cake shop and visit a Zagreb
fast food institution for a classic toasted sandwich you don’t want to miss
this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m
Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat I’m so pumped about today’s video we’ve
got lots of Croatian foods to share with you we’re heading to our first spot
which is a seafood restaurant and to get there we’re walking through Dolac market
and Dolac market is the main market and Zagreb and we’re just walking past all
of the the fruit and vegetable vendors the vegetables look so vibrant so the
seafood restaurant which is I can see it right now is on the edge of the square
there’s lots of tables outside so we can sit outside to eat our seafood feast
let’s get into it we ordered a couple of glasses of white
wine to start us off and a bunch of seafood the waiter just came over and
said this is what’s fresh sardines prawns calamari
we ordered all three and also another special Croatian vegetable dish we came
to this particular restaurant because the owner is a fishmonger and in actual
fact the the seafood market is right next door and I love that we can
actually sit outside so even though it’s wintertime we can be out in the elements
we’ve got the market just right in front of me so you can see all of the action
this is gonna be a really good meal I reckon, hvala a fried food feast has arrived so we have
a ton of seafood on this incredible huge tray look how good this calamari looks so
it’s just floured and salted and and deep-fried so these beautiful little bits
of golden calamari we’ve got these beautiful prawns so again just a very
light flouring and they’ve been deep-fried so whole prawns beautiful
orange colour from those and then some sardines so some really nice little
sardines again just floured and look at the the
texture of them they’re just so crispy on the outside and then this dish is
blitva which is a really traditional accompaniment to seafood here so it’s
Swiss chard some potatoes some garlic so a very simple vegetable dish and seafood
is such a big thing here in Croatia so they have a very long coastline so even
though we’re inland now here in Zagreb the seafood still comes inland every
day so you get fresh seafood here because it’s such a culture of eating
seafood and it’s so amazing sitting right here in the middle of the square
so the market sits in the middle of the square they’re all just packing up their
fruit and vegetables now so we’re watching all the work being done and
we’re sitting here with a giant plate of seafood and some wine to wash it all
down loading up my plate with all the seafood
and then this blitva we’ve got some nice big juicy wedges of lemon so I’m just
gonna oh I hope I didn’t get the camera there drench all of my seafood with the
lemon I’ve got to get into these prawns they look so juicy so rip that head off
whoa and I love sucking prawn heads I love getting all those juices out beautiful flavour in that prawn super sweet and I love how they’re just very lightly
floured so let’s rip the shell off this bad boy so good! Hvala! Wow very sweet and cooked to
perfection so the meat has a little bit of bite left to it it’s just the most
pure beautiful flavour hmm god they’re good
let’s give this blitva a go so a traditional accompaniment to seafood so
potatoes Swiss chard and garlic super simple probably needs a little bit
of salt potatoes are very creamy the Swiss chard has been cooked right down so it’s very soft but a very pure flavor in that
Swiss chard it’s really good nice big piece of lemon
we’ll get it all over this seafood I’ve got some sardines and some calamari here
I want a little piece of calamari to start me off ah very good I love it when calamari’s like that just so lightly floured so you can truly taste the
calamari sometimes it’s just too thick in a very thick batter takes over from
the seafood that is fantastic the texture of that is incredible very soft
not chewy at all so very well cooked and the it’s got a nice crunch from that flour
but squirting the lemon on there just took the edge off that crunch so it’s
not super crisp on the teeth now time for a sardine I love whole sardines look
at this guy oh I can see all the bones in there but they should be fine to eat
so we’ll just dive right on in my god the sardines are unreal even though they’re small they’re quite fat so they’re fat and
juicy they’ve got a lot of flesh on them and they’re a very oily fish sardines so
you get just a burst of flavor a big burst of flavor and then the tanginess of
the lemon we put on there they’ve been quite heavily salted so they’ve got a
nice saltiness as well ohh they’re well cooked that so the calamari and those
sardines just perfectly cooked sardines can go a little bit squeaky on
the teeth if they get overdone so like a lot of oily fish can get a bit squeaky
on the teeth if it’s been overdone that is not overdone at all this meal is brilliant very very fresh seafood cooked very simply it’s the best
way to enjoy seafood in my opinion and this is amazing loving it we’ve been wandering around the streets
of Zagreb it’s a great city to explore on foot so there’s lots of little side
streets so you can really get lost in the streets and explore it’s a really
neat place on foot so now we’ve got an appetite again and we’re heading
for the dish that everyone says you have to have when you’re in Zagreb it’s
called strukli and it is a very cheese heavy dish so we’re going to a place
just up the road here this little strukli restaurant has a beautiful
courtyard out the back and it’s the perfect day for it it’s a lovely day here
in Zagreb Zagorski strukli is a really traditional Croatian dish it’s
made up of a special dough and then it’s filled with fresh cottage cheese so they
specialize in this dish at this restaurant they’ve got a bunch of
different flavors you can get savory ones you can get sweet ones we went with
the traditional thank you it looks so impressive
our strukli has arrived and how impressive does it look it’s served in
this little baking dish and it is whoa look at that wobbly as and it smells
absolutely beautiful so what it is all on the top here is covered in a local
sour cream and this is the traditional version so what it is it’s just a
special dough that’s filled with a mixture of eggs local sour cream and
fresh cottage cheese and then it’s rolled up and you can get it baked which
is the one that we’ve got or boiled now we’ve had both but we prefer the baked
version and so this is the one that we’re sharing with you right now
let’s rip into this thing it’s got a little bit of a skin which has formed on
the top I’m gonna go right in the middle we can see so we can see what’s inside
so look at that so you can see the pastry in there and then the cottage
cheese filling and this thing is hot the steam is rising up from it let’s get a a
big mouthful look at this it’s a lot more subtle than I was expecting
so the dough is very soft it almost reminds me of a soft pasta
dough so it sort of just collapses in your mouth it’s very soft and then that
that cottage cheese is very subtle as well it’s got a great texture it also has a salty cheese added into it but it’s um it sort of comes through as
an aftertaste it’s got a very strong flavor from that sour cream it’s overall
just like a really beautiful dairy flavor I’m intrigued
to have this strukli because we’ve had a few versions of this on the build-up
to filming we’ve had sweet ones we’ve had boiled ones and they’ve been all right
but they haven’t been majorly standout yes I’m so glad we saved the classic for
filming this has been this is just fantastic whoa it’s hot Wow the texture is
amazing it’s very squishy texturally it sort of has a mac and cheese sort of
thing going on so that dough is very squishy still so like a really well
cooked pasta and then that cheese it’s super creaminess from the cheese and the
baked bits on top just a little bit of different flavor and texture this is
very very good so this really jumps out to me this is a fantastic dish very
tasty and great saltiness from the cheese the next place we’re gonna eat is a
Zagreb institution a fast-food institution it’s been around since 1987
so has some very neat history now we have eaten here already and it is great
but what we haven’t done is eaten their very famous sandwich we’ve been
saving that to show you guys in this video so it’s just up here and this is a
little stand sort of a street food style stand normally it’s very popular after
drinking so very late at night but it’s definitely not just drunken food so
let’s head in and grab this sandwich I’m so psyched to try their famous toasted
sandwich I am a huge fan of toasted sandwiches and they’ve got something on
the menu which showcases this special Croatian ham so that’s the one
we’re gonna order it’s a very just simple spot they’ve got a couple of
leaners dobar dan, how are you? I’m good and you? Good thanks. Can we please get.. yes you can… the sandwich with the bujdola? Bujdola yea I don’t have bujdola it’s budjola, budjola bujdola, budjola, is that right? no budjola, budjola but it’s cute the guy is teaching me how to say the name of the special smoked ham properly so it’s budjola one of those so with cheese isn’t it yea cheese and budjola perfect, okay the toastie is on the grill the guys are
really friendly here and I really like this setup it’s just a street
food stand really they’ve got a couple of leaners here and so we’ve ordered the
special toasted sandwich which budjola in it budjola I think I
pronounced that correctly a smoked ham Wow look at that, mayonnaise or garlic mayonnaise? Nah just just just pure pure budjola yea. Awesome hvala, we will got the little sandwich and we went totally simple so
you can’t add things like mayonnaise and garlic sauce but we went completely
simple natural traditional version so can I open it I’ll just try and oh yes look
at that that ham oh look at all that fat through that ham so
the the ham is a very special type of ham it’s called budjola and it’s from from
the pigs neck so it’s a very special cut of ham and it’s smoked with beechwood so
it should have a very strong smoky flavor as well and there is a whole lot
of cheese in there too so look at all that cheese lined up along the top I
love how simple this looks Wow that that bread is it’s toasted and it’s gone sort of
toasted right through so it just exploded into a fine powder I didn’t get much of
the ham or the cheese so I’m just gonna dive right in that’s better ham and cheese toasties I mean what a combination and this is a
very lovely ham it’s um it’s a bit more subtle than I thought it would be so
it’s got a very dark color a lot of that fat running through there so I thought
it was gonna have a very strong smoky flavor and be very rich but it’s not
it’s very subtle quite a mild ham and then the cheese
they’ve use I’m not sure what type of cheese it is but it’s a very mild soft
cheese so it’s not overly melted it’s not mega gooey it’s just a lovely
simple cheese so sort of a Edam style cheese just very easygoing which works
so well with that ham it’s not too full on the ham is beautiful very good
ham and that amount of fat on it is just coming through perfect amount just to
soften it all up this is an awesome street snack I really like this place
because it shows the the difference in some of the food options here so
everywhere we’ve eaten has been about five minutes walk from each other so we’ve
had the restaurant, we’ve had the beautiful garden setting and now we’ve got a street food
style setting so there’s many different options really close together here in
Zagreb and that sandwich which Sheena is devouring in there is incredibly good sweets are a very important part of
Croatian food culture and just around the corner from where we’re staying we
discovered this very old-school cake shop which specializes in traditional
Croatian cakes and cake that we haven’t seen anywhere else in the city
so we want to share some of our favorites with you let’s head inside dobar dan so this little cake shop has got a ton of traditional Croatian cakes all lined up
they’re all so interesting looking and it’s very hard to make a choice but we
went with three Wow I really love the old-school feel of this cake shop and it
was impossible to make a decision there’s such a lineup of various
traditional Croatian cakes there’s just so much choice and we’re so excited to
be able to share this with you because we haven’t seen another cake shop quite
like this in Zagreb so really traditional Croatian cakes we went with
three choices we’ve got this one here which is called a Kremsnita
it’s essentially a custard slice look how wobbly that custard is and this one here is a punc torta which is a a butter cake and in the middle it’s got a
a filling which is drenched in rum punch and it’s got this really candy
candy colored candy floss colored icing on the top and then this spectacular
looking thing which is made up of marshmallow it’s sitting in like a
pastry tartlet case a one two three four stories high and then just covered in a
chocolate icing I’m gonna start with the kremsnita because anything with
custard in I am a super huge fan of so essentially you’ve got this really thick
layer of wobbly custard sandwiched between a flaky puff pastry and I think
actually there’s a layer yes underneath there of meringue and you can see how
aerated that custard is so it’s been whipped to within an inch of its life all right listen to that that flaky pastry whoa
I think I’m gonna go whoa it sounds so flaky and beautiful I’ve got a big blob
of custard here too all right look at that hmm that custard
is so airy and light so it’s less creamy I suppose not really like a a creamy
custard it’s very light and aerated and I think that’s from the beating of the
egg whites that are in there very very sort of almost foamy and that
pastry is very light and flaky I really like the meringue too it sort of gives it
a sticky consistency I love that it’s not too sweet either it’s just
the perfect sweetness quite subtle in fact this chocolate dessert looks
incredible this one’s really exciting me just because of the the look of it and
what it makes me think of is as a child going to the bakery and standing there
is a little kid looking at the cabinet and there was always something in the
cabinet that you desperately wanted but your parents wouldn’t get for you and for me
this is that item you’d look at it with just wide eyes line what is that but you never actually got to have it and now I’m an adult so I get to have it so I can
make my own decisions let’s just dive right and crack into this
chocolate oh such a thin layer of chocolate oh wow it’s so soft
I’m not sure if this is marshmallow I think Sheena said it’s marshmallow but
look at that that looks like meringue all over there so big bit of meringue
how the heck am I gonna eat this break it up a little bit more get a
whole lot of everything it’s meringue so a whole lotta
meringue just a plain biscuit down the bottom and then a hardened chocolate
sauce so like a chocolate shell over the top and that is insanely easy to
describe because that tastes exactly like it looks sweetened meringue a plain
biscuit and some chocolate there’s there is nothing else going on there it is
exactly what it says on the box and it is good it’s very sweet though so I’m
gonna have a little bit of espresso perfect combo so bitter espresso the
coffee and that very sweet meringue and chocolate combo that’s a really neat
dessert okay time for this rum punch cake so it’s covered in this candy floss
colored pink icing and then let’s just get it on its side it’s a butter cake
and then in the middle the filling has been soaked with a homemade rum punch or probably a rum essence and it’s got things like jam and whatnot in there as
well to give it a bit of sweetness we’ve actually had this one before and really
loved it so had to share it with you mm-hmm it’s fantastic it’s very moist
very sweet and that rum flavor comes through beautifully it’s sort of almost
fruity so that plain butter cake works really well with that that rum flavor
this has been such a great day of eating in Zagreb tons of traditional Croatian
foods and lots of local spots we’re gonna be travelling all around this part of the world
so there are tons more videos to come remember to subscribe and give us a
thumbs up if you enjoyed this video

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